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  • Skates
    Easton Synergy SE16 White Edition
  • Stick
    Easton 65S
  • Gloves
    NBH 4 Rolls & Eagle PPFi
  • Helmet
    RBK 8K Pro-stock, Mission Intake Pro-stock & NBH 8500
  • Pants
    Vapor X:60 Girdle and Vapor XXX Shell
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer SP2000
  • Elbow Pads
    NBH Supreme Pro
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    NBH Supreme Pro
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    Shock Doctor

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  1. Just ordered a pair today, very excited to try them out!
  2. Interested in the T1 LE stick. Can you PM me a shipping quote to 40059?
  3. Awesome pickup Krev! I had that exact pair back in the day; thinking these came out around 1992?
  4. Hit the eBay jackpot and found two brand new pairs of SE16's in my size (8W) to replace my old ones. Couldn't beat the price and they fit me better than any other skates I've tried - and I've tried alot of different skates...
  5. Stealth 65S is actually only about $100, same matte black finish but with red trim instead of the yellow on the RS. Pretty nice stick for the money in my opinion.
  6. I really didn't have any trouble transitioning to the Ovechkin pro-clone. I went from a Sakic to P14 to the Kremlin/Crazy Ovi and just had to make some minor changes to my release on wrist/snap-shots. I don't do slapshots so that wasn't an issue for me either.
  7. A few things I've picked up recently: - CCM U+10 65 flex with Crazy Ovi curve - 2011 Warrior KGB 70 flex with Kremlin curve - Mission NME helmet Just got the KGB yesterday and it feels great (haven't had it on the ice yet as the local rink is closed due to the heat). Shaft dimensions are identical to my 2011 Dolomite DD and it feels very well balanced as well as very light. Great looking stick with lots of cool little details in the paint/decals. U+10 has worked well for me so far, not quite as light or as balanced as the KGB but it was a good way to try out the curve and get a solid stick to boot.
  8. I think he said they came off a pair of FlexLite 18's.
  9. Nice pickups, I especially love the NME helmet. I've always wanted one of those.... The Easton gloves look great in the color scheme.
  10. There is a pair on eBay right now...
  11. Too Old: the collection is looking great; I especially love the TBL Vectors. I thought of bidding on them back when they were on eBay but the auction was a little too rich for my budget.
  12. Must have been in an X:40 mood.... Retail skates and 13" TBL colorway gloves from TSR:
  13. 3 left, I just ordered a pair.
  14. It's a standard retail One95 (not Bauer ID). Not really sure what the story is beyond that...
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