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    CCM QuickLite
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    Easton E700
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    Bauer Total One.8
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    CCM Tacks 4052
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  1. Any weight data / comparison information available yet?
  2. How was transforming from AS1 to AS3 ?
  3. The lightweight design is definitely great of the E700 but ventilation is really bad. And I see a good potential that this new structure / approach in helmet design should also be able to provide lightweight specs. Hopefully we get them soon.
  4. The thing is - more comfortable foam in the toe box or reduces the width of the forefoot space. This has poked me in the AS1 (total custom version). So hope the toe box is comfy and wide enough.
  5. Had some troubles with too much pressure at navicular bone with the AS1 (and I know quite a few more players) - hope they addressed that with the new model.
  6. How do they compare in weight to E700?
  7. It’s not about boot stiffness itself rather than the angle that gets up to high when there is too little volume. So restricting the movement.
  8. This topic is really underrated. I made the discovery that when there is not enough volume in the skate (not passing pencil test or seeing a „bulge“ when the skates are tied up) this considerably restricts the mobility of the foot - especially when it comes to the direction needed for the toe flick. Has anyone also experienced that?
  9. Yes I learned that it was an option by reading the PDF which was posted here. Seems the rep that made my Total Custom order selected that without asking me.
  10. yes I also baked them - but will try to remove that „comfort foam“ in the forefoot as it takes away too much width. Also the heel lock is not as good as in the retail version for me. And my pressure point on the navicular bone still is a problem.
  11. I still got pressure points of the custom AS1 😞 There is also a foam on the toe box outer area (where the little / fifth toe is) maybe I should try removing that? Anyone else experiencing this?
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