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  1. hey do u coach hockey for trenton

  2. Cool, I still don't trust the Vapor Series stick though. Besides the kick, I loved the dimensions of the U+. You didn't like the Vapor xxx stick. That was real nice stick. The xxx stick and skates were both better than the xxxx's in my opinion.
  3. They other week I went to an open and all I had was a red jersey. There was another red so it was White and red vs. black and blue. On the SECOND shift, this older guy on the whites takes the puck from me while i'm in the corner. Just out of reaction I scream "douche i'm on your team". The rest of the shift is played out and I go to the bench. He comes to the bench a few seconds after me. This guys starts cursing the crap out of me, telling me he demands respect and no one calls him a douche and blah blah. He was turning red, screaming on the top of his lungs. I politly try to tell him it was just a jumpy reaction and didn't mean to insult him. plus it wasn't even the first shift. He doesn't want to listen and starts swinging at me. He acually starts swinging at me. At an open session, for calling him a douche. Not to mention I'm wearing a cage, he's wearing a half shield and I'm 22 and he's like in his late fortys. We scrap a little and the guys on the bench hold him back. Eventually security came and took him off and even the cops came. I don't think he got aressted but he was flipping out. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get SOOOO pissed over being called a douche. If the guy was normal I would have appoligized but he wouldn't even give me a chance. Man some people.
  4. Really I think you misunderestimate some of the people in the world.
  5. What do you think of tattoos on girls? Great pick up line atleast.
  6. 3rd jerseys for D3 ACHA?? how'd you pull that one off, im probably gonna play D2 next year, and ive never played on a team with a third jersey, a true travesty, i know :lol: For the most part ACHA is not as bad as many think. For example Kentuckys (DII) team is made of a majority of Jr and AAA players. It is not as easy to make as you may think.. Yeah we have 3rd's too however ours have more or less become our wear them as long as the other team isn't wearing black jerseys jersey and our away sweaters have become our 3rds. If your on the road, how would the other team wear black?
  7. like a year ago, I was waiting for my skates to be sharpened. In the back this shop had a bunch of old woodies. Since I haven't even held a woodie in a while I wanted to see the flex on the woodie. I flexed it a bit and bam the thing just snapped. No one saw it and for a second I thought just to drop it and walk away, then I figured I may want to come to the shop. So I told the guy and he started laughing. He said those sticks were so old they snap with no problem. He then went on to snap a woodie over his head (that was crazy).
  8. Seriously I never worked at a shop but, I don't understand how people don't understand wait times. However, 40 min. is crazy. How does one prepare for 40 min. Thats a pretty long wait. 15- 20 min. is understandable but 40 min. is crazy long.
  9. What the hell is an ankle bending mouth breather.
  10. Sweet oilers gloves. Very nice!!!
  11. Wow, the skate comes out at the end of the NHL season, they don't have to be so secretive. Just throw it on an NHLer and get this over with it.
  12. I use XXXX stick-um and I have two other guys on my team that use the regular one. But...yeah it's a bust compared to the XXX or the One90.
  13. Heres a good question as for store ettiquite. I am currently in the market for skates. I'm thinking ethier Graf G3 or the NBH XXXX. (currently have XXX). There are these graf dealers in my area that do outstanding fittings and I trust them a a lot. Only problem is they only have the NBH XXV. I'd like to be fitted for both by these guys. If I like the grafs, then I would definitly get the grafs at the shop. If I like the XXV's I'd use their info and probably go out and get the XXXX's. It would then be kinda aqward to go there and get them molded and fitted and stretched and sharpened. First question would be: Is it messed up to do that to the shop? Second: Would you be offended if I then brought my new xxxx's to be streched and molded and sharpened there after I just used their fitting to buy skates online. I'm also a bit worried, only because I know they are graf dealers and they tend to be a bit pushy towards the grafs and love to talk shit about NBH esspecially since Nike bought bauer. I want to make a good decision. I love my XXX's...but really only after they refitted the skate to fit better. I'm kinda leaning toward the XXXX's and if they had them, I wouldn't even be posting this, i'd just buy them at the shop. WHat do you guys think? Help me out with this.
  14. Seriously. All the stores complain. But really, Put a sign over your skates that say "all fittings $25. Money will be credited if you buy skates". You'll see no rise in sales what so ever. Because, If I didn't love to save my LHS, I'd pay the $25, get fitted and still buy the skates online becuase the online savings are much more than $25. This is a new era of internet sales. People and stores need to adapt to the internet. Espessially LHS that are aware of this problem. Stop putting it on the customer. Put it on yourself. People will go for the lowest price and then go somewhere else to get it serviced. You should know that and just stop complaining and find a way to fix it. 99 out of 100 customers don't care about your problems running your LHS, just like 99 out of 100 LHS owners/employees don't care that a customer is having trouble affording gas, just to get to hockey let alone buying the Newest One95's on the market.
  15. You ever think he was a total newbie, or just someone who doesn't care or care to know about equipment and still wears his equipment from the 80's. Maybe if you would have calmly asked him some questions and found out what he was really talking about you could have schooled him on the correct way of fixing the problem. Plus c'mon it's still late september, you work in a hockey shop, you can't possibly have so many customers that you can't give this guy 10 -15 min. working at work makes the day go by faster. It just seemed like you snapped at him in your mind becuase he doesn't live up to your knowledge of hockey equipment, thus you felt he's not deserving of any of your knowledge about equipment.
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