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  1. Hey all, For anyone interested, here are my thoughts after a few uses as promised: Sizing: 12 US shoe size. 10.5 in Graf. After a bake the sizing is absolutely spot on. Very similar to the Graf's in terms of length. Fit: As is touted by the company owners, the one width fits all seems to be working for me. I'm usually an EE and after a bake the skates have widened enought o be ultra comfortable for me. I thought I'd feel a bit of pain on my left foot as it's slightly wider than my right, but it hasn;t eventuated. I could feel it being slightly pinched even after the bake, but skating on it has proven to be no issue. Heel lock could still be a bit better for me, but hasn't caused me any blisters. I'd also prefer a touch more depth, but the tongue is doing a brilliant job at protecting from lacebite. I think this has a lot do do with the moldability as well as I'm finding I don;t need to lace them partcularly tightly at all on any eyelights other than the top couple. Comfort: Spot on, most comfortable skates I've worn with so little break in time. Build: Top notch thus far. Overall I'm really happy with them. Supreme comfort, great build, ultra-light, and look fantastic. Well done guys!
  2. Thanks Justin. They're a very impressive skate out of the box, and build quality looks fantastic. Hopefully they work well for me!
  3. Hey all. Just picked up some Alkali CA9's from HM and thought I'd give some initial impressions. I'm doing a season of inline hockey over our summer here, and haven;t played much at all in the last 10 years (though have been playing Ice) so my reference point compared with other inline setups is not really there (last pair of inline skates were Bauer RH4000's) so I won't comment on that. Just hoping to make it a bit easier for others making their decision, especially for sizing. Reference: I currently wear a 10.5W Graf G75. I have a wide forefoot, medium/thin heel, high arches, high volume. These are actually still a bit shallow, but apart from that are perfect. Sizing: 12 US shoe size. I'm a 10.5 in Graf, and took the plunge on 10.5's for the Alkali. Sizing is very similar, with my toes feathering the cap. It would probably be quite uncomfortable on my toes to skate with them at the moment, but a bake should give a few mm of space. Fit: Nice wide forefoot and toe box which I'm super happy with. Heel is lifting a touch at the moment, but again they're not baked yet so hopefully that is sorted. Skate is quite stiff too, and forward flex looks to be very good. Comfort: Pretty spectacular straight from the box. Nice liner, good arch support. Build: Top notch thus far. Finishing is excellent, everything looks nicely aligned. Will update more once they're baked.
  4. Agreed with the loft-aspect. I just changed from a P88 to P92 (all they had left, and have been meaning to try one). Found dishing saucer passes easier, but I have to consciously think about my shots a little more, which is tricky in a pressure situation. Overall it's not a massive transition though, and most things are not extremely dissimilar.
  5. Very nice combo indeed niXon!
  6. New PPF+'s just arrived from the 'states. Will match our uniforms perfectly
  7. Extrememly jealous, nice pick ups!
  8. Simple, yet so nice. Well done!
  9. They're pimp! Nice job.
  10. I dig the green, nice pick up!
  11. That curve is very nice indeed. Might have to pick myself up one in 100 flex.
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