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  1. Here is a Drury (Sherwood clone PP20), I've never use it so no idea how close it is. https://www.purehockey.com/product/sher-wood-code-iv-composite-hockey-stick-senior/itm/42203-41/ This warrior W05 looks Druryish also https://www.purehockey.com/product/warrior-covert-qre-10-grip-composite-hockey-stick-senior/itm/41397-41/ The T90 or the current version at least still exists, there's some on the monkey site right now but no heel curves. I've not worked in a hockey shop for a minute but when I did we could order direct from the manufacturer if it was something they still made. Warrior, Sherwood, and True all make heel curves I believe so any authorized retailer should be able to order you up one. We used to get a catalogue every season that showed what was available.
  2. Rink I play at will be taking our temp at the door and we won't be able to use the locker rooms. They said show up sufficiently dressed, gonna have to learn how to lose enough weight to tie my skates with all my gear on.
  3. 2020 so effed up we can't keep track What's this steel? Pulse Ti? Do I get a HR monitor and titanium
  4. Have an afanasenkov blade if there's interest. https://imgur.com/a/kcIslvc
  5. We would bake gloves for people that were on the fence about a purchase. IMO it replicates what the glove will feel like once it has broken in. Not perfect but pretty close. Fair warning: don't bake gloves that someone has played in for any length of time, this goes for skates also. It amplifies any smell they have.
  6. In order to do the experiment objectively have someone else put it on for you but not tell you which skate has it.
  7. The handheld sharpeners work in my experience. I used to have one of these when I played in high school http://www.thebladedoctor.com/skatefacts.html It uses a round stone with the ROH you choose. It took about 30 passes each direction to get an edge. But I was never able to make the edges level with this tool. I would guess this was partially due to the stone having a plastic housing which might not be a problem with your design.
  8. Yeah I did, my bad, I tried to google M. Brodeur first and I stopped looking after the second page of Marty Brodeur.
  9. Pro Stock Sher-Wood T100 M. Brodeur LH 105 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Stock-Sher-Wood-T100-M-Brodeur-LH-105-2-Pack-FREE-SHIPPING-/371004852806?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item56619cca46
  10. Picked this up at a TJ maxx in Mississippi for $7, I'd have bought a Luongo jersey for that price.
  11. I am and now I must try these on, The projekts and and crazy light elbows have been the only things to tempt me so far and neither stole me away.
  12. Emailed eagle about pattern 33, here are the pics they sent http://s1052.photobucket.com/user/chanxebyshev/slideshow/eagle%20pattern%2033
  13. Maybe my math is rusty but in several places they say that the taller holder INCREASES turning radius by 10%. bigger radius implies bigger circle i.e. wider turns
  14. Could be wrong but i believe the Easton E28 and the Versteeg should be almost identical. I haven't tried the slovak but the Base hossa I have is open like a drury.
  15. There were two I bought both, lovely curve. It's actually really close to a sakic but more kink at the heel, looks more open in the pic than it actually is
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