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  1. Does anyone have any hands-on experience with the CCM Next protective line? Looks like decent value and without some of the bells and whistles that might annoy old school protective fans.
  2. For what it's worth, I also had arch pain when I first tried SuperFeet Carbon, but solved the problem by going one size larger than the size chart prescribed. I initially felt the SuperFeet arch support was too close to my heel, if that makes sense. Sizing up moved the arch support towards my toes and relieved the pain entirely.
  3. Any recommendations for who I should seek out for a quality custom skate fitting in the Chicago area? The new retail fit systems have left me in between sizes due to my wide/low-volume foot, and a recent (non-hockey) ankle injury resulted in size and shape differences between my left and my right. I'm currently in a well-loved pair of 2013ish Bauer Supreme 190s but am open to other brands.
  4. Has Bauer set a release date? Apologies if I missed that elsewhere...
  5. Nothing secret or special, just saw a P6 for sale and have a P15 in my possession. Sorry!
  6. Looks like these are both Drury-like curves--are there any differences between the two?
  7. Paint job, no branding... does his bottom hand come off his stick? Found the pic at this link: https://thehockeywriters.com/rangers-jaromir-jagr-tenure/
  8. Reviving an older topic to ask if there's some sort of definitive guide to the pro stock shin models out there. Does this exist? Does a pro catalog exist?
  9. Anyone know what the deal is with the Bauer gloves in this tweet? I like that they don't have the Nexus graphics. (Also, One95 stick??)
  10. The 5000/5500/7500 was my go-to helmet. Best fit I could find. Anyone have suggestions for a similar-fitting helmet? I'm open to non-Bauer options as well (sorry if that's inappropriate for this thread).
  11. Thanks! My understanding was there was an upgrade in LS3 steel quality that corresponded with the release of Edge holders/steel. Is it safe to assume that if there was an improvement in the LS3, the LS2 also improved?
  12. How does the LS2 Edge steel compare to LS3 and/or LS4 in terms of quality?
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