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  1. The Lil Sport helmet is not adjustable. Try the Bauer Prodigy helmet/mask combo. That youth helmet is adjustable. I did fit a 4 year old for that yesterday. However, for your daughter a stocking cap may still be necessary to get the helmet/mask to fit. Of course, it might be safer to wait a few years before her brother hits her in the mouth with a slapshot. Just sayin' ..........
  2. Write him a fan letter ! That's what we did when we were kids.
  3. I believe pros skate more alike than you may think. The best place to watch a pro skate is behind the goal line. Watch any NHL skater perform a C cut breaking out of his zone as you watch his stride from the ass end and think what you may have in common with him. Sorry, but for most of us, probably not much. And if you really want to have some fun, google any Youtube clip of Paul Coffey from the 80s power skating(that would be without lifting either leg off the ice, just shimmying his hips from side to side like elite figure skaters do for speed before jumps) goal line to goal line to see how stride and technique take professional hockey and figure skaters apart from everyone else.
  4. End of the day, there is how we skate and there is how pros skate. Sorry folks, ROH has nothing to do with it. Those guys flat out know how to skate.
  5. Only the goalies and Kessel below 1/2". An older chart from a few years ago had Crosby at 7/16", now 9/16". I wouldn't be surprised if McDavid is above 1/2" for more glide.
  6. Never was a chirp. Ok let's put it to rest.
  7. No worries. I had to turn away an inline conversion yesterday because the small holder was way too big for the sole of the boot. The manufacturer convinced the mom it would fit and I knew it wouldn't. Rather than try the impossible and wreck the boot, I told the mom if the manufacturer says it can be done, let them do it. I've known the mom a long time so it was ok to explain it to her like that. Back to the Wheel of Fortune, back to the grind.
  8. A bit lame when the brand leader just decides to continue to use the same names for new product. But then I'm on the retail end of this so, yes, my perspective is a bit different than most when looking at new product against old product. "Do you have the 1X stick, 87 flex, P88, righty in stock?" "Which year?"
  9. If I have to explain it to you, I'm pretty sure who the ass is. Thanks, I didn't think it was that difficult to figure out. I thought hockey guys understood the meaning of chirped. Oh well......
  10. Federal Tacks State Tacks Gas Tacks Turbo Tacks Supreme Tacks Mega Tacks Classic Tacks Tacks Slayer Tacks Loophole Tacks Reduction Tacks Return Tacks Refund Tacks Break Tacks Benefit Tacks Advantage
  11. jimmy gets chirped for honesty. Really ?
  12. What does it matter? Bauer's well of creativity has dried up and CCM has all their new gear already seeded in the NHL. What's that leave ? Canadien 9001 Aluminum and Winnwell 2000 helmets as possible gear sightings these days.
  13. I had a blue Titan Gilmour blade I tried to sell on ebay for years. I think I may have thrown it away with the Titan Forsberg and the Louisville Lafontaine Locjaw blades.
  14. PM ?? Tverdovsky PM106 Linden PM 71 ?? I'll check my 3030 Supreme Francis tomorrow for the pattern number.
  15. I'll take that "Leetch" and raise you a Titan ASD 9000 Gilmour.
  16. Make sure your edges are level. Bad sharpenings could be the cause of your recent problems.
  17. Even with Black Friday sale, Blademaster is less expensive.
  18. Sakic curve Lidstrom curve Lindros curve Drury curve ......and they're off !!!! Into the first turn it's.....
  19. $4 for a Victoriaville Pro stick or $3.50 for a Northland Custom Pro stick, Lie 6, Curve Left.
  20. ^^^ CCM ProLite blades.....yes, I sharpened those back in the day.....
  21. ^^ It's not about how long you've been doing it, it's about how long you've been doing it well !! A dedicated mentor and you are on your way to learning. Practice, practice, practice.
  22. I'm not going to say skate sharpening is easy but I don't agree with this idea that it takes years to master. It is a skill that takes practice to get started, confidence in your ability, and a work ethic to do the job right every time. Like any job, it is a matter of caring about what you do. It's not rocket appliances.
  23. I believe a shop's reputation stands on it's sharpeners. For the sharpeners it should be a pride thing. For the customers that translates to a confidence thing. The quality of work from other rinks can be horrendous. I see it every weekend with out of town travel hockey players skates. This is one aspect that Sparx can take advantage of.
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