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    CCM Jetspeed FT365
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    True A5.2
  • Gloves
    Reebok 4 Roll
  • Helmet
    Easton E700 Shiny Black w/ Bauer HS22 Visor
  • Pants
    CCM U+ CL
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    Bauer Nexus 400
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    Easton Synergy EQPro
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    Reebok 20K
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    Some ugly red Reebok thing

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  1. I don't want to contribute too much to this dumpster fire, I'm just gonna point out that even if someone was interested in your business ideas, your response to criticism and discussion is probably sufficiently offputting for them to steer clear. "Trust me, I know important people and I have great ideas, I am way better than everyone else and if you question me, you're an idiot" is such a weird way to introduce yourself to a community that you're hoping will support you.
  2. Back to hockey and MSH after a LOOOOONG vacation. Now I have a house and a wife so I don't have too much cash for hockey gear. Helmet: Easton E700 w/ Oakley Visor Shoulders: Bauer Nexus 400 Elbows: Easton Synergy EQ Pro Gloves: Reebok 4 Roll, pretty sure they're a Pure SMU Pants: CCM U+ CL Shins: Reebok 11K Skates: CCM Jetspeed FT365, another Pure SMU haha Sticks: True A5.2, Reebok 20k Bag: Reebok
  3. That's how EPP works, it protects you from really hard impacts by cracking to dissipate the force. If you just had a plastic shell on your head that would have hurt like hell.
  4. Good god those mitts are pretty. I'm interested in the cuffs. I've never liked the flex cuffs on other glove models that have had them, they always felt like a good idea poorly executed.
  5. Holder: CCM E-Pro Runner Size: 280 Runner Type: Step
  6. I don't really get the hate for Jack Edwards. Sure he's a homer, but Brick balances him out and it's not like the rest of the crews in the league are exactly impartial. I wanted to throw a brick through my TV during the 2011 Finals because Olzcyk wouldn't shut the hell up about how awesome the Canucks were. Edit: I will say that it grates on me when Jack complains about composite twigs breaking. And his little tirade about Matt Cooke and Sirhan Sirhan was way over the top and out of line.
  7. I definitely feel like the 95/75 has more bite than the 100/50. I personally have a hard time comparing FBV cuts to ROH because to me the feel is significantly different.
  8. It's definitely a training problem, or a not-giving-a-shit problem, I'm just amazed at how widespread it is.
  9. Is it really significantly more difficult to sharpen Flat Bottom vs. ROH? I ask because I've brought my skates to two places (chains that are fairly well known that I won't name) and both places absolutely mangled my edges. The most recent one was absolutely horrendous, completely ground off the inside edge of my left skate and wrecked the right skate pretty badly too. My brother went there to get his skates done too (before I found out how badly they destroyed mine) and the guy was bitching about how hard it is to do Flat Bottom (this particular place actually does Blademaster, not Blackstone, but obviously same basic idea). I'm having a hell of a time finding a place that can cut my skates in a pinch and I just don't understand how so many places can be so bad at it.
  10. But they wouldn't be wearing a Bauer shell over their CCM pants...right? Other way around, no?
  11. Amazing. I like how he describes the condition as New with Defects. Pretty sure "being destroyed" falls outside the realm of "defect".
  12. I bought a pair of the Edge-style socks. The craftsmanship is pretty similar to the actual Edge retail socks. I can't actually wear them, however, because the top hole is noticeably smaller than on retail Sr. Edges and it's pretty uncomfortable for me.
  13. Except he has an item signed by the Penguins equipment manager that he then turned around and made into something else. He's selling a Sidney Crosby game-worn jersey. Yes, it was game-worn, and yes, it says Crosby 87 on it, but it's obviously misleading and he's trying to generate value by converting it to something else. If the intent is not to mislead, why change it at all?
  14. It was probably signed before Scumbag Steve here recrested and renumbered it. Kind of a shitty thing to do.
  15. I think the original question was more asking "is there anyone who has used it for a long time and can provide information on it?", not just asking if a person existed who had used it for a long time.
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