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    Pro Stock Warrior: Alpha QX, Covert QRE; Pro Stock CCM: Ultra Tacks, RBZ Speedburner, Reckoner, Trigger ASY
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    CCM HGTK, CCM HGQL, Warrior Luxe, Warrior Dynasty AX1
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  1. CTB

    LH CCM Pro Stock Sticks

    Thinning out my stick rack. Would prefer to sell in bundles. All are pro stock, used but in very good to excellent condition. LH, measuring senior stock height (60” heel to buttend) Only the sticks with a description are for sale: - 2 CCM Ultra Tacks, 80 flex, P28, C shaft dimension, grip ***SOLD*** - 2 CCM RBZ Speedburner, 85 flex, P28, T shaft dimension, grip - 1 CCM Ribcor Reckoner, 75 flex, P28, C shaft dimension, dimple grip texture - 1 CCM Ribcor Reckoner (dressed as Trigger ASY), 85 flex, P90T, C shaft dimension, grip Buy 2 for $130 Buy 3 for $185 Buy 4 for $235 (free shipping in lower 48) Shipping from US ZIP 06820
  2. Update: Deeper ROH blades definitely helped. Definitely felt more comfortable with the extra bite and felt more balanced.
  3. Could be, it’s a good thing they include the extra set of steel so I can use one as a test case to find the right hollow/profile. These are definitely the right type of boot so I want to explore all my options with the steel.
  4. Thanks for the advice all. I think my course of action is to do the following: 1. Try the deeper cut on the 2nd pair of Shift steel out 2. If that doesn’t work then get one set of the Shift steel profiled to match the last pair of skates I was comfortable with (Tuuk Black Steel) 3. If that doesn’t work then get the Tuuk Black Steel mounted
  5. I see, do you know what the profiles would be for the Step Shift steel vs the Tuuk black steel? Might it be an option to get one of the sets of Shift steel profiled to match the black steel if I still am having issues with adjusting to the Shift steel? Or are the Shift holders specifically designed for one type of steel profile?
  6. Yeah the lower cut is taking some time to get used to. I wouldn’t say my feet feel less supported, because I certainly know there’s no negative space in them. I guess I just really have to adjust to the amount of ankle bend that these skates offer. Coming from the stiff composite boots of the last few years it’s been a challenge.
  7. Yeah it’s only been 3 skates as rinks have just opened up. Normally I would’ve at least tried to do a few stick and puck sessions or maybe even public skates to get more used to the skates. I should’ve added that this isn’t the first set of Step that I have used as I have Step black on Tuuk holders on my FT1s. With those I went with 9/16” and eventually got used to that. The 2nd pair of steel I swapped on isn’t my normal hollow, maybe a 9/16” or a tick shallower. Would there be any major issues if I eventually swapped on the Tuuk and Blacksteel or is the Shift holder really the best one for the boot?
  8. Been able to skate a few times in the pair I ordered earlier this year (then couldn’t pick up/use for 4 months). A few thoughts: Comfort-wise they feel great. I had been skating in FT1s and also Tacks 9080 and before that Vapor X800s so fairly stiff composite boots for the last several years. I also had 1st gen Makos but got terrible Mako bumps, no such issues with these. I am still adjusting to the softness of the boot In comparison to aforementioned models I’ve used in recent years, I need to sort of retrain my ankles because they can bend more in these than with the stiffer boots. The store I bought these from recommended I go with a shallower hollow and to be honest I think this is where my issues with the skates start. On non Step Steel skates I would go with a 1/2” hollow, I think the store cut the steel that was attached to the boot at maybe 5/8”, possibly even shallower. I understand the rationale, more ankle bend will theoretically allow for tighter turning and compensate for a shallower hollow but I think they may have gone too shallow. I am not a heavy player (6’2”, 175 lbs) nor would I say I have powerful legs (I have distance runner build, my legs are more about stride efficiency than power). Even with softer summer ice I don’t feel the bite when I push off. I had them sharpen the 2nd pair deeper so I have swapped them before my next skate. The other issue along with the lack of bite (or because of the lack of it) is my turning feels longer. If it’s not necessarily due to the hollow could this be a radius or pitch issue? I really want to like this pair, no complaints with the boot so I am hoping that it’s nothing a new hollow or profiling can fix.
  9. Thanks guys. I will probably be skating on asphalt, maybe the occasional tennis court or outdoor basketball court but mostly just normal streets/driveways.
  10. Getting a new pair of True skates (for ice);and thinking about converting my current pair (Jetspeeds) to roller. I haven’t owned a pair of rollerblades since the 90s so I’m definitely not up to speed on the current products and market. So a few questions: 1) Can my skates be converted? 2) Is it advisable to convert? Are current roller boots designed any differently than their ice counterparts? 3) Best brands of roller gear to use for chassis and wheels? 4) Expected price for someone to convert?
  11. Finally took the plunge and got scanned for skates today. I knew my feet were different sizes (as almost everyone’s) but was really surprised to see the difference in width and arch. Didn’t go with any of the add ons, standard felt tongue and black color although I was tempted to go white as I loved the Air 90s.
  12. They don't necessarily have a straight glossary of pro stock models and their retail equivalents, but you can probably find what you're looking for: http://www.sports2k.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7-ccm-pro-stock-gloves/ The more recent models have a naming convention much closer to the retail names, like HGTK is the Ultra Tacks, HGQL is the Quick Lites.
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