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    Warrior AX2
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    Sherwood Nexus N8
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    Bauer 4500
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    Bauer TotalOne
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    Bauer one80
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  1. FWIW I swear by electrical tape. I divide stick tape into half, so the knob is maybe 2cm, then just keep adding tape until it's the right thickness, then put some electrical over it and have had no palm wear problems skating at least once a week.
  2. Hey all, Anyone tried the ACP Pro girdle out? I'm in a unique situation where the top men's league in my area and the national comp are full-contact, but I also play competitive non-contact as well, so a good girdle works better for me than swapping high- and low-end pants depending on what league I'm playing in, as I just find them more comfortable even if the padding is OTT for the level of play. I'd be upgrading from my Projekt girdle, which is perfect 99% of the time, but in full-contact you really notice the lack of padding at the waist (specifically between the hips and kidney pads) and lower back. FWIW, cost isn't a massive factor, as whatever I buy next will (hopefully) last me through the end of playing full-contact. My buying options would be: Jetspeed or Covert girdle (same price) ACP Pro - $50 more Thanks!
  3. It sounds counter-intuitive but I wore a Warrior Projekt girdle for many years after having similar issues with hip bruising from contact/falls (top-level men's league in Australia is inexplicably only full contact), and had zero issues with falls since that time. The only gap in protection I found was there was no padding at the waist belt, which has led to a few pointers from crosschecks or the boards where the belt was the main point of contact. FWIW I snagged a pair of Warrior QR Pro pants (I think that's the model) on sale, and am currently on the hunt for a new girdle as I do not feel they have as much padding at the hips, and the hip coverage part is annoying when skating.
  4. Just buy a separate jock/garter belt system and wear compression shorts underneath? Not what you're looking for but the easiest solution.
  5. Anyone used these sticks for a longer period of time that can speak to their durability?
  6. Longtime P28 user...I switched from a P91 after using a P106 before that. It's a huge switch from a P88 - stickhandling, backhand sauce/shooting is definitely harder, but I prefer the P28 for puck battles, shooting in tight, etc. From the thread, I reckon the P92 is what you should go with first.
  7. Can second that the 1Xs do not stay on your elbows very well.
  8. Thanks for the quick replies - a friend of mine here has one, so I need to speak with him to see how he went about acquiring it, whether it was through one of those PO Box services or whatever. I'm thinking as I'm heading back to Toronto to visit family/friends in June, I'll just send it to my parents' place and ferry it back myself.
  9. I've skimmed through the bulk of the thread and am planning on ordering an ES100. I'm Canadian but have lived in Melbourne, Australia for 8ish years now, and it makes a lot of sense with two pro shops that both charge $15 per sharpening, and one of the two is a diceroll in quality. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but anyone that's already ordered a Sparx, would you mind making any recommendations as far as if I should order a certain number of rings, parts, etc., all in one go? The shipping to Australia probably won't be very kind. Thanks in advance!
  10. Just a quick Q for anyone that has tried them on (I know no one can say definitively) - of the 3 foam shoulder pad options (APX2, 20K, RBZ), which do you figure is a) lowest profile and b) most protective? Was also wondering if all the foam pads don't retain water, or if that's just the CCM offering.
  11. Quick Q - the runner on one of my NXGs is bent, and I think it's due to the Fusion steel having that aluminum section. I'm in Australia so there aren't any shops that can reset the runner, and was thinking that the stronger steel from Step might be the ticket. Do you guys think that would solve the problem?
  12. Picked up a pair of Jofa 9144 Pro elbows for about $50 in Bangkok, Thailand of all places...sick, sick elbows!
  13. From a CIHL game, the ice hockey league in Taiwan (southeast Asia for any that don't know).
  14. Helmet: Bauer 5500 with an Oakley full visor Shouldies: Farrells (black) Elbows: Bauer 50s Gloves: Graf G700s Pants: Vapor XXXX (freebie!) Shins: Sherwood stocks Skates: Vapor XXXX (freebie!) Sticks: Vapor XXXX shaft (112 flex) with Vapor Pro blade, Easton Z-Bubble (100 flex, Michigan State prostock from my buddy who played there) with an Easton Synergy blade
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