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  1. Mainly the stiffness of the skate and the tendon guard; Catalyst is less stiff and has a flexible tendon guard.
  2. When I get back from Denver, I can send you a couple I have lying around.
  3. It could be the isotretinoin, you might want to reach out to their doctor to double check.
  4. If the issue is not the skate itself (too short/long in length, not enough depth, etc) then changing skates is not going to resolve the problem. Does he only get this ache when wearing his hockey skates?
  5. What is wrong with Sparx? Sparx doesn't alter the profile significantly and if you are concerned about his profile you should be getting it redone every few months. How old is he? What level does he play?
  6. What kind of pain are they feeling? Is it a sharp pain or more like an ache? Sometimes, tying a skate too tight can put pressure down on the arch, which will cause pain in the bottom of the foot.
  7. Be thankful you can replace an eyelet, as it's a very simple task. Otherwise, "fixing" a skate with injected facings is a nightmare.
  8. I am between a medium and large in the FT6 Pro pant, and wear a medium QRE pant, which fits perfect. The Alpha pant is a little more loose, so a medium in it feels big for me. I am 5 '11' 170 lbs with a 33” waist.
  9. When I had the store in Vegas, I would charge customers the same price for a total custom skate as I would for a top tier retail model. I made a little less on the sale, but then I didn't have to carry as many items in stock for inventory, and the customer got custom skates for the same cost. IMO, everyone wins in situations like this.
  10. It seems all replacements sold are the v1 dial and not the more recently updated pro stock dial. I have a few extra dials from pro stock holders, if your pin and spring are still good.
  11. I don't think this applies to ice skates.
  12. What would you like to know? It explains everything on the document. The second tier, PRO CUSTOM, allows the player to fully customize the specs of their skates, just like the pros. Here, they will have quarter-size length options for each foot, as well as ankle padding, eyelets, facing, toe caps, stretching, holders, steel, tongue, color, and personalization options.
  13. Agreed. Like in most sale associate roles, workers are spoon-fed that upselling is for the benefit of the customer, hence why Pure will try to sell customers skate insoles and "Level 2" sharpening. I think TRUE should have gone with a significantly stiffer insole that compliments the design of the skate and provides more feedback. TRUE skates are known for providing players a very connected feel, and the new insole seems to dampen that feedback. This is counterintuitive.
  14. Bauer wants to move into the orthotic market as they feel the Speed Plate didn't get the market share penetration they expected. I personally like the Speed Plate as it provides great feedback, and dislike soft orthotics. TRUE also has a new orthotic which is nice, but It's also too soft for my liking. However, I think the general population prefer soft orthotics...
  15. They are honestly both so similar, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference in person if someone didn't point out that it wasn't the same curve.
  16. Either works. If you have someone skilled with profiling, I would pitch the blade, but the easier method is a shim.
  17. Agreed. Great sock for the price point.
  18. T8P has better feel than the T7P, but many people have reported the blade is not very durable.
  19. APX has an aggressively-angled boot cut
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