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    Nike 0004, NBH 4500, NBH 5000 FM480 Cage White
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    Nike V-14-tears will be shed when they need to be replaced
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  1. If memory serves me right, you both are "kinda" correct here. Bauer used to warranty their steel for one year (holders are still a one year warranty) if I'm not mistaken but reduced the warranty to 90 days last year. Bauer's website would definitely be up to date but other retailers must not have changed their website. OP, if you bought them online from a retailer that still mentions a 1 year warranty on steel, you'd have a pretty good argument to get them replaced.
  2. As long as the steel is brand new/never sharpened, they would have a 10' radius. If they have been sharpened, it could be anything.
  3. There are no plans as of right now to add a pure toe curve to Bauer's stick lineup but they are well aware of the growing demand. Whether they decide to bring this kind of curve to retail will most likely depend on if toe curves are just a trend/niche or if the demand is consistently there.
  4. The RBE VIII wasn't in last years catalog either. Bauer picked the wrong SKU to get rid of. They should have eliminated the RBE III as the VIII was starting to gain some major traction with high school and jr players. There are still stores out there with some left if you look hard enough though.
  5. Is that the tongue from a vapor 4 I spy?
  6. Great pick-up Rachael. Cousin played at RPI so I have a major soft spot for that jersey. Know if there are anymore?
  7. Speedz98, Hang onto your receipt. Bauer holders and steel have a one year warranty.
  8. My heart and sympathy goes out to you guys who run shops in rinks. The last minute purchases, demands for quick fix or sharpening before going on the ice when you're trying to close, and people just killing time and disorganizing merchandise while their kid/sibling/friend skates would drive me up the wall. You make me not take the fact that we are stand alone for granted. Thank you. As far as tipping your sharpener goes, I'll say this. Taking a little extra out of your pocket now will probably keep more in your pocket later. Small rant related to customers tipping. I had a customer today, fairly regular, has two kids playing higher level hockey. Daughter plays division 1 college hockey in New England. Now as a D1 player, all of your equipment is provided for you. If I spend over an hour sizing your daughter up almost head to toe knowing that my store isn't going to make a dime off of you just so she knows what model and size to tell her equipment manager when she gets back to school, the least you could do is throw me a few bucks for the time/information.
  9. Also agree. If he is such as arse, why protect his reputation. People never seem to mind sharing the fact the Patrick Roy is a d-bag.
  10. Agree that it is an improvement but I don't think it is $40 worth of improvement. I guess what I'm trying to say is I hope Bauer doesn't undo all the progress in market share of elite sticks that they have made the last 2-3 years.
  11. $229. $40 is a bit too much of a jump for one model upgrade if you ask me. I don't know if Bauer thinks consumers perceive other sticks (S19) to be of higher quality because of significantly higher price or if its good ol' greed but I think it will hurt them more then help. Anyway, line as a whole is very nice; graphics look solid. The shaft, of the Total One at least, is a bit more square than last years supreme line. Kickpoint is the same story as older supreme models. Slightly thicker taper then the vapor line and mid kick like always. Malkin ditched the stick, Bauer ditched Malkin. Some of the Bauer sticks trickling into the store over the last month or so have no pattern name on the PM9's.
  12. Whalers colors? When I talked to them last, they were threatening to do some up.
  13. Bittersweet moments in Dallas last night. Just looking over the highlight clips of Modano today and seeing he had an assist, a game tying goal with under two minutes to play, and the shootout winner in what is most likely his last home game just blows my mind. Watching him tear up on the bench during the standing ovation brought tears to my eyes and knowing the love he has for being on the ice is a thing of beauty. Great to see a nice guy go out on top.
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