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  1. Wow, you sure do like Mission. Those gloves are rocking nice!
  2. Ergh, the look of the new Vector line is just hideous. Have you seen the Vector protective equipment line?
  3. The navy/white/red pattern of the Stealth glove reminds me of the Union Jack...
  4. Had a little chat with my LHS' manager today and found out what the retail prices would most likely be: Supreme 70 skate - $379.99 Sr. Supreme 30 skate - $139.99 Sr. One60 stick - $29.99 Sr. Supreme 90 glove - $139.99 Sr. Supreme 70 glove - $94.99 Sr. Supreme 50 glove - $54.99 Sr.
  5. My custom curve on my Ballistik looks like your's except it's a little open.
  6. Good God, the log on the helmet looks horrible! But...pants....
  7. The middle one in the white looks about 12 years old...
  8. Helmet: Bauer 3000 with Itech FX50 full shield Shoulder Pads: CCM 852 Tacks Elbow Pads: RBK 5k Gloves: Bauer XX Pants: DR HP45 Shin Pads: RBK 5K Skates: Nike Flexlite 10, KOR Shift 1 (soon) Sticks: CCM Vector V40, CCM Vector 110, Easton Synergy ST, Innovative Novius Shaft w TPS R2 blade Accessories: Itech Jock shorts, Nike Dri-Fit (full), lucky four-leaf clover pattern mouthguard
  9. Helmet: Bauer 3000 with Itech Concept II DLX shield Shoulder Pads: Nike Quest Pro Elbow Pads: Bauer 6000 Gloves: Nike Air/CCM 452 Tacks Pants: Nike Quest 2 Shin Guards: CCM 852 Tacks Skates: Nike Flexlite 10 Undergear: Nike Dri-Fit loose top Accessories: Itech 200 Jock Bag: Nike Bag (With Wheels!) Sticks: CCM Vector V40/Nike Quest Pro/Ballistik ULTRA/Hespeler GT 8800
  10. Only remolded my Ballistik blade curve pattern from a mid-curve to something a bit like the Modano/Sakic curve on Easton blades.
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