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  1. Ray Manzarek of the Doors dies. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/doors-ray-manzarek-dies/
  2. Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross, that backwards clothes wearing youth rap group. I guess he didn't realize we had our trifecta of musicians already....unless ......quick! name a song. (apologies for any perceived disrespect. Dissing the group,not the man)
  3. Johhny Esaw, legendary CBC broadcaster http://www.thestar.com/sports/2013/04/07/johnny_esaw_canadian_sports_tv_pioneer_dead_at_87.html
  4. jds

    The Gun Thread

    See, the interesting thing is I prefer it the way it is here which speaks to the culture we are raised in. I like that we have huge gun controls in Canada. This speaks to the socialization we all face depending on where we are raised. Fascinating. Similar people,similar geography, different ideology. Pretty cool if you are into that stuff. (again, no judgement, please don't invade)
  5. jds

    The Gun Thread

    A "carry gun" is so beyond my comprehension. It truly is fascinating to read these threads and see the differences in culture that exist between two countries that border each other. Seriously, pretty interesting. No judgement intended. Similar in many ways yet so different in other ways. Pretty cool. I will now take the time to fill out the forms I require to mention the word "handgun".
  6. jds

    The Gun Thread

    We don't have a second amendment so there is nothing to take away...though the long gun registry is stirring up shit.
  7. jds

    The Gun Thread

    I realize you probably hear this a lot (or maybe not) but living in Canada, I find this thread fascinating. In Canada you can't carry a handgun with you unless your job requires it (or there are very extenuating circumstances that require you to carry one.Very rare). A one day course is required to even apply for a basic firearm licence and another one day course on top of that is required if you want to purchase a restricted firearm which would include handguns or AR-15 type rifles. Fully automatic weapons are so illegal even the police do not have them. Only the military are allowed fully automatic weapons. Each permit requires a wait time of several weeks before the licence is issued.That's just to own a gun. You need a separate permit just to take a restricted firearm like a handgun from one location to another. This permit allows you to transport the firearm from the registered location (your home) to another location such as a gun club. Generally, if not a member of a gun club you will likely be denied the transport permit which basically says the firearm must be unloaded, secured with a trigger lock (or similar,) be inside a locked container, which is then (if possible) in a locked trunk, with the ammunition also locked up. You must then proceed by the most direct reasonable means. Quite a difference. I wouldn't bitch about rules. Just sayin'.
  8. Damnit! My sympathies go out to you you sonofabitch.
  9. Don't recall seeing a story on a new skate coming out hit the business pages. Is Easton really hitting the marketing hard?http://www.thestar.com/business/2013/03/14/eastons_mako_hockey_skate_new_fast_pricey.html
  10. The third is in. Iron Maiden original drummer Clive Burr http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/clive-burr-ex-iron-maiden-drummer-dead-at-56-20130313
  11. Alvin Lee AND Stompin' Tom on the same day. Who will be the third?
  12. You can take the boy out of the 820 CHAM but you can't take the 820 CHAM out of the boy ( apologies for the incredibly inside joke)
  13. and sold the 10k to me and I love it. No issue with the plastic or the elastic so far. Wish the actual cup was much larger
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