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  1. I still have enough room to be able to talk and shout etc but the chin cup isn't flapping about loose.
  2. What I did is twist the straps bringing in the slack before clipping them to the helmet. I wear a bubble for my own safety, couldn't give a fuck about being chirped. I'm 5 foot 6. Going into corners means sticks and elbows to the face. That don't get called.
  3. The hole in the A needs cutting out too, that is bugging me
  4. No different to Winter Classic sponsored by Bridgestone or anything else the TV companies sponsor, play of the night, penalty box cam whatever.
  5. Gospit used to be my local rink, I was very happy with them, up in the North West, Deeside, Alty and Widness, there is a guy called Kip, does it all out of his van, comes to your house, or rink. Not used him yet but he is on FB.
  6. I've got Nexus in a EE and I'm worried I won't get another pair! By the sounds of it, from what I have experienced you are in the complete wrong skate.
  7. Can't blame any player chasing to win a cup. I'd rather that than a player on a team picking up an easy wage doing the bare minimum.
  8. Depends, some stuff could work really well for some people and shite for others.
  9. Hmm I might just try and find new boots!
  10. As someone who has R0s fitted, will the holes line up if I did a straight swap, or will I need to get new boots too?
  11. Hmmm, well you never know until you try them on. I think I will try and start buying up deadstock Nexus though.
  12. I'm also currently in Nexus EEs, now the Nexus line is being axed, I don't like the sound of the 3 fit thing from Bauer, I might start buying up pairs of skates. It is a shame you said this as I was tempted to try these Trues.
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