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    CCM U+ CL

    CCM U+ CL Flex: 87 Curve: Tavares Left Height: 6' 2" Weight: 150 Postition: D/LW Time-frame of use: Since July Aesthetics: Well put together. The matte sand grip surface is really good for holding on to the stick with little effort. I like the blue and black graphics...simple and tasteful. 10/10 Weight and Balance: Um....this is what the CL is all about. "Crazy light" might sound gimmicky, but this stick seriously feels like it should be weighed in micrograms. For such a light stick, it is very well balanced. An argument could be made that the stick is a little too light...but not from me. 10/10 Blade: The original U+ had a durability issue with the heel of the blade. The composite bridge material would chip away quickly, and would expose the hollow blade. This doesn't seem to be an issue in the CL. The blade is holding up very well. 10/10 Shaft/Flex: Shaft is well balanced and has maintained its flex with about 5 or 6 heavy uses. It feels like a spot on 85....almost reminds me of the feather-lite Easton shaft. 10/10 Stickhandling and Passing: Stickhandling has been a ton of fun with the stick, as the weight really makes it easy to dangle with the puck. Passing has been great...real crisp release and simple to float passes. The energy dampening system does make the feel of the puck consistent regardless of the velocity of a pass. 10/10 Shooting: Wow. This is where this stick is like no other. My slappers and one timers have been insane. I have had issues with other tapered shafts, as the low kickpoint affected the speed and accuracy. I traditionally prefer traditional middle kickpoint shafts for shooting consistency. This is the first tapered shaft that has exceeded my expectations. I attribute a significant amount of this to the increase in swing speed from the weight. This is the one area where light really does matter. 10/10 Durability: No loss of stiffness, no chipping, no cracking...the stick still looks new. The sand grip finish is holding up really well. This isn't like the original U+. 10/10 Conclusion: I have been very critical of CCM with the original U+. When I first had the chance to see this stick at the Modsquad skate last year, CCM was very adamant about how different the stick was. In fact, the rep said "this is the best stick CCM has ever made". That's a bold statement for a company with their history, but he made a strong enough argument to have my attention. After using it for two months I have to say the CL is the best stick I have ever used. Right now, it's got my vote for product of the year by a landslide...that is until I get my skates! :P 10/10
  2. True...if you are the small guy trying to enforce an NDA with the big boys. But take a look a the suit between Lockheed, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman right now. It's all over an NDA, and the agreement is being enforced by the courts. NDAs are more enforceable than teaming agreements...those aren't worth the paper they're written on.
  3. I think some people out in this forum forget that there are these thing called laws and lawyers...and in many cases companies have no issues exercising their option to use them to their advantage. In many cases people are bound by an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which states that I will tell you some of my secrets and give you some pictures....but I will sue the crap out of you if you don't keep your mouth shut. We usually don't mean to be assholes about things like that, but we also don't want to go broke because of idiots that don't use common sense about these things. Any information about a product before it's general release is ALWAYS under a form of an NDA. So those that have those agreements in place will most likely not break them....especially in a public forum....LIKE THIS ONE! When someone asks to stop posting pictures of pre-release items...it's not because he or she doesn't want you to know.
  4. I want me some of those Sabres pants too...great colors...so glad they went back to the old colors and got rid of the black and red.
  5. Very true. The 60 is not like the mold of the XXX. The XXX was not as deep as this boot, and generally the XXX was about a 1/2 size smaller than the XXXX ( I wore 9.5 in XXX and 9 in XXXX). Yepper! Will post pics tomorrow...
  6. He was trying to be like Olie Jokinen
  7. I was contemplating cutting the cuffs on them, because you just don't see a 4-roll with MSH2 palms everyday. But since I have 9 pair of 4 rolls....I decided to put them up on ebay.
  8. Wow...those Grabby Warriors are a work of art. I think the MTL colors are my favorite warrior color combo. You lucky dog!
  9. Curious...why do you think that? Have you seen the "NHL believes the game is in great hands" commercial? Freaking kid has ridiculous hands. I always watch Blues games on Center Ice, and they show that commercial all the time. Yes, I know it's not on versus or anything, but it's obvious that someone sees his marketing value for his unbelievable hand skills within the ST Louis organ"eye"zation. Lately, the only national commercials I have seen are the all star game spot, and the Colburn one...which I still think is good. All of the "is this the year" spots seem to have dwindled away. Speaking of hands, that pass he made yesterday for the primary asst on the first goal...highlights his hand speed and timing. This kid is good. Give him another year or two and I can't wait to see where he will be then.
  10. Looks like he did to me: http://info.detnews.com/pix/sports/2006/wi...6_canucks/8.jpg
  11. By the power of greyskull! Will that freak skate just disappear?
  12. I got a kick out of the tag on the jersey....Gunzo's made the Seal's jerseys? It takes a MSH person to find those minute details
  13. That's the modsquad way! Hell, over 140 pages of NHL gear sightings..this is how we do it!
  14. peck...looks good...just can't put a price on eye protection
  15. semantics and verb tense...all about attention to detail...
  16. OOOOH OOOOH ! Me too! :P Post pics of those bad boys johnpace2....and thanks for the hookup on the ride to the airport. It was COLD on Sunday, even at 7:30. We need to plan some open hockey at Kettler when I am in the DC area...and spend just as much time at RFD as the Verizon Center for some Caps games! B)
  17. It's amazing...the holders are shot, the rivets are rusted to hell, but the boot is in tip top shape. The 8090s were tanks! Is that the Supra pants or the shell...man those are so sweet
  18. Nike/Bauer Vapor XXXX custom 9D Time - 3 months 2-3 times a week Height - 6' 2" Weight 160 lbs Previous skate - Vapor XXXX retail Fit: Custom skate...enough said. I used the regular last, because it fit the shape of my foot. I just wanted some extras: +1 stiffness, grip liner, reinforced eyelets, One90 tongue with thicker black felt. The retail boot was a little roomier in the midfoot, due to my narrow appendage, but the One90 black felt tongue solved that issue. Needless to say the fit is perfect. Won't score here, because any boot that is custom fit will feel perfect. Blade/holder: Is it me, or do they use better steel on a custom boot than the retail boot? The LS2 steel on my custom boots hold an edge better, and are a lot less prone to nics. I find that I have to sharpen them once every 4-5 skates, whereas the retail LS2 steel required a sharpening once every other skate. The LS2 holder is still my favorite holder. It holds up extremely well, especially with my propensity to get in front of shots as a defenseman. 10/10 Weight/protection: This is not the lightest boot, but is not a brick. The +1 in stiffness doesn't seem to matter...we're probably looking at a difference of a few grams. Protection is top notch. I have blocked a few right off the toe and the anterior ankle with little to no pain. I would say that there is a balance between weight and protection, and this skate is the perfect balance of the two. 9.5/10 Durability: My two pair of retails began to break down after a year at the ankle. I attribute that to the fact that I had to crank down on the laces and wrap the ankle to get the fit I like. With the custom boots, this is no longer an issue, as the tongue and fit have eliminated the negative space. After 3 months, they look brand new. With the reinforced eyelets, double stitching, and fit... these will last a few years. 10/10 Intangibles: A custom skate....nothing compares to it. 10/10 Conclusion: If you think the retail boot is a great boot, a custom is like no other. Made in Canada, top quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail. This will be a fun season wearing a boot that responds to every command my foot provides. I would give this boot a 10, but some may complain about the weight. I will give it a 9.8/10 to be fair.
  19. Those CP94 gloves are insane. Nice catch.
  20. I would go with the Blue. Those are nuts
  21. Nothing like opening that box and seeing them for the first time...it made me feel like a kid again...and lessens the pain of the price tag.
  22. Sick dude. Ol' skool Jofas are the best.
  23. Mind eraser anyone? On the skates...look pretty good to me. Keep em if they work....trust me. Skate experiments can be VERY costly...especially if you include the cost of gear whore therapy and counseling.
  24. Sick dude. Love the mix...especially white fingers. I am a fan of digital palms as well as the MSH2. Enjoy them.
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