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  1. Hello everyone, as it’s been mentioned above, Sher-Wood Athletics Group has sold the Sher-Wood trademark and some of the assets to INA International, a division of Canadian Tire (CTC). I'll let the dust settle a little bit more before I elaborate on the go forward strategy of the Sher-Wood brand within the CTC portfolio. Personally, I've been retained by CTC as Manager of Sher-Wood for INA. Unfortunately, some very good people from our head office were let go, but the North Americain sales force was retained. Sher-Wood will be run as in independent brand and will continue to develop, market, and distribute Sher-Wood products to customers in Canada, the United States and internationally. The mandate is actually to grow the brand across all distribution channels as opposed to solely becoming a house brand for just the CTC banners.
  2. Hi Toby, Stewie is correct. Nothing has changed about the EK60 since it's original launch in Sept 2015. For the new additional patterns, we will start shipping them in July.
  3. Really depends on the segment and price point. In wood it's #1, entry level and mid range product it still does quite well. In high end it's kind of fading away.
  4. Hi Formicburn, We just starting shipping the Playrite program this past month. However, the majority of retailers are taking their inventory in spring/summer to have stock for back to hockey. Send me a PM and I'll help you locate a store that would have the 20 flex you're looking for. Thanks
  5. Hi HattrickSlayze, send me an inbox message with your address and zip/postal code. I'll help you locate a dealer who has the product.
  6. Everything has been streamlined. As you stated True Touch is mid kick while Rekker is low kick. 1. T90 Gen 2 is $139.99 while T100 Gen 2 is $179.99 2. Yes both the T100 and T90 2nd Gen have the see-through 12k weave in the backhand Sher-Wood logo. T80 and T30 2nd Gen are paint. 3. T90 and T100 2nd Gen are already in some stores (those which requested early booking delivery). Others, will have them early spring. The pattern/flex options are listed in the catalogue. The new 2nd Gen T90 and T100 do not come in the LKP option. We do however have some remaining inventory of LKP so you might be able to find some with certain dealers.
  7. The stick is really nice. Great feel and pop. Low kick and same shaft geometry as the EK15, but a bit heavier and beefed up. MAP will be $139.99/$149.99. Unfortunatley, I do not have a precise date at the moment. I'll keep you guys posted.
  8. PP01 is discontinued moving forward. Existing models will continue to have it.
  9. EK15 Vintage will be released this month. Check out this thread on page 2 for more information: http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/66561-sher-wood-t120-stick/page-2#entry1014291
  10. At $30 they're a steal! Those were samples which were made for the Winter Classic Alumni game between Toronto and Detroit. The proposed design didn’t meet the league’s standards so we went with the traditional Red Wings color scheme instead.
  11. Send me an inbox message. I'll help you get started. That is correct.
  12. Sizing is pretty much the same, however fingers are a bit shorter on the EK series. It's a manufacturing company.
  13. Early 2014. Send me an inbox message and I'll help you locate a pair in the specs you're looking for.
  14. I was pleasantly surprised as well with this year’s Easton protective line-up. Especially thin shin and elbow pads, they have a really nice fit.
  15. The EK gloves are based off the Nexon gloves with only a couple tweaks. For the EK15, the fingers were adjusted for better comfort, a stretchable breathable nylon shell replaced the polyurethane shell and design patterns and colors were changed to resemble the finish of the EK9/N10 gloves. Send me a PM, There are no current plans to offer a mid-kick EK15. However, next year's launch will feature a high end stick from the True Touch series which be suited for players who want a lightweight stick similar to the EK15 but with a mid-kickpoint instead.
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