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    Bauer TotalOne NXG
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    Warrior AX2
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    Sherwood Nexus N8
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    Bauer 4500
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    Bauer TotalOne
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    Bauer one80
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    Jofa 8044s
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    RBK 11K
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  1. Can second that the 1Xs do not stay on your elbows very well.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies - a friend of mine here has one, so I need to speak with him to see how he went about acquiring it, whether it was through one of those PO Box services or whatever. I'm thinking as I'm heading back to Toronto to visit family/friends in June, I'll just send it to my parents' place and ferry it back myself.
  3. I've skimmed through the bulk of the thread and am planning on ordering an ES100. I'm Canadian but have lived in Melbourne, Australia for 8ish years now, and it makes a lot of sense with two pro shops that both charge $15 per sharpening, and one of the two is a diceroll in quality. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but anyone that's already ordered a Sparx, would you mind making any recommendations as far as if I should order a certain number of rings, parts, etc., all in one go? The shipping to Australia probably won't be very kind. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey man, I lived there for 3 years and a bit - there's a great rink in Taipei, and I believe there's a smaller rink for 3 on 3 as well. The lads there are absolute legends and are very welcoming. Lots of Canadians and some really talented Taiwanese players. Shoot me a message and I can put you in touch with a few guys in Taipei - you're pretty humped in Taoyuan for ice hockey, but there may be a roller rink there.
  5. No experience, but I'd go with a mid-range RBK shin if you wanted decent kneecap protection at an OK price
  6. The padding would help if there was a direct blow to the AC joint.
  7. Get off the bike, run some hills. Don't overthink it, guesstimate how many shifts you take in a game, and then a few times a week do sprints with that in mind. Don't go try and run 20x30/40 yards dashes, as your form will go to s***, but maybe try to run 6. Next week, try to run 7, or change up the distance, etc. You want to get off the bike as skating changes up how your legs work, sprinting will go towards your body maintaining it's natural movement pattern.
  8. I've worn a Wrist Restorer for ages and it helps a lot (I broke my wrist when I was a teenager)...when playing contact, I'll put on the wrist restorer (it has a rubber bit that keeps the little moving bones in your hand/wrist from floating around) and tape it tightly and it's great.
  9. Depends on the shape of your head - I'd look for closeout sales on higher-end helmets that are a year or two old.
  10. Squatting/calf raises wouldn't challenge your ankle's lateral stability. I think you need to take them into a store and have them take a look at it -- FWIW I know one of my NXGs runners is warped slightly, but it still doesn't make me wobble or really affect me skating.
  11. +1 for Tuff n Lite - Been using mine for years now. I agree with SCOMPL, I don't rate the Bauer socks. I get a bit of lacebite (or maybe just general uncomfortableness) at the front of my ankle when I use them. One other thing - I'm in Australia so I hang my gear outside, but I think it'd bad for the kevlar to be exposed to sun for ages, so just a caveat if you hang stuff where it might be in the sun.
  12. Just a quick Q for anyone that has tried them on (I know no one can say definitively) - of the 3 foam shoulder pad options (APX2, 20K, RBZ), which do you figure is a) lowest profile and b) most protective? Was also wondering if all the foam pads don't retain water, or if that's just the CCM offering.
  13. Huge fan of the V10, and it's quite cheap as well now.
  14. I use X-Stiff inserts -- never thought about taking them out.
  15. Miseaujeau, thanks for your input - really helps learn about the different offerings. Quick Q - I'm currently using a Dynasty AX2 100 flex and find it slightly too stiff, but am worried about dropping down to 85. Would a Covert 85 be the middle ground with the lower flex point?
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