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  1. I second that guess. Sweet mitts.
  2. Nice set! Curious to know who put those LS2s on? Looks like a very clean mount job.
  3. Dude those are sick! Just ordered the x72 PPF in Black/White/Baby blue from the Hockey Shop: http://www.thehockeyshop.com/Merchant2/mer..._Code=EAGLE_PPF Really nice mitts.
  4. Been watching it on my DVR...keep replaying it...my wife screams out "damn!" as he gets popped and slides over the crossbar.
  5. Sick mitts. I really like the tufftek with carbon lines. Nice choice.
  6. That's fantastic...he has certainly earned it. I have been watching every Blues game I can on Center Ice because the team looks so much better than last year, and they are really investing in their young talent. Both St. Louis and Chicago have been the two most exciting teams to watch this year for me. I will be traveling to St. Louis this year for work at least two or three times, so I will certainly be scraping up some tickets to watch a game or two. I will be sure to wear my MSH jersey to represent! I look forward to seeing him play.
  7. Sweet mits! I keep looking at the CP94s at eastwesthockey, but I could not resist on the One90 pro stocks they got. Picked up two pair of those puppies! Pics coming.
  8. Got to see the highlight of the goal tonight. Fantastic instincts and a great shot on the PP! Way to go David! Only thing left to do is get him away from Weight. Don't see the chemistry there...looks like age is catching up quickly.
  9. Got one of those too...love how it removes the glare from white light.
  10. Have 2 pair of the 4 rolls....most comfortable glove I have ever worn. Your hands will thank you. Those would look stellar with the MSH jerseys Speaking of MSH jerseys...wanted to know if it was possible to get them...for a price of course. I want to show some love for our virtual stomping ground on my travels from rink to rink across the country.
  11. Those are sweet looking skates. I like the all black touch. If those skates had any stiffness to them I would have bought them myself.
  12. Are you calling me the devil? Maybe not for being a Habs fan....but certainly devil-like for the temptation of that damn avatar!
  13. sweet gear....and even sweeter avatar...I love pictures of women that have issues keeping their shirts down.
  14. Love both the Vapor 10s and the 8090s. Great skates.
  15. Spoke to Kemps today...they said the 15th as well. Got a chance to see the new vapor XXXX apparel at the store today...looks pretty nice. The performance dri-fit gear seemed to have more of a softer cotton-like feel than the older stuff. The tribal x weave pattern on the elbows of the long sleeve shirts is the same gummy grip stuff as the older apparel. I thought the shirts were a little pricey at $50, but if I needed a set I would pick them up. I also noticed that there is a Vapor XXXX sock...felt like the UltraMax Lite material. Theywere black and red..to match the apparel and XXXX color theme.
  16. Put me on the list for a pair of white-outs in Navy....sickest gloves I have ever seen.
  17. Wow...those MIAs are sick. Nice 22s!
  18. Don't worry, I love the Gabby jersey too. One more Gabby vote for me!
  19. how would he know the difference like we do? plus it is pro stock which makes him beleive its possible....not so much of an idiot Hell, he almost had me convinced it could be true!
  20. Yep....real nice glove. Got mine about a month ago...best gloves I have ever used.
  21. I know this is off topic....but I had to share this one with the crew... http://cgi.ebay.com/Mens-Jock-GREEN-MESH-P...1QQcmdZViewItem Whoever posed for this pic must have lost a bet.
  22. Totalhockey.net....guys here can tell you about them. I have not bought from them.
  23. Bauer 7000 - 7 minutes
  24. Beautiful MIAs.... Can't wait until my custom carbon MB33s come in....I went all royal blue with white lettering...no number...but name on the cuff. Pics will be added here when they come...end of the month.
  25. Are you working on a pdf version of the catalog? I would like to see the CCM 07 catalog
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