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    Nexus 1N
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    Custom Warrior
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    Warrior Franchise/Eagle CP94
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    Bauer 4500
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    Warrior Franchise
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    Warrior AX1
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    Warrior AX1
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    Warrior AX1
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    Warrior Pro Player

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  1. California tan, scroll up to see my pair. as stated before, price for custom eagles varies, but usually start around 220CDN and depends on what mods you get.
  2. this price list is a few years old, but gives you a break down of options available that you won't find on their website. the cuff on the Red/blue/white pair is called H34 cuff with vertical stitching you can try contacting DK hockey if you are located in the states. prices obviously depend on what options you go with.
  3. Have you looked into AK? They make a high quality stitched jersey with custom colors.
  4. this picture show's the cuff a bit better. its a very minimal cuff, but yes it's a custom option that's available.
  5. Truth, I switched to CP94's after my first pair. Haven't looked back
  6. My latest Eagles CP94 Hossa cuff, Tapered mesh gussets with pointed fingers
  7. Same, I felt bad for the guys jerseys that were really bad as it was my idea to go with them. we are doing dark jerseys for next summer and will be going with a different company this time.
  8. nope, full stitched jerseys. we had everything from colors running to some jerseys being poorly stitched. all in all most people were very unhappy with how they turned out for us at least, we originally went with them due to many many positive reviews
  9. I ordered XL shells with my team. they are about 1.5" longer then my pants ( XL Warrior hustlers). The quality is much better then that of the jerseys we got from them.
  10. www.prostockhockey.com
  11. Where are you located? i have a warrior widow Kopitar 100flex Righty was taped up but never used.
  12. Yes, Direct through STEP
  13. could they be Shot Blockers, I know they don't have rivets. but could just be re inforced for pro level abuse
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