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  1. I was lucky to goto a what would be classed as a mum and dad ice hockey shop in Toronto and I was able to try a few out and I worked out I shot better with a low kick stick (Ribcor) so i just took a liking to it. I would look at other low kick sticks but I wouldn't stray to far from Ribcor, so when my current one breaks I will just try to find a newer model in the same specs, lH 75 flex and p29.
  2. Marsblades 01 are so close to ice it is unreal, you can use your edges. Inlines are like being on train tracks or skis, these are nuts. Check out Lee Sweatt Marsblades on YouTube.
  3. I have the 01s, but I'm playing roller more seriously now, so I was wondering if it was worth swapping to the R1s
  4. This has just put me off buying a set, it is why I turned to Marsblades in the first place. As I wanted to turn like I was on ice skates. By the sounds of it that statement they sound as rigid as normal inlines
  5. Can you not just pull your socks up?
  6. See here, they don't even line up
  7. Yeah he has the sleeves on his actual jersey chopped off and wears these 'socks' instead once you notice it in a picture you can't help but not see it, guessing some 4th liner is missing his sleeves somewhere. That is bonkers, a 12 year old not knowing why Beiber is famous, I'm guessing she was probably too young for him.
  8. I like a Howies waxed on my left skate and a stock unwaxed on my right
  9. To be honest I know a Bauer Nexus 6ee fits my feet, so i bought a pair and had them converted. No fucking about with skates that are meant to fit this way and that. I knew what works and for me that is saving time and money.
  10. Hmm in that case then I'd convert these current boots they have, and get new ice ones as they're probably due new ones anyway. That way you're only paying for chasis and wheels, instead of two new sets of boots per child. If that makes sense.
  11. Keep the boots and swap out the runners for a roller chasis, it'll be cheaper
  12. Just noticed in my last roller session that I was getting side to side movement on the O1 chassis, asides from a new chassis, any ideas?
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