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  1. For those whinging about a 'small' market in canada.. Remember us Australians I am rocking a STX Surgeon RX ... and cant find anywhere with stock of RH P88 of the RX2.. and now the RX3 cant be shipped
  2. In theory what you are saying in the first part is correct. however, companies may use a different measuring points for the different sizes (jnr, intermed, snr) So the 2 fix points become closer on the smaller sized new sticks for the rating system. (we would need someone from a manufacturer to confirm) When you extend a stick, you get more leverage on the original sticks flex, however even though minute, the flex of the extension can be also in play, as it will either flex more/less or the same as the rest of the stick - which can result it either more/less leverage . but i also think what plays on stick flex rating numbers is i think different brands may measure differently (ie bauers 85 may not = ccms 85 but will be close).
  3. i had some 752 Kevlar tacks - non pump model. they were great - when i came back to the sport - i literally spent hours/days trying to find a pear in my size hoping i would find something.. no dice :(
  4. The way i remove them which works when using the tape they supply. is roll it up from the bottom end over itself.. its a similar principle but in reverse to another rubber thing you roll on.. then onces its off youll be able to easily unroll it, but it will be inside out - so then just feed one end inside the other and slowly work it through itself? (dont try and pull at the end). I only use the Kane pro grips, but i envision this wouldnt work with any of the models with a butt end knob. I also have successfully peeled the edge up and got hot water down it - but it seemed to take longer as i didnt want water going everywhere, but sort of needed it to release the tape everywhere.. Also i did toy with the idea of buying long wooden butt ends, so i could swap out so i could just swap the ends with the grip on - but alas shipping to australia is hard for just a couple of items :(
  5. But going on that doesnt Carey price win this award every year...
  6. i dont really have cheap and fast internet here in australia... but we do have the fun police - but they do not know how to deal with VPN's haha
  7. one of the better things to come out of my North American trip was.. that Vancouver Duty free had my favourite whiskey. Dalmore King Alexander III
  8. I was in a similar situation as yourself trying to decide which direction to go ... after much research i ended up with a Warrior Projekt Girdle. It terms of protection - i think its more in your mind that loose pants protect more as they feel bulkier.. But since switching - i think they are much of a muchness.. When standing still the pants feel like they cover more - but the pads more more independently from each other therefore when your actually in movement that is when the gaps in protection occur. Terms of Mobility - When you put the thing on the first few times in the change room - it feels like you wont have that much movement, as you feel it all on your skin and tight. But this is because your sitting there and its a new feeling, when you start playing you forget this and start thinking about the game - I think they are more mobile then reg pants. Temperature - i think the girdle is cooler but i used to wear a compression jock, now its built in, so i loose a layer - but i would suspect this may not be the same for everyone I will say this - as someone who used to dress always skates, then shins, then pants - it has made me re think what im doing when getting dressed I have heard from Warrior that this gear revision (new protective) will not include a new girdle, so the dynasty will still be their newest, but they are looking at a revamp next go around (so maybe 2018?) On a side note - i would have loved a 9k Girdle after everything i have read - but quite simply could not source one at any where close to a decent price point, (as i would require postage to australia).
  9. i watched bits of the Sharks Pens game - I think the Penguins still have the hangover from last season being the cup win - ontop of that their key guys did play in the world cup of hockey and injuries arent helping them. But the style of hockey they are playing is similar... also in the few games ive watched they havent had alot of puck luck either. It can turn around very quickly though
  10. i would tend to agree aswell - there has to be some sort of penalty to continually tanking for he top draft pick. I am not a fan of how the lottery only effects the top pick. I think the lowest 5 teams or what have you should be in the lottery for the top 5 picks. yes the lowest team have the highest chance, but its still a chance they could only end up with 5th pick. as you would have a seperate draw for each Pick. (obviously a team after they have been selected for there pick, are excluded from next round of lottery etc)
  11. I am trying to show some newer guys who play in my team about shooting and how to use the sticks flex to do the bulk of the work. I cannot emphasize this enough with them aswell - Dont worry so much if the puck is on target when your practicing - at this stage its about getting the technique down pat.. Once the technique is solid and becomes more natural - then you start to tweak it for accuracy (ie shooting to corners of net).
  12. i can definitely vouch for the Tacki Mac grips - my current set of gloves have lasted over 2 seasons without any wear showing (they used to start pilling and would wear through within half a season). For the record i use the Pro style (used to be called the Kane grip i think). which has the ribbing. I normally bulk order them now every year or so.
  13. if you feel your existing stick is fine, But now a little short? why not add an extension plug? but my advice is of the options you presented - you have been happy with the Warrior, Go with that again, i bought a couple of warriors a year or so back and have only broken one (in the blade as it got caught around the boards). It sounds like your snapped between 2 players was more a bad luck/timing and whatever brand of stick you had then possibly would snap - so not a fault of warrior etc.
  14. this is mainly due to the fact that being in Australia, Gear on the ground (read LHS) have very very limited stock - and even then limited suppliers. So if i had option for completely new gear at once in a perfect world. I would try on as much different stuff as possible. As im sure different brands fit slightly differently - For EG we have all seen comments about skates being true to size - essentially one brand of skate may say size 7 aswell as another brand size 7 but completely different fit. Skates - i would go custom fit. - Would buy VH skates. Helmet - over the past helmets i have had i think i have more a 'ccm' fit head - so would go a Resistance helmet (but once again the fits could have changed since my last purchase). With protective gear, i usually go for the beefiest shins/elbows - as id rather feel they are heavier, but know im find when landing on elbows/knees rather then not feel them at all but more likely of injury. Sticks - I almost always buy 'old stock' or last years models - But the new STX RX2 definitely has me curious with the shaft design.
  15. finally got sent some photos of me, as a player on our team was injured who happens to take photos for a living... over 15 years of playing - only photos of me are in the 'team shots' for the end of year etc...
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