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    Bauer One 100
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    Miken Razor Z9
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    Easton EQ50, Warrior Franchise
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    Easton E700
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    Bauer One80
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    Jofa 8800
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    Hockey, photojournalism, trying to get in shape (never ending), hanging with my four kids, my backyard rink.
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  1. Ray Manzarek of the Doors dies. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/doors-ray-manzarek-dies/
  2. Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross, that backwards clothes wearing youth rap group. I guess he didn't realize we had our trifecta of musicians already....unless ......quick! name a song. (apologies for any perceived disrespect. Dissing the group,not the man)
  3. Johhny Esaw, legendary CBC broadcaster http://www.thestar.com/sports/2013/04/07/johnny_esaw_canadian_sports_tv_pioneer_dead_at_87.html
  4. Damnit! My sympathies go out to you you sonofabitch.
  5. Don't recall seeing a story on a new skate coming out hit the business pages. Is Easton really hitting the marketing hard?http://www.thestar.com/business/2013/03/14/eastons_mako_hockey_skate_new_fast_pricey.html
  6. The third is in. Iron Maiden original drummer Clive Burr http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/clive-burr-ex-iron-maiden-drummer-dead-at-56-20130313
  7. Alvin Lee AND Stompin' Tom on the same day. Who will be the third?
  8. You can take the boy out of the 820 CHAM but you can't take the 820 CHAM out of the boy ( apologies for the incredibly inside joke)
  9. and sold the 10k to me and I love it. No issue with the plastic or the elastic so far. Wish the actual cup was much larger
  10. Recent vandalism in my neighbourhood. Slashed tires, bent antennas, smashed windshields etc etc. Buch of punk ass kid try to get into the house of a neighbour who just happens to be a cop. He and I nab one of the buggers. Kid was all cocky when he thought it was just too homeowners who were grabbing him. His eyes went as big as dinner plates when said neighbour phones in to cop shop to say he was an off duty cop. SWAT guys who happened to be in the area show up first. Kid is now seriously shitting his pant and proceeds to rat out his two friends. BUSTED. Wrong house. And we struck down upon them with great force and furious anger. And they will know, our name is the law!
  11. Nice. Love the SE-16 but not so much the blue and red. Once you go black...
  12. Want to swap climates for a couple months??
  13. We went to the Play it Again and it was bare too. (I did grab a couple of pairs of the Whalers socks, though). I take it Perani's was the spot. We went there but I couldn't get my jaw off the floor long enough to find my wallet.
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