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  1. Still haven't skated in them, but I did bake last night. These may be the first carbon fiber skate that I don't have to punch for my long-ago-broken-and-permanently-misshapen ankle. Every other one exhibited some degree of discomfort just sitting with them on for 10 or so minutes. I've had these on for about an hour...nuthin'! Only the ice will tell the true story...probably Wednesday, as I don't feature using them for the first time in Tuesday's game.
  2. Yeah...I hear that. I cringe when I see some bender in super-stiff skates and they're essentially running on ice cuz they can't flex the boot. I suppose that's the downside of having sooooo many choices. You really have to be willing to educate yourself in order to take advantage.
  3. No...on my to-try list along with True TF9 (or whatever they supplant it with), and Graf's pro skate. Problem is only CCM and Bauer are available locally. A couple years ago when I was coming back to the sport, it was between the AS1 and 2SPro (those fit my foot best in each brand). The Tacks felt soooo much better...like part of my feet. The way I chose...blindfolded. Had my wife lace 'em up in the shop. Left them on for 15-20 minutes...stood...flexed (forward, backwards, and inside and outside edges), up on my toes...back on my heels. Now they have an artificial surface that you can try them on, but...not sure that is too helpful if you can't bake first. I've had many kids show me their new kicks and I ask why they chose that skate..."They look sick." "It's the fastest." How do they feel compared to skate X? "I didn't try anything else." or "Not as good but those were ugly."
  4. Exactly what I mean...someone else may jump into the those same skates and feel differently cuz they may have different skating mechanics. Anyway...I'm not trying to be argumentative at all. I'd like folks to be aware that it's all about how the gear feels to you...only. I see a lot of folks (teammates and kids I coach) buy the wrong equipment (for them) because they go off of the marketing and anesthetics. That's all. Now I'm wanting to try Machs.
  5. Respectfully..."power and control" is...IMO...straight up marketing. I bet you can skate with power, control, agility, speed...etc. in any skate if you're a strong skater. My opinion...having skated in many high end skates (from 1977-current)...it's all about what feels good on your feet and accommodates your stride and edges. I'm not slower in Ribcores or Vapors, nor am I faster in Tacks. That doesn't negate what you are feeling in your skates. Just saying that if you feel better doing certain things in a given boot...it's because of your mechanics. Maybe I'm full of it, but that's my take. Same thing with twigs...if I have the right feel/balance and flex...kickpoint means nothing to me.
  6. For anyone interested...the 70ks showed up today. The only pro stock mods I can actually see are a clarino liner, a reinforced tongue (unusual but comfortable and seems very protective), and higher quality eyelets the whole way. There may be others that are related to foams or construction (I haven't had retail 70ks). My first impression is that they are (as folks say) incredibly comfortable out of the box. Also a really sweet flex profile. I took them to my LHS and had XS holders installed today. It's actually cheaper this way cuz I already already have several sets of Blacksteel from the AS3 Pros. I'll pick up tomorrow and bake them. I have a three hour practice/ scrimmage tomorrow, so not even thinking of wearing them unbaked for that. Three games and a practice next week and a week-long camp, practice and two games the following week, so plenty of opportunity coming up. Total investment is about $500. If they work out...that $600 less than total custom 100ks. These actually seem to have a nicer flex. That's just in the house...only skating will confirm it.
  7. As an aside...I took two rockets off my left skate last night. My foot is a technicolor masterpiece. Not a mark on my skate though. One was straight on, the second was about where the OPs skate busted.
  8. Kool...thank you I did like the flex of the 2xPro's but I'm so spoiled by the way CCM fits my feet...I just couldn't get the Vapors to feel like that no matter what I tried. Can't try True or Graf...my LHS only carries the the majors. I'm in GA, so I'm just grateful to have an LHS in any capacity . Mine is very good...but Bauer or CCM...those are the choices.
  9. What is the flex profile of the Mach? Ribcore is the softest flex in the CCM pro lineup. I assumed that the Mach was replacing the Supreme??? 2S Pros were super-stiff, so I didn't even consider the Mach. I already have a stiff skate (AS3 Pro) and just got a pair of 70k pro stocks cuz I wanna flexible skate to alternate with. So...what's the skinny on the Mach?
  10. Just from the "Is this skate worth it?" perspective...Seems like a fluke...which happens. I had AS1s and have had AS3 Pros since they came out. I block a lot of shots relative to most people I observe and my skates are holding up exceptionally well. I'm probably on the ice 5x week. I wouldn't write them off if you like how they feel and ride, but I'd definitely be pissed.
  11. That's what I decided. For the price...it's no real risk. Now I just have to decide if I want to change to XS holders.
  12. I'm going to go for new old stock 70k skates...have a choice of retail or pro stock with a clarino liner. Othe mods are fairly inconsequential and price is similar. Whachoothink?
  13. Anyone know if the toe cap issue exists with the 90k? It appears to be a different design, but can't tell about the inside.
  14. Don't care for Edge holders. Much easier to change XS and I use Blacksteel. Also, I had blowout with my LS Edge on my 2xPros.
  15. I love the AS3 PRO and for whatever reason...it's a very comfortable ride for me. I found a pair of pro stock 70k that I may try. Only drawback is the holders are SB 4.0 rather than XS. I can always swap but it's still way less tha custom 100ks.
  16. I did everything I could with my 100k Pros. Heat gun...hammered a puck in to the softened cap...had my shop tackle it several times. It is better, but still an issue. If I had a team equipment manager, I'm sure it could be "engineered," but I've exhausted my avenues. As for AS Vs...no reason to believe they are more flexible than the AS3 PROs, but it's possible. If they are using the same construction as the 100ks and FT4 Pro...that seam will be in the Tacks now too. I haven't seen it yet. As much as I would love total custom 100ks...it's waaaay...less $ to try 80s or 70s. I can always go custom later I suppose.
  17. It's interesting (and frustrating) cuz the AS1 and AS3 Pro is a different construction. I can wear those all day. I just finished 2 weeks of camp. On ice 5 hours a day...plus my own practice and a game each week...AS3 PROs only...not one uncomfortable second. It's just better for my longevity to change flex profiles skating that much or I'd just skate Tacks.
  18. Appreciate that! I have seen those available...and they're not too expensive! I love my 100ks but...that one spot.
  19. I'm getting new skates and unfortunately it'll be online (unless I opt for custom 100k pros)...would really love to hear from you who have gone for a slide or two in these. Thanks in advance all!
  20. I hear ya but...not in play. Just the three.
  21. I'm curious...which do you prefer and why?
  22. My recommendation...close your eyes and go by how it feels in your hands. I like to have different flexes. I have some injuries that flare up and when a wrist or shoulder is bothering me...I drop down. Feeling strong and fresh...go up. One thing...shooting on a non-ice surface is next to worthless for knowing how it's going to perform on ice...IMO. If you get some used on SidelineSwap, you will save a ton. Sell the ones you don't like. I'm a puck moving D...I love the Lidstrom curve! Currently using a Warrior LX Pro (W02) after using AS3 and 4 Pros for a while.
  23. Yeah.. good points. It's interesting...7.5 feels perfect in both feet even though they are a full size apart (7R/8L). Oh well...in the day...no choices. Bauer Supreme (96 or 92) or CCM Super Tacks. Period. Nice to have options!
  24. When you tried the wide...did you still feel the toe cap issue? I hadn't considered going to a wide.
  25. Nope...got em on SidelineSwap. Here's another thought...80k's? I had a pair and they were comfortable in 7.5D...I didn't really give them an honest chance. Same size holders and a sweet flex profile. I do like that one-piece boot though. Just spit-ballin'.
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