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  1. I would leave it as is and try it out. Give it some time and if you cannot adjust then profile the steel as mentioned.
  2. Happy to report that skates felt absolutely fantastic tonight. I am still adjusting to the weight difference but the skates overall have amazing fit and feel. I also like how rigid the VH/Step holders are and am very glad I went with them and not LS Edge holders. I don't till need to make some slight adjustments to the pitch but I think I am very close to having them the way I want them. As others have said, it's strange having skate that fit and don't hurt. I am so used to my skates hurting that it's still weird to me that I am not uncomfortable from the time I strap them on to the time I take them off.
  3. I made a few changes to the skates and things seem better the last couple times on the ice. I kept the red insole and added Bauer SpeedPlates. I found this helped dramatically since I have very high arches. The stock footbeds didn't give me enough support. I also cut come some thick gripper blanket and placed it on the heel of the red insole to give a slight lift. On all of my previous skates, I have used a 3/16" lift so I felt a little flat even though I was told the boot and VH/Step holders are designed with a forward pitch. I then baked them again, for the third time. This time I used an elastic wrap bandage and ratchet clamps to really get the heel, ankles, and forefoot dialed in perfectly. Eliminating every single area of negative space. I also made an adjustment to the cuff so I could get my foot in the skates which previously was a struggle. So far, the first time with them I was not thrilled. The second time I found them to be good, but not better than my FT1 skates. The third time I found them to be equal to my FT1 with some minor nuances. This will be my fourth time on the ice with them and I hope I have them dialed in a bit now.
  4. I'll probably mess around with other colors too. I found a way to do it in a transparent black which gives it a black chrome look. Think I am gonna rock that for a bit.
  5. Yeah,I checked with true and they said depending on the skate size 40-50 grams per skate.
  6. Had my first couple of ice times with the new True skates. While the skates are incredibly comfortable one thing I did notice almost immediately is the weight when compared to my FT1 and Mako II skates. I am wondering if the added shot blocker protection contributes significant weight. I was shocked that my True skates weight 265 grams more than my Mako II skates. That's a significant weight difference. Both skates have Step steel on them.
  7. Thoughts on stealth black look vs silver True/VH wing?
  8. I thought I was the only person who did that too. haha
  9. Regular PowerFoot. I like my toe box to have zero space.
  10. You are correct. I was sent two sets of metatarsal tongues instead of a regular tongue and a metatarsal. They are sending me the standard tongues. Overall, I like them but find they do slightly inhibit forward flex. However, they are not broken in yet so I guess I will be able to make a final determination after a few more skates.
  11. I was considering ways to implement my PowerFoot with my new True skates and instead of using velcro and all of these others methods I read that others have done I figured to just attach them to the tongues. https://imgur.com/gallery/OmOOl
  12. I will also testify that Westside is pretty damn awesome
  13. Yeah, I am a fan of the idea of the LS Edge but also have been bit by steel popping out after blocking a shot and also the steel constantly clicking when I walk. I dont hear it on the ice. The VH/Step holders look legit though and are very similar in ways to the LS holder.
  14. Ahhhhh. I probably should have been more observant. Gracias!
  15. I just noticed yours look slightly different than mine. Specifically in the heel of the skate. You can see the differences in my video and IG pics.
  16. Interesting you went with LS holders, not LS Edge or VH/Step holders. Any reason why?
  17. Very wrong. A little concerning.
  18. That's shocking. I haven't baked mine yet and I can barely get my foot into the skate. It reminds me of the Mako II is so many ways. All of which are good.
  19. I did an unboxing and initial Impressions review of True skates but will be doing a baking and profiling video this weekend. I like to use a tension wrap and clamps anytime I bake my skates.
  20. 165 grams is substantial. Did they both have Tuuk runners with Step steel? Steel is usually the biggest weight factor in skates.
  21. I have them. You can see them in my video.
  22. I didn't find many video reviews of the True skates so I decided to make an unboxing video. I am also going to record a video on baking them and profiling the steel. Will also make on ice reviews and some others videos as well depending on what people want to see. I I would have merged this with the main True/VH thread but felt it was unique and as such should have its own thread.
  23. Most performance footbeds, like SuperFeet and Bauer SpeedPlates are rigid but allow more surface area contact. I am not sure if having a more rigid insole does truthfully transfer more power through the skate but I know that the Bauer SpeedPlates feel much better to me than anything else. I have very high arches and the weight distribution really helps out.
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