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  1. Yes I learned that it was an option by reading the PDF which was posted here. Seems the rep that made my Total Custom order selected that without asking me.
  2. yes I also baked them - but will try to remove that „comfort foam“ in the forefoot as it takes away too much width. Also the heel lock is not as good as in the retail version for me. And my pressure point on the navicular bone still is a problem.
  3. I still got pressure points of the custom AS1 There is also a foam on the toe box outer area (where the little / fifth toe is) maybe I should try removing that? Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. It got better over time, so no more pain - but really would love someone from CCM could provide feedback on this known topic.
  5. Unfortunately making a foto is difficult. Imagine a quite flat bottom in retail with quite little shape/arch support vs really 3D custom feet bed/arch support
  6. The insole / arch support has a tremendous effect on foot pain. Try to loosen the tension in your foot by using a tennis ball a few hours before you skate (stretching of plantar fascia)
  7. Through the base of the Total Custom AS1 is completely different from the retail version. It’a completely molded to match my arch - whereas the retail skate has nearly a complete flat base.
  8. Oh the CCM Total Custom fit just fine - the thing is just if you use the Orthomove insoles which have an additional foot arch this makes it so painful. As the bottom of the skates (so it's really a 360 degree total customization) are also custom molded on the CCM Total Custom the plain insoles should be used to get the best fit as it was 3D scanned. I also had the Bauer 1X with the Speedplate - but that is just the "old approach", having a plain botton of the skate and adjusting the insole to match the better fit.
  9. Yes - also just the yellow Orthomove without any attachments, and still this was very painful. Another player who also did a Total Custom AS1 just had the exact problem! He told me he tried without any attachments and when wearing one of them the pain was unbearable. But there is no single word of CCM on what insoles are intended for Total Custom Skates.
  10. Thank you! Just one single question: have a problem at the left navicular bone (inside of the foot) though even it was photographed along with the 3D scan it seems it wasn’t adressed. Any chance to solve this?
  11. Got my Total Custom AS1 Skates - and had the worst pain in Skates I ever experienced. When investigating further I realized that I obviously shouldn’t use any of the Orthomove insoles - rather than using just the plain, standard insole as the bottom of the skate already has some „molding“. Is this right? Are they intended to use with the plain, default (black) insole? It‘s somehow misleading as the orthomove insoles also were placed near the skates when delivered.
  12. Is it possible to have the total custom AS1 with the lace lock feature?
  13. @JR Boucicaut That would be great if you could find out!
  14. Just ordered my new SuperTacks AS1 custom skates with the new holder Just hoping Step Steel runners are soon becoming available for it too.
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