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  1. Would you or should your put a profile on it and then apply the Cag One flat center to it? Does the Cag One balance or pitch the blade in any way?
  2. What happens to the rest of the skate blade when the Cag One profiles a center flat spot?
  3. Any one have issues with the rear thigh pads adjustment that attaches to the inside of the pants, will they rub are interfere with comfort? I am a little worried about sizing too. I am 6'3 and 225 lbs with longer legs and larger thighs too. Any recommendations? thanks
  4. Crosby skate specs via CCM. Looks like a 11 foot profile.
  5. Looks like Barkov went back to his old custom curve and not using the P28 version since the begging of this season.
  6. Need help! I recently had new LS2 holders installed here in Colorado. After I picked them up and "thought" I had properly inspected my new LS2 holders at the pro shop. I noticed after my first skate that both sets are bent in the middle in the exactly the same way on both pairs (see pictures). I was hoping to be able a fix it my self, as I live in rural Colorado a few hours from the pro shop in Denver. My thoughts were to either (1) remove the steel and let the holders return back to the original form (maybe) or (2) remove the steel and apply my heat gun to them for a few minutes to let them expand back to shape and allow for an easy install of the steel. Note: the pro shop stated that it was difficult to install the steel on a new pair of holders (as I have experienced myself in the past) and they used a rubber mallet to get them in. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Is this a new Bauer Vapor glove? I appears to have a different cuff, similar to a flex cuff......
  8. I have to add that along with the Barkov Pro Jamie Benn pro curve is similar too and becoming popular
  9. Just received my Kovalev pro and I am very pleased. Does Base hockey offer a variable flex shaft (simular to CCM Jet Speed or Nexus)? +1 Barkov Pro + 1 Jagr Pro Nikita Kucherov pro would be a suggestion too, unless is to close to a P28. I do hear a lot of pros using the Mike Fisher pro (similar to a P28) Lastly, Thank you Base for creating the BC14 (Kane Pro) in a 5.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I think he went back to his regular curve, which I believe is a p17 curve the other night.
  11. Ovi is using a 9.5-10.5 1/2 Heinz_Myles.pdf
  12. P10 curve with additional lie options would be the bomb
  13. I was at my lhs and saw a pair of CCM Jetspeeds that are made in Canada. I was at totally separate lhs where I saw a pair of CCM Jetspeeds that are made in Taiwan. Why are CCM Jetspeeds made in two separate countries?
  14. No one ever motioned that serious stick collection on the racks! Very professional. What are those CCM v110?
  15. Please a nice Slow Clap for that awesome gear collection!!!!!!!!! Clap (pause) Clap (pause) Clap! WOW
  16. What are the warrior specs on the bottom of that Jagr gem? That curve looks to have changed from before his Combat days and then started taking a Sakic clone and shaving it down.
  17. I know fischer make really good equipment in other sports like tennis and ski's
  18. Nexus to one80, I am thinking about doing the samething myself. Plus they are lighter too.
  19. USA NTDP sale= 1 pair of XL +1 Pants and 3 Bauer one95 prostock p92, 112 flex, 4 inch extention, corner tactile with griptic. Plus USA graphics for CLASS!!! USA USA USA
  20. The only retail blade that comes to mid would be the Bauer P14 but with a larger curve and a much taller blade. Other wise there is no other retail blade that really compares to a Jagr pro stock. Its a 6 lie and blade has a medium length, not long at all. The ovi curve is kinda close if you square the toe and shorting it a little bit too. Glad that Combat has come out with a Jagr retail, that is supposedly the same curve as his pro stock. Whats the nice part of it is when you use it the shot comes of the blade quickly due to a medium length blade, but with the open face, large curve and square toe allows for shots to come of the blade hard and accurate.
  21. I'm curious too if there is any changes. I have a few of his pro-stocks at home and he has basically two curves, one legal and another illegal. When I talked to the Combat rep, he said he was using the TC (sakic) pattern and shaving the toe square. However I know the one he uses now have a far greater curve. But the bottom heel of the blade of his current game used stick is more rounded than in years past, which would leave the possibility of a TC (sakic) like blade as the basses then having the toe shaved and squared and then adding more curve.
  22. Nice Nice Nice! I have a pair of bauer gloves and CCM blackhawks pro pants to boot too
  23. I had a feeling thats what it was. Bauer did take over Mission after all. Thanks man!
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