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  1. Really hating the new Xbox 360 dashboard. I miss the old one now. This one is way to high tech for me.
  2. Just throwing this out there but, probably the biggest MSH member out there! Here are some pics of my self! One of my favorite pictures for some reason is this one. And of course, they figured out I can score so why not double team me. lol
  3. Nice steal on that 6k helmet!
  4. I got these Gloves off E-bay for 40 Shipped. I'm shocked considering they are Brand new. So happy!
  5. Listened to Hip Kitty while at Seaworld. Pretty good band if I say so my self!
  6. I wanted to thank JR for dealing with me for all these Months and he got it spot on with me. They came out so nice and perfect. The man is a Hockey Guru! I hope to see him again so we can hang out some more! Here they are in all there glory. Left is a 9 right is 8 3/4 in a EEE. Reinforced eyelets, rolled top, ls2, 4 stiffness. I love them and hopefully they make my game better since I have fitting skates now. Here they are
  7. When the toxicology report comes back and it says he was over the limit, then yes I'll be sad for the families and not him. As for right now we have two sides of the story. Also, I hope he wasn't racing because in a few pictures there are two sets of tire tracks. Once we find out the whole story then I can make a decision of how I honestly feel. If he was over the legal limit and speeding then you know what, no loss cause he was being a jackoff but it's a huge loss for his passenger and the families. For now, let's give him the benefit of the doubt untill we get the reports back.
  8. We hear two sides of the story. One of his friends said he had Three miller lites and and 3 "girly" drinks. Then you hve another patron who said he was wasted. We don't know the full story at all. Still, I will miss him a lot as I always thought he was the nicest when he was on the show and heard he was even nicer off the show.
  9. I heard Mia Amber Davis died recently. She is known for her role in Road Trip when she has sex with the skinny white dude (DJ Qualls). 36 years old.
  10. Dang that sucks Chadd. Hope all goes well with him and everything gets better. On another note, My finger is still hurting from that slash yesterday. Some people, ya know?
  11. I never thought a picture would get somebody so upset. Also on a side note, my Calves are burning from pushing around my Aunt In Law at Seaworld all day long in a wheelchair. They better be ready for my first game Thursday!
  12. I got these delivered today.
  13. Do I smell a new thread in the making? :D I support my LHS every chance I get. But man, these customers stories are just awesome. I'm sure to have one tomorrow when I get back from the rink.
  14. That's why I asked. I knew he had to get his skates sharpened at least. Lol Wow, that is going to suck for who ever is standing in front. But just wow.
  15. I just have to ask, did he ever come back after that?
  16. So, I just called my LHS and this is what he said "No, the Bauer rep is too busy with doing a custom order on anybodies feet." Now, this dude is alright but his partner is more understanding and nicer than the owner of the LHS for some odd reason. Maybe it's because I'm there every week trying on a new boot to see what I like and I'm comfortable with. He then goes on to tell me that they ONLY do custom orders on skates that 600-700+ price range. Well that can't be right cause I saw a pair of Vapor X60's on here that go for around 400 + Custom. I'm not sure whether or not to believing him how ever or to just keep calling around to different places to see If I can get a hold of him. I'm a 390lb guy so it's not easy to just FIT into a Reebok4k 11EE (Which I'm trying to sell as seeing it hurts like heel for more than 3 minutes on the ice). Since I'm such a big guy I also need a stiffness that the 4k just doesn't have. I was wondering if maybe they would do a custom order on flexlites or something? I just don't know what to do honestly cause I wear a 11 EE but sometimes I need it a little wider. Hell the most comfortable skate I have ever skated in was a Nike Quest 12 EE (was too big for my foot but I somehow kept skating with it). I know it's sorta hijacking your thread (sorry about that) But I need some advice on this (yeah I know I'm fat, thanks for telling me. But Hockey is a passion of mine I have had since I was 12)
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