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    Bauer Vapor XXXXs
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    Warrior Dolomite / RH / Gionta / 77
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    Bauer Supreme One95
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    NBH 4500 / Bauer Concept 3
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    U+ 07
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  1. They might be selling an idea more than a product at this point. If they had the wares to sell, they'd shoot you an email right back. Or they're dolts.
  2. Guys in the NHL use what fits their body or their personal preferences. Junior sized skates, 13" gloves, and whip sticks can be found in NHL locker rooms.
  3. I think it's hilarious they baked a pair and sent you out to skate on them (assuming within an hour or maybe two), got their feedback, and what? Put them back in the stock room?
  4. Everyone, or every hockey player you interact with? Because there are a ton more of us that you don't know.
  5. Midnight Monday morning skating. http://gifninja.com/animated-gifs/469369/oh-crap-omark
  6. Outside of some team's selection of game used, NHL stores carry nothing of true value to a hockey player when we're talking equipment. The NHL Store Brass aren't going to start with packaged end plugs.
  7. Holy mother of cutting board. What's that from?/under the assumption it wraps around your back underneath the shoulder pads?
  8. Can only hope this marks the end of stock scalloped steel on Easton's skates.
  9. Exactly what I was talking about. Didn't know how old the technology was, but a similar machine wouldn't be impossible to recreate. Wishful thinking. Excited to hear more.
  10. Hopefully they'll offer a machine similar to CCM's for their U+ a couple years ago.
  11. QFT. Impressive. How slick is the (granite) against the (SS)?
  12. I'd venture to guess original 2.1 steel, given SSs taller height.
  13. Hey, if there is a dollar to be made, I say have a small sign behind the counter that you can point to. They'll either walk out of the store and do it themselves as they should or they'll fork over two dollars. If the signage is there, you create a "not by my own choice" impression.
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