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  1. If they have decided to removed the PM9 as an option, tell me this .. The pro custom route, If I spec this to as a Vapor (round corners, low kick point), will it be a Hyperlite without graphics? Fingers crossed they add the hyper core blade and for now I'll just remain hopeful they add the curve in the next few days.
  2. Hi Team, Can anyone shed some light on if a PM9 will be available or offered with the release of the new Hyperlite. Bauer have just added the skate and stick to the customiser and it appears to not be an option. I really hope that this is not the case as I've used this curve for 15 years and would still love the ability to custom order it. I fully understand that toe curves have become the popular choice over last 5 years but I am a die-hard vapor stick guy and would be most disappointed if they've just brushed this curve all together. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. My gloves are less than a season old. Supreme 1S and the palms are in great condition. Is it possible that the stick I have was a batch with less grip? It is seriously noticeable even comparing the two off ice. I have a second on order which will arrive in a few days so I'll be comparing.
  4. Okay, Unfortunately both KWIK Grip and Plasti Dip failed. I applied a coat of each on seperate occasions and allowed at least 4 hours to dry. Within minutes on the ice the film came straight off and made for a fairly sticky mess. Any other suggestions would be awesome! My question still remains. have they dialled back the tack on the new FlyLite line?
  5. Hey Team, I've just made the transition from a few 1X Lites to the new FlyLite. Is it just me or have they dialled back the tack on the new FlyLite line? It has nowhere near the amount of grip as the 1X Lite and I find my bottom hand sliding all over the place. On that note, any suggestions other than reverse side tape for a layer of grip? I get a lot of confidence from the extra tack in the 1X Lite knowing the stick and my glove are almost one. It is a little disappointing if they have altered the mix in the GripTac layering.
  6. Not sure if any of you have done a search on say, Bauer Hockey, CCM Hockey or Warrior Hockey. Some great close up images of pro stock equipment. Example
  7. Vapor 2X Lite .. or ADV dressed 1X .. https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/andreas-athanasiou-of-the-detroit-red-wings-celebrates-with-news-photo/1064623656 https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/andreas-athanasiou-of-the-detroit-red-wings-celebrates-his-news-photo/1070846882 https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/andreas-athanasiou-of-the-detroit-red-wings-pounds-gloves-news-photo/1064166526
  8. Trying to figure out if OD1N tech applies to all lines. i.e. first public release images and video of the OD1N skate & protective appeared to be modelled off the Vapor line. Then the Supreme Goalie Pad adopted the OD1N logo and so called tech. Guess we wait and see ..
  9. Yah. Hence why I said PM9 might be a wait. They simply would not run this type of limited release without a greater strategy in mind. Give the people a small taste, let them wait, create further hype, roll out new line. Like adams2001 said, 'marketing the stick as a super limited release and doing a "demanded" second run would be a great way to get high stick sales and at top dollar as well.' My thoughts, all the cool kids are using filthy toe curves and generally use no stiffer than an 87 Flex. Target market segmentation 101, group the best selling statistical data cluster and hit them first. This in turn creates hype and so the marketing machine continues. I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on one or more when they do release the final version. It may be a Vapor ADV line or a part of the OD1N project. Too early to know, but I bet JR is all over it!
  10. Bauer Instagram suggests 355 Grams. As a lover of super lightweight sticks I'm very keen on this, but a PM9 might be a wait.
  11. Any feedback from those who made the move from an MX3 into the 1S. Also general feedback thus far from anyone already in this skate? I've moved from an NXG to an MX3 and today moved into the 1S. Instant feedback 1. I'm struggling with the size of the tongue under my shin guards. 2. The skate in general feels extremely bulky. 3. They also feel much stiffer in the boot compared to the last 2 generations of Supreme. LS4 was an easy transition as I made the move 8 months ago in my MX3's. I love the taller steel for turns. Starting to wonder if I made a mistake. :(
  12. My main concern is freedom and a lack of unrestricted movement. I'm by no means a big guy either, 5'10 and 78kgs, I wear an XL across the board. Now, not all jerseys are cut this way. All my blank training and practice jerseys are a dream to wear! They're super lightweight, they're stretchy, the arms are nice and loose and they're all so comfortable that I barely notice I'm wearing a jersey during practice. I have a few of each, Easton Bio Dri, Bauer 200, Warrior KHQ100. Every single one is super comfortable and allows for complete control and mobility. Come game day, I cannot express how much I hate my jersey with a passion. My league has followed suit and our jerseys have been designed and cut very similar to the Reebok Edge series. Following the trend of a slimmer, more tapered fit which narrows in the arms, elbow and wrist. On a side note, I just received my Adidas team North America World Cup XL sized jersey in the post and switched jerseys less than 5 minutes into practice. It was so tapered and slim that I won't ever wear it on the ice again. Unless it's a general skate and I'm wearing it over a t shirt. In my honest opinion, for a game that requires such a large amount of protective equipment, why shrink a uniform which can hinder movement? I've been playing hockey since I was 8 and used to love the look of NHL uniforms, at 29 I can't help but laugh at some of the slimmer fit jerseys I see. Players that are super thin and slender can get away with the look, but some of the medium to larger built guys look ridiculous. Don't even get me started on the duck tails. Just as an example, look how comfortable Steve looks here.
  13. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Enough with the tapered slim fit jersey cut! I might get shot down from a lot of you that disagree. Im my honest opinion, they look ridiculous, the sleeves are a joke & they hinder movement and mobility. Why are jersey cuts moving in this direction? We're hockey players with multiple layers of protection, give us room to move freely.
  14. I'm toying with going down the VH Road and was wondering if anyone has heard of any negative feedback or stories? All I seem to hear is 100% great feedback which is pretty rare in the world of equiptment. Also, any idea if the team at VH would still be able to make this version of the boot without the new plastic caps on the front. At the end of this video when they're doing the free skate shoot is my (Ideal Skate).
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