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  1. First skate with them last night, loved them. How much more bite these provide will take some getting used to, but overall very happy with them. Thanks all for the input and help.
  2. Yup, I didn't bother even putting my foot in before having them baked (doubt I could have even got them on otherwise).
  3. I did read a lot of that in reviews across multiple sources. But, at their current clearance price, I'm willing to take the chance. I'm only on the ice 3-4 hours a week. Mostly coaching, then playing once a week average. Got the skates in and the size 6 in the Catalyst fits WAY better. Wow. Much more comfortable. Hopefully can get them on the ice this week.
  4. Skated in the size 6 TF7's I had ordered initially. After 2 bakes and using the shrink wrap method, definitely a 0.5 size too big when using them on the ice. Though I did find them comfortable. The stiffness didn't end up bothering me as much them simply being too big. Looking forward to trying the Catalyst 9's. I ordered both a size 5.5 and a 6 from HockeyMonkey.
  5. I'll give that a go for sure. With the return window that True does, I'll likely take the advice and get a TF7 in 5.5 and Catalyst 7 in 6, and see what happens. I also didn't realize that Intermediates had the same overall construction, just drops into a smaller size of ranges. For whatever reason, I always thought they were built a little different (maybe because of price?). Thanks again for all the help. I know it's tough to recommend fit/skate suggestions over the internet.
  6. Funny enough, I just purchased a pair of TF7's in my normal size (I'm a 6, and going down to a 5.5 would require their Intermediate models). After two heat molds (using their shrink wrap process, which works great btw) they're very comfortable. And incredibly stiff, though I'm sure that feeling is exacerbated by coming off a pair of very worn down and soft skates. The biggest issue with them (for now) is that, yes...they're about .25 - .5 size too big. My big toe can just barely graze the toe cap when standing up, but none of my other toes touch the front. A very odd feeling. Not sure if finding some toe inserts/fit pads to take up that space is the right move or not. I've not had a chance to skate in them yet, so I'm going to give that a go and see how they feel. Are the Catalyst models more true to size? Thanks for the help!
  7. It's been years since I've posted on here. But, hoping there is enough activity still going on that someone might have some advice for me! Years and years ago, I bought a pair of Easton Stealth RS skates that are now about as soft as a tennis shoe. They fit me so good and were so comfortable, I did everything I could not to replace them, but now its time. What I can't figure out, is what current model/line of skates mimic that fit design. I run into issue because I have a narrow heel and ankle, but a regular-to-wide forefoot. With a high instep. I don't live in area with a hockey shop and the closest is 3-4 hours away. It may come down to just biting the bullet and making a drive, but was hoping someone on here might be able to point me in a good direction. Thanks in advance.
  8. It has been a long time since I've posted on MSH. But, have had a fair amount of change over the last year. I work in Sales and was traveling pretty heavily which was taking it's toll on the family (Wife & 3 kiddos). We weren't in the worst financial situation but it was apparent some change needed to happen. Luckily, an opportunity came up about June/July last year that turned into reality. Started a new job (same profession & industry....just diff. company) in Nov. last year and moved the family in March. It allowed us to clean up debt, purchase a much more appropriate sized home, and start getting in front of our finances properly. It has been a very exciting, fun, stressful, frustrating, and ultimately great experience. Kudos to my wife and kids who helped make everything 100x easier by being the awesome people they are. And I found a rink nearby so I've been able to start playing again after about a 12mo hiatus. So that's nice too!
  9. Background: 30 years old / 5’11 / 175lbs / right-handed Men's div 2B On ice ~ 3 hours a week I have been attempting to find a "shoulder pad" that meets in the middle of not bulky, but provides some protection. Fit I had my LHS order this in a size large based on a few other reviews I've read. Davetronz included. My LHS isn't very big and normally doesn't stock padded shirts, so I gambled on the size. Since I'm skinny I figured I should be okay. I'm glad I didn't go with a Medium because there is no way I could have gotten it on. The large goes on relatively easy when dry and feels like a compression base layer should. However, after a game and it's all wet it can be a bit difficult to remove. I'd highly recommend going a size larger than you would normally order. Length is great as it tucks well down into my pants. Shoulder caps and bicep pads are adjustable in length. Cool feature, but I'm still playing around to find the "perfect" fit. 8.5/10 Protection I do not play contact hockey. However, the league I play in allows some bumping and grinding which I'm okay with. But, this means I'd like some protection around my shoulders and forearms. For this the shirt is great. The caps and forearm pads offer good protection while being lightweight. If you are looking for a "shoulder pad" setup that offers good chest and back protection then look somewhere else. While there is stiff foam in the chest and back region it's incredibly lightweight. It might be okay for roller hockey, which I believe this was designed for, but I'm not sure how much it will do for an ice puck. I've taken a deflection off my chest and it stung. But I wasn't left with any permanent damage and hardly a bruise. If you're a minimalist like I am, then you will be just fine. Just don't go looking at this shirt for anything substantial in the chest and back areas. 7/10 Weight Hardly notice it's anything more than a base layer when you put it on. Love it. 10/10 Durability So far I've had no issue with any rips or tearing. All seams are staying strong and tight. Even after playing around with the velcro straps to adjust shoulder cap and forearm pad length there is no fraying. Very happy so far. I've been playing in this shirt for over 2 months and washing it after every game. You can't tell it's ever been used. Very happy. 10/10 Intangibles The compression "shirt" is actually a sleeveless shirt designed for roller hockey. Due to it's very tight fit it can seem to get a little warm during summer season. I'm one to wear a light base layer or nothing at all when playing, so not having any sleeves doesn't bother me. Only issue I've had so far is that the shoulder caps seem to "float" since they are left to be adjustable. Some may not have issue with this, but it tends to nag at me. I'll find a way to keep them more in place and then it will become a non-issue. Again, roller hockey players may even remove them completely. I've played a few games with only the forearm pads and it's worked out great. I would be okay if the chest and back padding was increased a bit. The shirt is so lightweight I think some minor weight added in these spots wouldn't be noticed. 9/10 Conclusion At the end of the day....this is a compression shirt with decent shoulder pads and minimal chest/back padding. If you are a player who doesn't wear shoulder pads looking to get into something I'd recommend this shirt all day long. It moves with your body, doesn't get overly hot like a heavy shoulder pad, and offers decent protection around the shoulders/forearms. I wouldn't want to take a direct shot to the chest, but knowing there is at least some padding there makes me feel good about wearing it. I'm happy with the purchase and will continue to use this shirt for quite some time. I'd recommend this shirt for shinny and for the beer league player okay not wearing a traditional set of shoulder pads.
  10. CCM Vector Pro Sr. Hockey Girdle Size: M Reviewer Info: Level of play: Beer League (Ice) Frequency of play: 2 times per week Size: 5'11, 175lbs Fit: Fits loser in the kidney and waist area with the thigh area being adjustable. You can make this girdle fit snug around the thighs or looser like a pant utilizing the velrco straps. This pant does not offer any length adjust-ability. However, it seems that the leg padding is relatively long compared to other pants. The included belt works okay, but does not seem to keep the girdle snug in the kidney area. Buttons for hockey suspenders are built in for those who need them. I have attached laces on the two most forward facing suspender buttons on the girdle to act as a lacing system. This has allowed me to snug up the kidney/lower back area of the girdle to my body. Keep in mind I have a skinny torso and waist, so larger humans may not need to do this. 8/10 Protection: This was my first girdle after wearing pants since I started playing hockey. Padding seems great in the kidney, tailbone, and outer thigh areas. I have taken many slap shots right into the main thigh padding with no ill effect. However, the inner thigh padding is non existent due to the design of the velcro straps. Many mid to lower end hockey pants are also built without this inner thigh padding. I have "yet" to experience any issue from pucks or sticks due to this. The kidney padding and lower back padding is adequate and I've had no issues with injury there. 9/10 Weight: Lighter than regular pants I've used, but not as light as other brand girdles. I have found that snugging up the thigh padding and upper belt/kidney area hides any extra weight. 8/10 Durability: I have been using them for a year and a half now. The only issue is from snagging a loose screw on a bench and it tore through the mesh area of the girdle (and through the pant cover). In normal hockey play this wouldn't occur. Have been very happy with the overall durability of the girdle. The velcro has remained strong and no fabric tears anywhere else. 10/10 Conclusion: Great option for a girdle. Provides increased protection than the Easton girdle which I demoed prior to purchasing the CCM girdle. You can still find this girdle on clearance. Even used I wouldn't hesitate purchasing this girdle due to it's great durability. If you are looking to break the ice into wearing girdles this one is a great choice.
  11. Very much so. I listen to a lot of comedian hosted podcasts and many admittedly have gone, or are going through, very tough emotional issues. Like many musicians and actors it's what drives their art.
  12. Just to follow up from my last post. Had a great weekend playing in the West coast Checking For Charity tournament. Went smoothly minus some refereeing that was more comical than anything else during our first game. Our team lost the first game by a goal but ended up winning our division! Very little chippiness and everyone seemed to just have a good time playing. Was a great way to spend a hot weekend with family and friends.
  13. The last few months have been a little stressful. Between work travel, finances, and having to replace my entire roof....it's been a little taxing. With everything going on I had to decide to take a break from hockey for a season or two to take care of things. Which also meant missing a local tournament the team I play with always participates in. Luckily, my teammates are so awesome that they are covering my fee and asking me to play since they know I'll miss the next season. Happy to know I have some more hockey with great friends for the next couple days.
  14. It is and it isn't. Trust me. Having them available once earned is great. But the time spent flying/traveling to actually earn those points....not so cool.
  15. Hadn't played hockey in a month or so due to holidays and work travel. Come back to our upper league to get beat 9-2. At least there was beer and laughs afterwards.
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