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  1. Hmmm, well you never know until you try them on. I think I will try and start buying up deadstock Nexus though.
  2. I'm also currently in Nexus EEs, now the Nexus line is being axed, I don't like the sound of the 3 fit thing from Bauer, I might start buying up pairs of skates. It is a shame you said this as I was tempted to try these Trues.
  3. Puckstop in Sheffield have a Sparx I believe.
  4. Oh right. Interesting how different things work for different people.
  5. Personally don't like having the cup inside the shorts as I find it moves all over the place. I prefer the shorts, then using the traditional strap as it keeps it held where it should.
  6. Not Andersens fault at all, Johnsson, who hasn't played since Feb put in over Robertson who has been playing well. Then the loaded up line was wiped out by Jones, Werenski and the Foligno line with no fire power from else where, spread the talent between 3 lines. Jones can't play 45 minutes. Marincin for the 2nd, just stood there, either take the guy crashing the net, or goto the puck carrier, don't stand still and do neither. I'd assume the keeper would tell the D man which one to do. JT needs to go his contract is a killer. We had a nice bit of cap space to sign a D man, but we spunked it on this white elephant, Bozak was a perfectly good 2nd line centre. Barrie scares me too, he thinks he's a right winger. Stayed up til 4am watching that. On another day we probably would have won that but something needs to change and I'd start by shipping outJT.
  7. I wear a t shirt underneath and just have elbow pads directly on the skin.
  8. Best thing to do is really get your feet measured properly. Not mess around with arch supports.
  9. If you have ice skates that fit get them converted. I had a pair of inlines, I had to take them off after about 15 minutes as my feet were on fire. Got some Nexus skates in my size converted, no issue since.
  10. It is almost like they're forcing people to go custom..
  11. I hopefully won't need new skates for a while however I may start to try and stockpile old pairs of Nexus. This sounds like they're trying to get people to go custom.
  12. From my point of view Tampa did nothing wrong. Flyers players should have come back down low to try and break out.
  13. It depends who I'm sending steel too. I'd rather have someone I trust do a 7/16th grind than someone I don't know do a fancy new grind.
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