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  1. I can't believe CCM think a dial like that is a viable option for something that could potentially be hit by a puck at 90mph
  2. https://gaintheedgeofficial.com/ These are very popular in the football (soccer) world. Might be one for someone to try?
  3. I am aware of that, tbf it is the best option, but I was hoping someone would know what style that was too narrow down my options! Thanks for the replies though
  4. Ok n00b question, what is the difference between these and the TF line?
  5. Again not wanting to start a new thread (sorry OP, mods please delete of unnecessary) I'm currently in Warrior Syko shorts and I love them tbh. They are showing their age and I am wanting something better. However I have no idea what 'style' they are, ie tapered, traditional etc. Any ideas guys?
  6. I went to a skate shop and I'm a Nexus EE. I was trying shorts on too so I had no trainers on. I asked the lad working about this he said Supremes Fit 3, or Trues, if that is no good. True Custom. Which confirmed my suspicions.
  7. That is a shame as I was looking at r1s to play roller with, I'll just stick with o1s
  8. Sounds like you should be in Nexus!
  9. Not wanting to start a new thread needlessly however I got my skates sharpened recently and the beady eyed sharpener noticed the blade on my left skate has a slight inwards bend. Which I now see why I found it hard skating round to the left. Anyway I'm guessing that was puck damage as my right one is OK. I'm guessing new steels is the remedy to this.
  10. Why don't teams go independent? Why do all the jerseys need to be made by the same company?
  11. They're not staying that colour for long. They're a fantastic product though
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