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    Graf Supra 735 (Schremp PS)
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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Warrior QRL (Buzzers PS)
  • Helmet
    CCM Resistance 100 w/ Bauer Pro Clip Visor
  • Pants
    CCM V10 Upper/CCM HP30 Lower
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer Pro Classic
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer APX2
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer APX2
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    St Mikes Majors PS

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  1. Stick: Easton SE16 Painted as S19 pure (Spezza Pro Stock) Skates: Bauer X60 (Khokhalchev Pro Stock) Helmet: Bauer 4500 Pants: CCM 7000 (Spitfires Pro Stock) Gloves: Bauer X60 Eberle Shoulder Pads: Sherwood 5030 Elbow Pads: Bauer X40 Shin Pads: Bauer X40
  2. I believe one of my local LHS' still have these in stock. I remember looking at them and they are MIA branded gloves.
  3. So that's the story of the bidding war! I'll be shipping them out today during my lunch hour. To give you a background on these gloves, I bought them at Pro Hockey Life when I was visiting in Mississauga. I believe they were the only retailers to carry them in the TBL colors. I wore them about three times, loved the feel of them, but then ended up getting custom Creepers. So I decided to put them up on eBay. PM me when you recieve them. Its nice to know its going to a fellow MSHer.
  4. Filipino colours would look pretty sweet on Eagle's. Why didn't I think of doing one? Good call on Team Philippines gloves.
  5. That's sad. If there was anyone in the world to look up to in terms of staying fit and active, it would be Jack LaLanne.
  6. I understand that, and I normally just nudge the guy and tell him "you're up" and he'll respond. But you sometimes get the guy who calls out "ONE" in a pissed off tone because you just wasted half a second not paying attention to the change. Normally those are the guys who don't pass the puck to the less skilled, or get pissed because the less skilled couldn't handle the pass.
  7. Your case is different to what WSjo22 is trying to get at. Obviously if your LHS doesn't have the certain item in stock and won't be able to order them in a much shorter time frame, then it's no big deal to go elsewhere. It's a slap in the face to the LHS when the customer knows full well that they're not going to buy there, but just using the place for fitting purposes, and to go online because it may be "cheaper."
  8. LOL!!! Definitely read the question and answer part. It's funny to see these variety sellers sell stuff they know nothing about.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/WILSON-HOCKEY-HELMET-USED-GREAT-SHAPE-LOOK-/280590965107?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4154865973 Wilson made hockey helmets???
  10. New acquisitions. Nike Pro Stock Michigan Pants Graf Supra 735 (bought these in the summer), Just added the black Tuuks over the weekend. I've always been a fan of black tuuks since i was a kid (pretty much had them on all my skates.)
  11. ^^^ I hear ya! Hopefully it's as good as the original. I remember my friends and I would play hours on end in multiplayer mode. Looks like history will repeat. :-)
  12. I too would like to see Bauer do custom gloves. In fact, I'm positive that all major brands would benefit from this option who doesn't have it yet.
  13. Interesting to see 2 different colored bindings on your MIA's
  14. ^^ Oh my!!! I don't care if he states "Clean per ebay standards," a pre-owned cup will never come near my family jewels!!
  15. ^^ So true! Especially leaving our own zone after a play. It's often courtesy to let the play go the other way after the puck is stopped. But there's this one dude who still attacks the zone when we try to break out. Everyone on his team has already retreated to their zone, and he jumps out to intercept. Kinda annoying in pick-up.
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