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    Bauer Supreme TotalOne
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    Bauer 4500 w/Bauer HS22

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  1. Miseaujeu, When will the DT1 graphics become available on the customizer. I've been leaning towards picking up a stick off the customizer to use the Zetterberg Pro pattern, but I like the DT1 graphics over the Widow, so if it's coming relatively soon, I'd wait.
  2. It was a good day to embrace the small amount of Russian in me:
  3. Doan on the right, Kovalev DT1 on the left.
  4. Got to use mine (Covert DT1) twice in the last week. By far (in my opinion) the best stick Warrior has put out in a long time. I still prefer my Doan prostock RS sticks, hence why Im going to be selling mine, but that doesn't deter from the fact that this is a great stick. Shoots very well, looks awesome, puck feel is improved in my opinion. Great job Warrior on this one. Maybe if I switch from my Eastons down the road, I'll pick up another one of these.
  5. I might be blind here but I'm not seeing the Kovalev curve listed on the DT1. Did it get renamed, or am I just missing it?
  6. Added yet another stick to my collection of Eaves prostocks. I now have 2 Eaves S19s, 1 Eaves S19 repainted as an RS, 1 Eaves true RS, and now this Widow SE. In regards to the picture of the name, does anyone know why the name was misspelled? I've seen this on other Warrior prostocks for guys who don't normally use Warrior sticks.
  7. Well after injuring my knee earlier this year and being told I wouldn't be allowed to skate until at least late December, I've got the green light to so some stick and puck on Wednesday!
  8. My RS prostocks. Top to bottom: Mursak, Eaves, and Mueller. Mueller one is up for sale, but I'm loving the other two. Can't wait for Wednesday to try them. I've been rehabbing my knee and been given the green light to do some stick and puck!
  9. I love that he's claiming they are a Pure Hockey exclusive. I walked into my local Peranis the other day and saw a whole rack of the S19 Pures for sale.
  10. I searched through for an answer and found a part answer. I understand there will be an ~$30 upcharge on the customizer, which I am going to be more than glad to pay for, just wondering if there is a set base cost for the sticks yet?
  11. Time for an update to my gear: Helmet: Bauer 4500 w/ HS22 Wave visor Shoulder Pads: Sher-Wood 5030 Elbow Pads: Sher-Wood 5030 Gloves: Bauer TotalOne Pants: Bauer TotalOne Girdle/Shell Shin Pads: Sher-Wood 5030 Skates: Bauer One100's Sticks: CCM U+CL Prostock (Ovi curve), Versteeg Prostock EQ50, Prostock SE16 Grip (Drury curve), Retail EQ50, Versteeg Prostock Dolomite Spyne. Have an SE16 painted like an S19 with an Ovi clone on the way.
  12. Picked up two new sticks this week: 1. Versteeg prostock EQ50 (SE16 repaint) from PSHG. Normally I don't look too much into looks of a stick, but with blue highlights instead of red, the EQ50 graphics look much much better. 2. Stacey Wahs U+CL (SVL). Has an Ovi-clone curve on it. Really like the way it feels stick handling in my living room.
  13. I also have one of his EQ50's that he experimented with in TO, and one of his current twigs from his time in Philly and they are all the same pattern I linked above. I compared it next to my friend's P92 and they do have relatively the same blade to them. The Versteeg starts to curve earlier in the heel, and has the noticeable toe kink, but the overall blade shape itself is similar to the P92. I know I'll be picking up a fused one, 95 flex with the Versteeg pattern.
  14. For those wondering what Versteeg's curve looks like.
  15. I'm a bass player myself. Current lineup from my favourite down: 1. 1993 Fender Jazz (American). Swapped out the stock pickups for a nice set of Bartolinis. I'm a self-taught player and I taught myself using a borrowed bass. Once I deemed myself worthy of a better instrument I started shopping around. Found that I liked J-Basses. I found this one on kijiji for $650. Went to pick it up and the guy gave it to me for $550. Took it in to my dad's friend who runs a local music shop, cleaned it up, checked all the wiring, everything was perfect. First bass I bought for myself and I still love how versatile it is and it's still my go to bass when I play shows and record. 2. 2009 Sterling by Musicman Stingray Ray34. Haven't touched the pickups, but I did swap the strings for some Rotosound Roundwounds. I play this one whenever I play anything punk or ska related. Wish I could afford a real Stringray but for the money this thing sounds pretty close to that nice real Stingray tone. 3. 1974/75 Gibson Ripper. Originally my dad's but he passed it along to me when he picked up a new Gibson T-Bird. Not my favourite guitar to play but I do like sounds I can get from it when I'm playing some older bands music (Beatles, The Who, etc.). Still prefer my Fender over it in the end, but I do bust it out every now and then.
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