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  1. I hopefully won't need new skates for a while however I may start to try and stockpile old pairs of Nexus. This sounds like they're trying to get people to go custom.
  2. From my point of view Tampa did nothing wrong. Flyers players should have come back down low to try and break out.
  3. It depends who I'm sending steel too. I'd rather have someone I trust do a 7/16th grind than someone I don't know do a fancy new grind.
  4. Lebeda Asphalts, Bone Reds bearings I think they're called too. Deffo get Marsblades for the on ice feel.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Easton-Mako-II-Ice-Hockey-Skates-Junior/113365054470?hash=item1a65157406:m:mMFVTiqpRCAoUE-RJBdy_zA Some brand new ones for youths in Latvia. I don't know if that is any good to anyone?
  6. No worries, I was thinking of putting some leather over the area.
  7. Looking for wear patches that go on the sides of inline boots, as when I stake it occasionally often I'm starting to cause damage to my boot. Any guidance please.
  8. Marsblades without a shadow of a doubt.
  9. Maybe get one of those wraparounds for blades, or get wooden ones.
  10. If your son fits a Nexus best, surely it is best to keep him in them..
  11. Using Marsblades you wouldn't have to learn to skate. You may just have to adjust. As an ice player I love them as I'm able to switch between the two. However if you're soley roller you may as well stick with what you know.
  12. Bauer N9000s, going from a soft pair of Grafs, to another pair that didn't fit properly, these changed the way I skated! I'd love to find another brand new pair.
  13. Wheels are sorted, they're not for me, they're not going to be used for hockey either. Just recreational skating.
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