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  1. Bauer N9000s, going from a soft pair of Grafs, to another pair that didn't fit properly, these changed the way I skated! I'd love to find another brand new pair.
  2. Wheels are sorted, they're not for me, they're not going to be used for hockey either. Just recreational skating.
  3. Tbh I love my CCM Ribcor, in a 75 flex, p29, cut down slightly, I also have a Bauer Vapor x600, I think it is an 87 flex, p92. I have found on a smaller rink the CCM is better, and a larger rink the Bauer was better.
  4. Ok, so the boot in theory should be fine to have either a HiLo on it or a straight set up.
  5. Ok one last one, I'm going to guess the answer is a no, however, the boots are obviously designed for HiLo, however, if I was to get a straight set up chassis put on the boots, would it be good practice?
  6. So he just un tapped that stick did he, taking all the residue off.
  7. I'm struggling to make sense of this, however play around with tying them, personally I like them looser over the forefoot, then slightly tighter going up the ankle. They're your skates on your feet, you'll know when they feel good.
  8. I just use plain black office socks.
  9. So we got Lebeda Asphalts 80mm, and they are just that little to big, the wheels seem to be touching each other, is there anything that can be done to remedy this, asides send them back for a 78mm. Issue solved, they are actually a Hi Lo set up. So one thing I'll look to do is take the wheel holder from another set of inlines and have them riveted onto her ones.
  10. For them they can get skates whenever they want, every 2 weeks like Phaneuf, or never like Komarov and Marleau did. So for Kovy, he has a pair of skates already broken in out the box. Then when the last bit of support in the skates go, get a new set.
  11. They just feel good. You won't get aches or pains.
  12. Only thing I can think of is it is going to offer less resistance for taking a shot as there is less of the stick having to pass through the atmosphere. Might help with getting shots off quicker, especially because the Nexus line is a mid kick and not a low kick.
  13. Ok so I have a 2nd pair of skates that I have donated to lady friend, now she enjoys skating and we have changed the laces and it has made an improvement over all to the skate. The next thing that need changing are the wheels which I'm guessing have been on there since they were made some years ago. Got some extra life out of them by rotating them. However. These skates are solely to be used for recreational skating on concrete, no hockey. Can you recommend some decent wheels that will last a long time, or should we look into getting just some very firm wheels.
  14. I prefer it tight to the chin with a little bit of movement. If it was swinging about loose it would do my nut in.
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