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  1. Picked up a part time job at Dicks Sporting Goods in the golf department. And just joined a local Country Club. Lot's of Golf to be played this year!
  2. Paul Walker, today, of the Fast and Furious franchise. Automobile accident, dies at age 40.
  3. My dad is awake and was taken off vent tube last night about 11. He ate a little breakfast this morning, and looks really good. Doctors ended up doing a quadruple bypass, and everything went great, no complications with previous spinal injuries. Long recovery ahead, but very happy today.
  4. He has 3 previous stents. This cath showed 1 artery 100%, 2 at 90ish%. He's on bypass right now as of the last update and they are working on the heart now.My biggest worry is his ability to make it through and recover recover. About 7 years ago he had an accident crushing his c-5 and c-6 (broken neck) leaving him a quadriplegic (incomplete), with Limited strength and paralysis in all limbs. Edit: good news, he's off bypass now.
  5. My Father's heart cath procedure didn't go very well earlier in the week. Triple bypass surgery scheduled for 730am tomorrow.
  6. Set up spare room as an office. Officially started working from home today. No more long drives to and from the office. nice to just get up out if bed and log on.
  7. Now that football is here, SCREW YOU TIME WARNER/INSIGHT cable company. the ONLY provider that decided not to sign a deal with the NFL, preventing me from having the RedZone channel. F YOU.
  8. New shins. Unbelievable how good a condition these are in.
  9. ^ just saw that on the news. Me and my brother actually had a Hogans heroes marathon last week with some dvd seasons we bought.
  10. After going back and forth in my head for days, I finally decided to accept a new job offer. the hours arent the best, but the money is good, and there is room for advancement, which i dont have currently. While difficult for me to move on from where i am and what im doing now, im excited for the future and this new opportunity. Best part: they really wanted me to come work there, and worked it out so that I will still be going to winterfest as planned!
  11. Spent last night (along with a few hundred dollars) taking my kitten to the emergency vet clinic. Allergic reaction flared up asthma and bronchitis. Poor lil guy is still coughing and breathing is shallow. hopefully these meds get him better.
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