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  1. Off the top of my head I saw Pavelski in them for the Sharks last night, and I know Gonchar has been wearing them.
  2. If your 8.5 APX fit you well with no issues, I would have a tough time convincing myself to switch if a prospective new skate felt like it had considerable fit issues. I certainly had a lot of interest in the Mako, but I wouldn't have looked past problems with fit. I just lucked out in that regard I guess.
  3. I went from a NXG 7D to a 7.5D. Best to try them on to know for sure.
  4. Just curious, what size are your custom one95's?
  5. I tried them on today and they fit my foot extremely well. I thought that the NXG/TotalOne/One95 felt great before baking, but the Makos took it to another level for me;felt like i was putting my foot into a sneaker. At the store people seemed to be excited about them, and they had them out on stands. I'm going to have to wait a little bit to get a pair though.
  6. Has anyone tried skating on them without the tendon guard?
  7. After getting to try the DT1 out, it felt different than the widow (based on my limited widow experience) in that to me the DT1 felt more like it was an extension of my hands and arms, while the widow felt more like I was just holding a weapon in my hands. It didn't feel ceramic at all, and the feel was very nice. All in all it just felt like a more natural performing stick to me.
  8. I have yet to play in them, but they feel really nice. What little weight there is is very evenly distributed throughout the hips. There is very little protection on the rear (not counting the tailbone area which is fine), so I'm going to make sure not to turn my back to any shots haha.
  9. My recent additions; I've had the gloves for a bit but everything else was from this month.
  10. I've been using a P08. Never did try a P91a though.
  11. I go back and forth between the p92 and the p08. It starts to open a little bit at the heel unlike the p92, but then opens more at the middle and toe in a more familiar way. I don't really shoot off the heel with it though; I'll just shoot from the middle or from the toe.
  12. First time in full gear after breaking my toe since Winterfest, yay!
  13. As Ini mentioned, I used the area that I would have trimmed off and cut those shapes and slits so that it would mimic the ergo toe protection featured in the APX insoles. Doesn't quite cover my whole toe, but it makes for a nice smooth sole to boot transition.
  14. Replaced the laces since then, going to try them out tomorrow :)
  15. My first notable addition in a long time:
  16. Is that going to be close to the retail price? :p
  17. My brother uses one under his goalie C/A, Since the C/A fits well enough to not need a neckguard under it, so just for extra coverage he tried it and he likes it.
  18. Those aren't full right, how am I supposed to use them? :p
  19. Looking good! How do you like them so far?
  20. Wish I didn't have to wait so long for the red-blue-white goalie sticks haha. It's a pain to find full right stuff that matches the rest of my stuff.
  21. Are they still new and shiny or did you mark them up yet? :D
  22. That was what I went with as well. I could tell the biggest difference with turning; I could get a lot lower and lean a lot more.
  23. Just a heads up to anyone in NJ wondering about FBV at the Ice Vault in New Jersey...Finally got around to going there today, and my brother and I got our skates done (mine are player skates his are goalie). Both came out well and the FBV felt very good on the ice.
  24. Half of my family lives in Chile, and it has been hard to find out if everyone is ok after the earthquake there. Been dealing with a lot of stress lately, and this takes it to another level.
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