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  1. I got a pair of socks. They hold up quite well. I hate the Tron logo on them, but I took care of that and used a seam puller. Sure it took a good half hour per letter but now they look clean. I will be buying from them again.
  2. I converted and I will never go back to ROH. I have maybe lost an edge a couple of times and I would blame that mostly on my self for poor control.
  3. I refuse too and told you this at Winterfest! We have one Muslim who plays at our rink. One of my good buddies now. Just a shame the kids from public skate give him awkward looks and rude remarks. Just wish I could punch those idiots.
  4. The lightning are having a sale this Sunday. Be there early as it starts at 9 am for autograph signings and then a practice followed by the gear sale. http://lightning.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=649762
  5. Well, our team has finally broken this Curse since the league started around 5 years ago. The curse was that no team in first place has ever won the Stanley Keg. We broke that curse last night. Here are some pics. One of me doing what I do best, parking my rear right in front of the net! lol. New Warrior Gloves and Miken stick I just had to use as well. And the rest of me winning the Keg. I'm all the way in the back of everybody. Only body you can't see. Hoisting it up and of course, me and my lovely wife.
  6. Well, here are the gloves I won from SJ. Can't wait to use them Saturday. Yeah yeah, I just got home and felt like taking a pic on the washer. and of course my other prized toy.
  7. You said it best. To "learn in a week or two" is just too funny. That's like me working on a car and going, OH well, I worked on my Firebird, now I can work on any car! I'm still helping people with fixing cars and STILL learning new stuff. Same goes for fitters.
  8. Man, those are Sweet!
  9. Before anybody gets ruffled up. We wanted to pay homage to the Hat Trick Swayzes so we decided to be the Brandon, FL chapter of the Hat Trick Swayzes. So here are a few. Notice that good look winger sporting the MSH hat? Yeah, Gotta represent! This was for the Mixer tournament for Memorial Day. We were a rec team that faced C and D level players and we came in second. It was an amazing time and we had a blast and weren't even expected to make it to the semi final. But we somehow made it to the final.
  10. Ha Ha Ha! I should and just say they are my Advanced Warriors. :P
  11. I'm cheap and usually ask on CL if they will sell for $5 less. Our jerseys are baby blue, I wear a navy blue shell, and Pens WC socks. So it should match nicely. Got them from the Tampa Bay area. Didn't even mind the half hour drive either.
  12. Yeah, I got mad Lucky. He wanted $15 but I talked him down to $10. I don't even mind the numbers or his name on it as I just wanted them cause of them being Warriors.
  13. Another great Craigslist find for me. Gloves were $10 and the stick was only $5. I have been wanting a pair of Warrior gloves and the Reebok 3.0.3 stick I've been wanting to try for a long time. So when he posted on Craigslist, I snatched them up ASAP. I'm quite happy honestly as I'll never get another chance at Warriors for this price. The palms are nice as well and you can tell it's a custom glove. Only the right hand has very little pilling on it. These are going to match my Saturday Night Beer League team perfectly. The stick shows wear as most of the graphics have peeled off but besides that, it's in great shape and I honestly can't wait to try it this Saturday.
  14. Finally felt motivated and decided to break out the camera. Picked it up from the Flea Market for $10 Old Ducks Practice Jersey. I love the feel of it and for a 56, it fits so comfy. A shell that an amazing member gave me for free from MSH. 2001-2002 All Star Game Shell
  15. Nope, got them off Craigslist actually
  16. I picked these up off Craigslist today for $20. I just couldn't help my self.
  17. Hopefully you can use the warranty still. That makes me sad!
  18. It's only available as a combo on the Monkey, I looked last night and thats the only way to get matte white.
  19. That is just awesome!
  20. Color me Jealous but, I hate you. :-(
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