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  1. On a side note, Datsyuk is labeled as the P38, same as the old Jagr
  2. i think that 7k stick has the most shelf appeal of any of them, right up there with eastons new crome
  3. jesus Harry, tell all the Hendersons i said hello, would ya ;)
  4. Helmet: Bauer 4000, Wild decals, 96 on the back Visor: HA! lets be realistic here Shoulder Pads: Well toned Deltoids Elbow Pads: Jofa 8025, im impartial, theyre not bad, but im not over the moon about them either Gloves: Sande Max Q, 10 out of 10, Bauer Vapor XX 9 out of 10, TPS Boguniecki HGT's 9 out of 10 Pants: Nike Pro, Predators logo, etc Shins: Hespeler F4's, great fit, comfortable Skates: formerly 1052's with tblades, now Nike V-12's, what a skate!
  5. Buzz_LightBeer

    Nike Apollo

    Test Product: Nike Quest Apollo, 87 flex, lefthand, Jackman/Legwand Pattern Test Subject: 5' 10", 190 lbs. of twisted steel and sex appeal Inital: For all the bashing that nike took in its early Ignite days, it has certainly made up for recently. Some people may be turned off by the swoowsh, or the peaches and cream paint job, but this stick is the real thing. I was looking for a nice Sakic like toe curve, and a flexier stick when i happened acrosss the Apollo. It had everything i was looking for. Flex: 87, and it is all of that. The thing Ive noticed about all Apollo's is the distinct flex when taking a slapshot. You actually feel the stick flex, and return to normal. 10/10 Stickhandling/Shooting: Having used an XN10, i can't say this stick beats it in velocity, but its close. wristshots are wonderful, slapshots are rockets, and the added flex doesnt send shots in all directions. The blade holds up well, but is not too hard. Stickhandling is a breeze, especially with the Legwand/Jackman. 9.5/10 Weight/Balance: Earlier models of Apollo's were a bit heavier. This series weighs in at 490 according to the catalog, but its just as light as any synergy Ive ever used. Balance is perfect, no complaints here. 10/10 Durability: The paint chips, big deal. The blade is the nicest of any OPS Ive ever used. right up there with the Nemesis, XN10, and Eclipse. The shaft has been slashed, slashed with, hacked, fallen on, and abused, and still comes back for more. I wish i could meet a girl so resilient. 10 times on the ice, and its as nice as it was the first minute. 9.5/10 Intangibles: The concave feel is sweet. I dare say this stick is perfect. Overall: 9.5/10 Anyone considering this stick should give it a serious try. You will not be sorry. Available in these patterns: Jackman (sakic), Brind'Amour (Lidstrom), PL106, P91 (Drury), and PM9 (Modano)
  6. Easton Synthesis Shaft Background: 5’ 9†190lbs. Shaft: Easton Synthesis Grip 100 Flex Compatible Blades: any tapered, Synthesis, R2, L2, Inno tapered, T-flex Options: 50 flex junior, 75 flex intermediate, 85 and 100 flex senior, 100 and 110 Grip Initial Impression: My first thoughts on the shaft were the graphics, lovely, ugly banana yellow. The paint scheme is neat, the shaft is a nice squared shape, the grip was initially nice, and the shaft was very light in comparison to others. I used an Iginla composite Synthesis blade, and the weight was still light in comparison to other sticks. Stickhandling/Passing/Shooting: All are effortless, the shaft sits naturally in your hands, and the short hosel blade balances the shaft and blade weight. It does not feel too blade heavy, and it is very comparable to the Synergy in most aspects. The low kick point seems to lower the flex a little, making a 100 feel like a 95, it gives wrist shots a little extra kick, but doesn’t take anything away from slappers. Getting to slap shots, the synthesis fires rockets. I have no trouble putting shots in any corner at will, and the synthesis fires the puck harder than any stick I’ve ever used, rivaled only by the original Tri-Flex and XN10. (5/5) Weight/Balance: As stated above, this stick is flawless in terms of weight and balance. It is heavier than an XN10, but noticeably lighter than most other OPS. Even despite its light weight, the stick feels solid all the way through. Some sticks tend to feel “brittle†when used but this certainly is not one. (5/5) Durability: Another shining point. This stick is the highlight of the Easton line up. The one complaint I have is the grip coating unravels itself once its scratched, and pretty soon no grip is left. The paint also tends to chip and leaves black leopard marks all over. But I cannot complain too much, I tend to break shafts on a regular basis, but this has lasted me well over a year, much longer than most shafts I’ve owned. (4/5) Conclusion: This shaft is one of my favorites, the chipping paint and tear away grip can be overlooked by the high performance this shaft delivers. Anyone looking for a high end stick should give this stick a second and even third look, it comes highly recommended.
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