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  1. Finally met EJB in person. This past weekend in Idaho Falls, his daughter's team played the 14U select team I help coach. His kid has a WICKED shot for a 12 year-old! I can see why she was the high scorer for the league. 2 games; his daughter's team won the first 7-2 and she frequently dangled our D. I think she had 3 goals and 2 assists. 2nd game, the MT girls won 4-2. I think they shut EJBjr down to 1 goal--they had to close the gap, put a body on her, force her outside, and shut down her dangles. Sorry EJB, it had to be done!
  2. Two months later, we got 'er done! http://flatheadbeacon.com/2017/12/04/community-hub-ice/
  3. Adult league started last night for my division. Glad to be back on the ice with friends and not just toiling every night on our community rink. I played D with my friend who is the Captain who drafted me. He picked a really great team. 2 unknown guys who are new to our area, one is incredibly good, the other is really good. They dished some sweet passes and everyone communicates well and gets along. It's going to be a fun session. Oh yeah, we won 4-1 and most of the goals were double assists. The outdoor rink is almost ready for concrete. We slipped a week. Should place concrete on Thursday, then it has to cure 28 days. We will start putting boards back up in two weeks and make ice Halloween week. Trying to have ice for Try Hockey for Free day.
  4. Rebuilding our community outdoor ice rink. Original sand floor was installed in 2007. Time for a refrigerated concrete floor. I found myself the project manager and superintendent for the job. I'm exhausted, but we're in the home stretch. Hope to place concrete next week. Interesting tidbit: this rink system was from one of the first college hockey games played outdoors in modern times: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frozen_Tundra_Hockey_Classic Our hockey association purchased the portable rink system from Ice Rink Events and erected it over the site of the old city pool.
  5. Update: i ran into this player's dad last week. She's a freshman in high school and made the JV cheer squad. Dad was a little nervous that she's a smaller kid and they're doing lifts with her, but she's enjoying it and doing well in school.
  6. She composes the pics well--tell her to find a spot where she isn't shooting through the glass and her photo quality will go up dramastically. ;)
  7. I went from the iPhone 4 to the 6SE last year. A big difference for sure!
  8. Haha, I thought you were chirping the $#!t out of him, too!
  9. Awesome, jamarquan. One of my few mistakes in HS was taking AP English and then failing to register for the AP English test. Freshman literature and freshman composition in college were awful after taking those high intensity classes in high school. Take that test, score a 5, smile as you walk past classrooms of college freshman history students.
  10. Missed my 42nd birthday celebration....my wifey was kind enough to invite a bunch of my old friends on Friday night for beer and ribs...and I had to cancel about midday Friday to go home sick from work and sleep all weekend. My actual birthday was Monday and I have so many cold meds in my body I haven't had a beer all week. Oh, shit...forgot this is the sweet spot: Feeling better now; time to watch my daughters play in the state HS girls tourney this weekend. Woot!
  11. My vent is girl drama. F girl drama. I have to say that I've had a very, very lucky run of coaching girls--5 years of volleyball and now 3 years of hockey before having to deal with significant girl drama, but it's still a colossal pain in the F'ing ass. I hope that I can work this through to a positive resolution. I really like all the girls on the team, but they're making stupid decisions and treating each other like shit, including my own kid. Why can't females be more like dudes and just punch each other and be friends again and go on with life? Just saw this, but feel free to message me or I'll send you my digits if you want to vent to a fellow hockey player and you don't have to interact with in your daily life.
  12. Anyone currently wearing Vapor skates try the Vortex II's?
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