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  1. I'm with you speck. After working all week in the shop, when I go to a retail store the last thing I do is rush the clerks or give them a hard time. I can still never imagine asking somebody in a store for a discount. The price is the price. If you want to haggle, go to a flea market or an antique show. After reading and contributing to this thread we have a code saying in the shop for ridiculous customers and situations: TCD-Things Customers Do.
  2. Jeez, sounds like parents whining at a house league game. "The coach didn't give David enough ice time." This is the NHL, not Saturday morning Atoms House League.
  3. I find it interesting to see that this was the first skate to use the oval insert off the eyelets on the boot. The CCM U+ has this feature in their boot.
  4. Hey, Chris, it's 8:01 AM. WTF are you doing on MSH? The shop better be open and raring to go!! Vakar, Most kids tourneys are sharpenings and tape sales. However, the Nationals are a whole other ball game. I have the sales report of merchandise sold in Buffalo at last year's Nationals Super Site(4 age groups in one location). The number of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. sold is ridiculous. Wednesday morning games start on all four rinks at 8 AM and run until 8-9 PM. It will be nuts. The best tourney we have for shop sales and over-all atmosphere in the building is the NYFD 9/11 Remembrance Tourney. Over 30 teams have come in the past two Septembers for a 3 day event. The firemen from NY, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, Phoenix and all over(also Hoboken, Chris) are the best. They have a great time, are great guys, and the top division has excellent hockey. BTW, I forgot to mention firemen like to drink beer after hockey, lots and lots of beer.
  5. The tourney is put together by our hockey department. Our Peewee AAA are in Quebec right now. The Big Show will be April 2 to April 6. We are hosting USA Hockey National Championships for four levels, Peewee AAA and AA and Bantam AAA and AA. We will have 48 teams from around the country for Nationals. I am finishing the order today for the event t-shirts, hoody's, etc. The numbers are staggering. It will be a great event.
  6. This weekend we have been running a Peewee and Bantam AAA minor tourney with the out-of-town teams getting their skates sharpened and of course, not having a clue. #1. The customer comes back to complain that his son's skates were sharpened incorrectly. "You guys checked off 9/16" hollow on the sharpening ticket. That's not what I want." "Sir, we don't have a 9/16" box to check off on the ticket." "Yes, I saw it." "No, our ticket only designates what kind of sharpening, hockey, figure, goalie, hand finish, or 1st time." "Well, this is wrong." "Ok, what do you want?" "Deeper." "OK." He leaves, we start to do the skates at 1/2", standard in the shop. Halfway through he comes back and we tell him we are almost done. He says, "you're doing them at 7/16" like I asked right?" So now, we just start all over again ....... #2. Well, now his buddy is also an instant expert. It's my turn to get him at the counter. The skates are done but not El Perfecto for him. "Look you missed that, you missed this." "Well, sir, one of these nicks is a pretty deep along the edge. It would take a bit of sharpening to get it out." "Well, why didn't you do it?" "I could do it but I may heat up the steel too much and effect the temper of the blade." (Temper goes right over his head.)"Well, I want a lighter hollow" "What is a lighter hollow, sir? I deal in numbers." "uh, uh." "It's 1/2. Do you want 7/16?" "No, deeper." "You want 3/8"? Do you realize how deep that is? Do you have any idea what it's like to go from 1/2" right to 3/8"?" "uh, uh." "How about 7/16?" "OK." As much as some knowledge is dangerous in the wrong hands, parents should get an information package on skate hollows and what we do when sharpening skates when they buy skates. Our regular customers/travel hockey players and parents understand what we do in our shop. We see them all the time. It is surprising how little others know even when their kid plays at the AAA level. Today are the semi's and championship games. I can't wait.
  7. I always bring them on with my skate guards. Regardless of the fact all the skates go on a carpet, I don't want to drop them on my way out the door. As do I, in fact, I hand them my skates WITH the soakers on so they get the idea. Though for some reason whenever I leave my skates to be sharpened and come back to pick them up, they leave my skates on the ground with the soakers placed inside the skates...Granted the floor has carpet, I'd still prefer they put the soakers back on...Oh well, what can you do. We ask customers to hold onto their soakers. This way we cannot lose them. When things get hectic in the service room with 45 minute back-ups (or more)on sharpenings on week-ends, it is too easy to misplace soakers. Your shop is probably stuffing them in the boots so they don't come off and never get matched up to your skates.
  8. Maybe you could try explaining to her what she's looking for. But hey, who needs more customers, right? For the record, I was there when this happened. He did take the time to explain to her what she was looking at and what she should be looking for. He was courteous to her.
  9. WhiskeyTango19, your chicken wrap is ready! Hey, did you initial the back of that claim check? Our shop has customers from all around the world everyday. We hear so many different languages spoken that it's like having the United Nations building in a hockey rink.
  10. mack, I think all of the LHS guys here would love to have you work in our shops on a busy Saturday in January when you could lend us your hockey knowledge, hockey experience, overwhelming charm and wit with the customers and then just the right amount of "mack sarcasm" to seal the deal with the "kids." We could turn this into a reality show on Bravo. mack, this is no put-down on you. Bring cyber mack into the LHS. As Keith Jackson would say, "Whoa, Nellie!" I like the rug flex sign posted last week. I usually walk up to the kid and ask him if he can read. When he says yes I show him the Don't flex the sticks sign from about 6" to his face. This is NYC, we do this kind of thing. "Do you have skating shoes?" The latest thing we do is when the customer wants his new OPS cut in the shop is hand him the Sharpie to mark it himself. We cut it where you marked it. No problems then if you say the stick is now too short. You marked it. Phone call: "If I bring my skates in now, how long will it be to get them sharpened?" "Well, it takes about 10 minutes but if there's a line you have to wait." "Oh." "Yes, it's like Dunkin Donuts. You have to wait on line." "But if I bring them now." "That's great but we have teams roll into the rink all day long." "Oh."
  11. I'll leave it up to the loyal MSHers: Is this the kind of customer I want in my shop? This is earth. It's f'n expensive.
  12. Thanks for the input. Since you are in the LA area and know first-hand how Murray did what he did, I believe you. The numbers tell one story(the records of Murray, Frolov, and Cami) while the methods used are the true basis of what happened. I appreciate hearing from someone close to the way it played out. Good job!! Chadd, BS on me! :lol:
  13. First or second year players scoring 30+ in today's NHL are named Crosby or Ovechkin. Frolov and Cami are not in that class, obviously. Murray did develop both players into 30 goal scorers by their fourth year in the league, whether or not he stood behind the bench when they did it. Camilleri earned his playing minutes and has the points now to prove it. Just what is your beef with Murray? He has turned the Blues around 100% from where they were a year ago. I wouldn't consider him some retread coach. He basically started with the worst group of players a year ago when he replaced Kitchen. Search that thread from early last season here when the Blues were dog crap. A year ago David was riding the Iron Lung on all-night bus rides and having a post game Happy Meal at MickeyDs. The NHL is full of kids who got rushed into situations they couldn't handle because the team, the coach, and management forced them to. Lucky for David the team is watching out for him. Its only December in his first NHL season. Try thinking big picture, long term planning. He is still a boy among men.
  14. Chadd, I'm calling BS on you. Do the research: Andy Murray put the Kings in the playoffs his first three years with totally veteran teams. The Kings had no prospects to play during 99-00,00-01, and the 01-02 seasons when the Kings were in the playoffs. In 02-03, two 20 year old players were brought up to the Kings: Alexander Frolov and Mike Camalleri. Frolov played 79 games that year while Camalleri had played three seasons at U/Michigan. Camalleri was learning the pro game and still given the learning curve and time to develop his game. Here are the stats: 02-03 Frolov-79gp, 14g-17a 31 pts Camalleri-28 gp, 5g-3a 8 pts 03-04 Frolov-77gp, 24g-24a 48 pts Camalleri-31gp, 9g-6a 15 pts 05-06 Frolov- 69gp, 21g-33a 54 pts Camalleri-80gp, 26g-29a 55 pts 06-07 Frolov-82gp, 35g-36a 71 pts Camalleri-81gp, 34g-46a 80 pts Frolov's salary this year is $2.9mil while Camalleri went to arbitration and is being paid $3.35mil. Coach Murray has a lot to do with building the foundation of these two players. I'll bet David would be satisfied to be in either of those two player's situations about 3-4 years from now, if this is how Murray gets David's NHL career started.
  15. At the end of the day, Coach Murray knows more about coaching and developing hockey players than anyone of us here does. Just a reminder, he gets paid for it. NHL Network had a behind the scenes look at the Blues 2007 Draft day and preparation for the draft. It was wild to see the work before the draft that they do with testing players for body fat, muscle and bone structure, projection of player's body with 3-4 years and more. Its just more credit to David that he was their third player chosen in the first round. Think of where he was two years ago, where he is now, and simply how much farther he has to go to become a complete NHL player. It seems to me he is in the right organization for a player like David. Ease off the throttle, there is a long way to go.
  16. The move that goes hand-in-hand with that is when the phone rings right at closing time: Answer it and you will get "Oh, I'm in my car and I'm already on my way." No, you're not. Let that phone ring, Its Miller Time.
  17. NBH has corrected the sizing length issue of the ONE90 skate with the new ONE95. The ONE95 will match true to previous NBH sizing. During the skate seminar at the dealer meeting in October, they had a size 7 Vapor XXXX and a size 7 ONE95 boot sawed in half. The two halves of each model matched up perfectly together from the heel to the toe box to show how the sizes were now exactly the same between Vapor and Supreme. BTW, for the shop guys, its always a learning tool to saw a boot in half and study the guts of the boot to see how its layered up in manufacturing. We recently cut a 7000 in half!
  18. I'm getting a kick out of the "oh shit" reaction I get when I tell customers that Sher-wood is closing their wood stick factory. "That's right, you pretty much have to buy composite sticks in the future." It's like you can hear their wallets moan. BTW, it's not my fault..........
  19. This kind of stuff has been going on since the NHL started. Every rookie goes through it. Wait until he has to pick up the check for the rookie dinner. He better have a SS by then because he will need a credit card to help pick up that tab.
  20. I had a guy I have known for a long time ask me today in the shop what size girdle he should buy online. He wasn't sure what size he needed. I told him I didn't know either since I don't carry the brand of girdle he found online. I told him to order two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. That idea sounded foreign to him. Oh well.......
  21. When we tag the skates for sharpening at the front register, we ask if you need anything else. Then we ask the customer to pay then "so you won't be stuck on a line waiting to pay after they are done."
  22. The idea isn't to break their stick. A 12 year old flexing a stick means nothing to a 12 year old. The good old days of pulling a woody off the rack and checking the weight and balance are fading fast. It was never about flexing a woody.
  23. Please don't get me started on the OPS flexing bit. Now that Vapor XXXX OPS and the rest of the new line is out, it is starting all over again. I'm really looking forward to S17 OPS at the end of the week! Sometimes when I see a kid flexing a stick, I ask him to get his stick so I can see it. Then once he hands it to me, I just lean into it big time.
  24. There is a saying in the sharpening room in our shop: Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part. Our shop is open 7 days a week, 70 hours. If you cannot find the time to get your skates done, except for 10 minutes before the face-off, ....................BTW, all those skates on the floor to be sharpened, those guys have games too. I tell customers over the phone when they ask how long it will take to get their skates sharpened, Hey we're like Dunkin Donuts, sometimes there is a line, sometimes there isn't.
  25. This hits a new all-time low. Easton has a skate display that features an S15 and another brand skate hanging for weight. We have the display with our skates. We also have a S15 skate on display in the Easton skate section. This past Friday the shop was so busy that someone came in, grabbed the two different size S15 skates, walked around the store, and pulled out the laces to steal them. They left the skates over by the gloves with the laces gone. A new all-time low.
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