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  1. I use AS1 Tacks and FT4 Pro. The Tacks are definitely the most protective, but I don't like what they did with the AS-V at all. I modded the FT4 Pro by affixing a D30 patch in each knee...it's sleeker but still good protection. I really like both. Not a fan of Bauer shinnies or protective in general. Love the Mach skates and some gloves, but that's about it. Both brands seem to have too much gimmicky stuff in their latest lines (ex: plastic calf guards-ASV...hinge on the bottom of the Mach). Not a fan.
  2. As IP said, it means nothing. Put them on, flex them, lean on your edges in both directions. Go with what feels best. I currently skate 4-6x week between playing and coaching. I'm in in AS3 PRO, 100k Pro, and Machs. I've also skated extensively in 2xPros, 70k, 80k, AS1. I skate like me in all of them...they just have different fits and feel. Close your eyes whatever makes you wanna go for a slide...that's the one.
  3. I like Superfeet Carbon Pro and have no motivation try another type. I do also like CCM Orthomove, but I have the SF's in all of my skates. The only time I contemplate others is during the summer when I coach three one-week, full-day camps...might be nice to have a softer ride by about the tenth day🤕🤣🥅🇨🇦🏒.
  4. I'm the same...progressive but contacts are distance only. I am gonna try to force myself to get used to using them😖😬🤣🥅🇨🇦🏒😎Thanks everyone!
  5. You make many good points...thank you!
  6. Appreciate that...I'll give it try before buying another product.
  7. I have a pair and have not been using them because they fog at the beginning of the second period...like clockwork. Tried the liquid they provided and it's worthless. Tried dish soap...no luck. Any ideas? I really need to nut up and get used to taking out my contacts, but my initial experience was a disaster and the thought of getting home from a game at 1 AM and clawing at them doesn't appeal. Thoughts?
  8. I agree...that's not a proper fit, but honestly I don't think it's going to be cost effective to modify it. A shoe/luggage repair place might agree to do it, but I'm thinking it's going to be pricey compared to the value of the gloves. Can't hurt to ask, but there are so many quality pro-stock gloves available...maybe just sell them and grab another pair that fit. I'll be interested to know what you find out should you decide to give it a shot.
  9. My favorite twig by far! Balance, blade feel, and pop...everything about it works for me. It's also the only one I can get with a W02 Lidstrom curve. Thought about switching to the FT6 Pro, which is damn good, but I still prefer the Alpha.
  10. Upon what are your hypotheses based? Gut feeling? Something read online? In the course of selling these things we are very much aware of what customers are breaking and with what frequency. We also get to speak with company reps about retail and pro usage/design. Maybe you have insight to which I'm not privy. There's no rule as to what we are obligated to use, so you do you. I'm just offering a possible solution for those who are experiencing breakage with some frequency. I use top-tier myself, but...eyes wide open.
  11. Example...instead of a Hyperlite 2...grab an X5. Instead of an AS-V Pro...use an ASV. A little more weight, a lot more durable. Some pros use off the shelf, some have custom spec, some use older models "dressed." Their all over the map. I don't think Pros want their sticks to break, but I also don't think they would hesitate for a second to use a stick that felt right even if it only lasted a period. I haven't used a True twig that I cared for, so...with you there.
  12. Relative to top-tier...lower price point sticks are heavier and more durable. I'm not comparing today's with yesterday's.
  13. Top-tier sticks are made for players that don't have to buy sticks. Weight and performance are IT! Durability is waaaay down the list of priorities. If durability is the primary concern...drop a level or two down from top models. They'll weigh a bit more but last a whole lot longer.
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