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    Bauer NXG
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    Warrior Dolomite painted as DT1
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    Custom Luxe
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    Pro Warrior Krown
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    Warrior Projekt Girdle
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    Custom Warrior
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    Warrior AX1
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    Warrior AX2
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    Team custom

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  1. Thanks for the replies, I thought about finding a place that does 3d scans and sending it over likes that.
  2. I've been following this thread since day 1 and have seen lots of happy customers and lots of questions and answers. I'm interesting in buying a pair of custom VH but obviously worried they won't fit since I've never tried a pair on first. Has anyone ordered and the size was off or didn't fit how you liked? Did you send them back for adjustments or did VH make you a new pair? I see jzp22222 has a similar issue as to what I'm trying to avoid.
  3. I went skate shoping this week and while I had the skates on, I noticed there was so much more rooming my toe box. I was trying to figure out why they felt so weird and then I realized I didn't have the inserts in them! I've been in these for a month and I've skated close to 55-60 hours in the month of August. I will never not use these in my skates, I don't know how I ever got by without them. Highly highly recommend this product especially for a better heel lock, comfort and less stress on your knee muscles.
  4. Ive been using the thicker inserts in my NXGs for the past 10 days, skated approximately 30 hours. My top 2 comments are that they definitely help really lock the heel in and since I skate so much at hockey clinics, the inserts really reduce the stress on my knees by my toes not lifting, the muscles aren't activated in the leg. I would definitely recommend these to my fellow members on here and MikeBoyarchuk has been great to chat with!
  5. Long time graf user Carey Price has switched to VH. No pics but in all the video of his skating in a tracksuit in Montreal shows this.
  6. I received a pair from STX in size 13'. I like my gloves incredible tight so these fit me perfectly!
  7. Great write up, the more I read the more I want
  8. Sorry for your loss, ive been in your situation.
  9. ^ As vintage ducks as possible, awesome pick up
  10. Got these done for a czech friend of mine. What do you think?
  11. Franchise off the customizer soon, will be covert/dynasty only
  12. Wow that's rough man, good luck with your surgery.
  13. Don't retire due to some jerk, have surgery and try to come back. If you truly love the game, you won't be able to stay away.
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