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    Bauer Vapor X60
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    Vapor X60
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    Vapor XXXX
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    Bauer 5100
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    Bauer 6000
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    Sherwood Classic
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    Jofa 5025
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    Bauer 6000
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    Laurin canvas bag

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  1. Found my login so now I can be active on this site again. Woohoo!
  2. Found this pair of slippers at work and put some tuuks on them. The boots are from 2003, but brand new and fit me well.
  3. My best friend from college is from Glasgow. We played hockey together at Concordia. So I guess seeing Glasgow on a message board is a sweet spot for me.
  4. Wife probably told him to get rid of it. Put it on ebay for a crazy price... "I tried to sell it, but no one wanted it." Gear gets to stay home.
  5. Had this happen once. I did the ring test...thought it sounded a little funny but put it on anyway. Turned the machine on, a loud POP, and the wheel was in a million pieces. It also bent the wheel guard out, so it is a good thing it was in place.
  6. I attended a convention earlier this season and Troy presented his product. It really is an interesting product. It is just a piece of plastic that bolts onto the top three eyelets of the boot, with a thin piece of foam over the inside of the eyelets to eliminate friction. It allows for forward flex without compromising lateral support. When you tie your skates the plastic extensions will actually wrap with the laces, so your skates will still be snug to your ankle but you will now have space for your leg to move forward. It allows you to have a greater knee bend. It also will help to alleviate lace bite for players who have a volume issue simply by giving more space. I'm planning to order a set to try with some of my players.
  7. My team repeats as national champions, with a 41-0 season
  8. As mentioned above, double check for debris on the magnet or the blade. Get in the habit of wiping both parts off before measuring. Also, sometimes it helps to give the level part a little tap to make sure it is laying level and not sticking itself to the side/corner of the blade.
  9. Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee available at Target. It made my busy and frazzled week a lot better
  10. Try your city parks department. I worked for the city for 3 summers.
  11. My team won the conference tourny for the first time since I started working there. Yay!
  12. Hmm, I'm not playing much these days but I'll post anyway: Helmet: Bauer 5100 w/ 9900 cage Shoulder: Sherwood classics Elbow: Jofa 5025 Shin: Bauer 6000 Pant: Bauer 6000 Gloves: just upgraded my old franklins to Supreme Total One Skates: Vapor 40's Stick: APX 60 flex, P14
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