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    Bauer Supreme 2SPRO
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    Bauer Supreme 190
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    Bauer 7500
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    Bauer Nexus 1000
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    Sher-wood 5030
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  1. Based on some non-validated internet rumblings - maybe it could be?
  2. I have zero clue on what that pro stock code means, but it could possibly be an older CCM model dressed as a FT4 PRO…..
  3. Only If they left the final aesthetics as seen in this picture
  4. Slingtech would be hole in the blade that the nexus adv had. Wondering if this Bauer Sling stick is just a refresh of the nexus adv (nexus adv2) or if this is a different family of sticks (read somewhere online) which if it is a separate line - very curious to see what the other specifications/tech/features are ie: shaft shape, kick point etc…
  5. Beauty lookin stick, I like the graphics. any info on this stick yet other than the slingtech it likely has?
  6. Most Definitely. More like every 8months! I use the FT3pro right now. One of the overall best I’ve used and I’ve been using mostly Bauer (Supreme) and some Warrior in the past. My opinion is that the FT3Pro is very light, but doesn’t feel not too light where it feels like you have nothing in your hands. It’s a well balanced stick. Puck feel is very good - not the best, but I have a preference for the more dampened blades. It shoots like a beast. Have not used it enough times to comment on the durability tho.
  7. Annual Refreshes are way too quick IMO.
  8. Really dig the look of the stick. Not a fan of the skate look tho. I think without the massive Vapor wording it would be much better.
  9. The only available colour on the customizer right now is the retail colour way. A Buddy of mine spoke to Bauer and they said the rest of the colours will be available in late July. Maybe this is the case with the pm9? And some other curves?
  10. I was looking forward to buying one until I found out they won’t be shipping these to Canada. There is a good review of this floating around YouTube tho.
  11. https://twitter.com/mapleleafs/status/1375997422913093635?s=21 Nylander with a new Bauer stick?
  12. They are not shipping these to Canada? Disappointing indeed. I would have bought one too.
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