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  1. Komarov was in retails for a while, until his stash ran out.
  2. My Bauer Vapors feel more narrow than my old Grafs
  3. As someone who has brought skates once purely on aesthetics, don't bother.
  4. But if in your opinion the Vapors feel better than the Warrior equivalent, I wear Vapors and tried my mates Warriors on ( I think they were Alphas) they did feel better tbf. What do you do for skates though, as Warrior don't make skates.
  5. We're a mixed ability team, I'm an ice player, but due to circumstances now playing roller. Anyway our players for the most part can skate well, stop, transition puck handle and shoot, but have ZERO hockey sense. Me and the guy who runs the side are trying to change that. Are there any decent, simple drills for us too do, cheers!
  6. I use black with blue dots, they came as standard in my Nexus, so I kept them, just changed to waxed though
  7. I remember seeing a vid from True debunking this.
  8. Tbf depends where you live, only reason I'd ever go for that is if I couldn't get my foot to fit into a pair of retail skates.
  9. People lacing up their skates with that feature should have at least used it to see if they liked it or not. Same with the extra holes you get on running trainers. Try them, if you like them, use them, if not, oh well.
  10. No it was an idea, maybe something like this has happened
  11. I meant that CCM/Bauer have paid the NHL to only allow players in who wear their skates only to be allowed in the competition
  12. Could be a marketing thing, CCM/Bauer pay for players to be there or something. Wouldn't put it past any company to do that
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