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  1. Fit, comfort, performance and better materials increase the skate longevity. Pay more up front for something that lasts longer.
  2. ......but 100% of players do need skates that fit them properly.
  3. Brand New Super Tacks Skates! 7D. Never used. Never baked. Never sharpened. You can view pics here: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/339027-ccm-new-super-tacks-skates-senior-size-7d Will accept 499 if you buy direct using PayPal/VBenmo instead of 649 through SidelIneSwap. I also have them listed on eBay too.
  4. What is the effect of the difference in width/depth of Z Channels? I currently use a 3/4 ROH with a wide ZC on a Quad 2 and have been considering fiddling around with my setup.
  5. So my entire hockey careers, playing AAA Tier I and going to nationals multiple times, playing hockey at Shattuck, playing in the USHL and almost going to Div 1 college before my career was ended due to concussions, not a single shop ever fit me properly? Unlikely.
  6. What up Zac! Cole in San Jose and Cory in Seattle told me to tell you hello.
  7. I am not self-medicating. You act as if I have only been skating since I was an adult. I have spent 30+ years in hockey skates. Also, that hashtag is out of place.
  8. Honestly, I don't think there was a solution with other skates after getting scanned. One foot is 0.5 sizes larger and a EE and the other is a D width. My ankles are also more forward than normal and have a very narrow heel. After talking to True and looking at the scans I think going custom was the only option for at this point. Its funny, I consider myself to have decently normal feet but Scott said mine are far from normal.
  9. I'm not sure if there has been a survey but I can tell you most, if not all, have some type of profile applied to their steel.
  10. Typically defense use a Quad 1 or Quad 2 with ProSharp. You can use a Quad 2 and still be very nimble and agile you just need to walk the ROH up. Also, consider a Z Channel. You can view the ProSharp profiles specifics here: https://issuu.com/elinmalmsten/docs/script-tryckfilus
  11. With the amount I just spent on True skates I am not changing to anything else for at least a couple years.
  12. I pray one day Bauer will wake up and make a skate with technology from the Mako but I think they have their head up their ass and that won't happen anytime soon. Bauer also thinks that one piece skates are bad too. So much for innovation. Though, you can argue, if it ain't broke what's their to fix?
  13. In total, about an hour. He had to scan one foot a couple times because the scanner was acting funny. We also did measurements as well. I went with the VH/Step holders and got an extra set of steel. I hope I don't regret those holders. They are very stiff. I couldn't twist them in my hand like I could with the LS Edge holder.
  14. Sure did. I am in San Jose, CA for work until Wednesday so I had the Pure Hockey here scan my feet. Didn't ask for anything special except for the shot blockers addition. I assume this just makes the quarter package slightly more stiff. The guy at Pure didn't really know. They have only sold 10 pairs.
  15. Well, guess we will see how good True skates are. Paid the significant sum of money and ordered a pair today. They had better not suck or I am going to be pissed and depressed.
  16. Better off saving your money and buying a Rekker EK60 or EK365. Easier to find., cheaper, stronger, and best of all..... Not Bauer.
  17. I prefer standard eyelets as well. If you look at a majority of NHL players they also prefer standard eyelets. I think the injected lace stability system is a marketing gimmick just like the Bauer Vapor Advanced stick.... such BS.
  18. I thought the Mako II and FT1 were generally the best skates of all that I have used. The Mako II fit and range of movement is phenomenal. It just lacked more support in the quarter package. I loved how it wrapped your foot and had zero negative space. I also loved the tow cap on the Mako II. The FT1 was also really nice. Light. Stiff but allowed some flexibility. It could benefit from being slightly more flexible though but I understand the type of player the skate is designed for. Absolutely not the 35-year-old has been. With the FT1, I could never adjust to the skate. When I first got them I installed a heel lift, as I like a forward pitch. This made me feel like I was on too much of an incline. I removed the heel lift and then the skates felt very flat. Too much steel in contact with the ice. Changed profiles from a ProSharp Quad 2 to a Quad 1 and then 0. Still didn't feel right. Removed the SB 4.0 holder and installed an LS Edge holder with Step steel and it initially felt better but after using them a few times I again felt very flat-footed. Changed insoles, Super Feet, SpeedPlates, CCM, Sidas, and ultimately ended up with the following. 7D FT1 with LS holders, 272 steel, Bauer SpeedPlates, Quad 2 profile, 1/8" heel lift, do not lace the top eyelet. That's what I have been using until this last week when I sold them. Now I am back to using a pair of Super Tacks, retail model, 7D, that I have had laying around for a while now. Trying to figure out what to do next.
  19. I likely would use SpeedPlates as I find they work best for my very high arch. I am unsure about the holders but will use Step steel regardless of which holder I select. The VH/True/Step holder is very stiff and rigid so people have said stiff skates and the stiff holder do not play nicely together. I likely will use a Tuuk Edge holder with Step steel. I also will probably install some type of foam in the toe cap. I like my toes forced flat. I have always made my own foams for skates, even before PowerFoot was around and will likely do that with anything I end up with. I like my foot entirely locked in, no slippage, no negative space. Depending on how the True skates are pitched I will either need to pitch my profile, ProSharp Quad 2, slightly or add a small heel lift. I entirely understand that everything will require some adjustment. Unless it is genuinely made for you, by yourself or you are doing the design, it will never be 100% perfect using off the shelf pieces. Regardless of how "custom" people claim things to be they are still built using manufactured materials.
  20. The Graf Supra 707 were the last pair of skates I had that felt "right."
  21. Yes, I baked them and skated in them a few times. Entirely disliked them. Sold them and the person who bought them also didn't like them. Those 70ks have been bought and sold about 4 times on SidelineSwap since I had them.
  22. None of the skates I have used were baked prior to me so that is not the issue. Also, as I mentioned, they are not significantly altered "franken skates." It is absolutely exhausting both mentally and physically changing all the time. Every time I change it throws all of my body mechanics out of whack which also does more than affect my skating, it changes my vision on the ice, stick handling and shooting. I know from playing semi-pro you will always play best when you are thinking least about what you're wearing and focusing solely on the game. It seems the best route is to just suck it up and try a pair of True skates. I have pretty much exhausted all of my options other than paying Bauer/CCM to build a last of my foot and build a skate specifically around that last.
  23. That my friend is the exact question I need to answer and have been perplexed with. I know the profile and pitch I like, so it's easy to duplicate that on most any pair of skates assuming the boot allows my foot to sit in the proper position and angle. It also needs to allow the proper motion and support as well. What annoys me is that I sound like a "prima donna" bitching that $1000 skates just don't seem to work for me but they truly don't do what I need them to do. I find tweaking and adjusting everything. Adding heel lifts, changing the pitch of the steel, changing insoles, etc. It almost seems never-ending. Yes, part of it is likely my OCD in wanting everything perfect. I just know when something doesn't feel right. I watched the True video where Scott talks about skates never fitting him right or he was constantly messing with them and that's exactly how I feel. I also read about how Paul Coffey, arguably the best skater in the history of hockey, was also never satisfied and was always trying new things with his skates.
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