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    CCM Tacks
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    Warrior dynasty ax1
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    Warrior franchise 14N MIC
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    CCM V08 w/ oakley pro straight
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    Bauer Vapor xxxx girdle
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    CCM U+ CL
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    Reebok 7k
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    Bauer Supreme 2000
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    Team Issued

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  1. I also think a major factor is how “main stream” access to gear has become. PSH is a prime example of someone that absolutely pillaged the pro stock gear market, which in the early 2000’s was one of the best parts of this site, finding out when gear sales were asking someone to try to grab you something etc etc since everyone has pretty much the same access to gear available online now, it’s really made acquiring it less exciting, at least for me. still love this community though and have been lucky enough to demo gear in the past and give reviews. It’s still a great place.
  2. Why not just polish the floor to a smoother surface? Obviously not perfect but it would probably be a good start
  3. On 2K someone posted that their pro stock with that code had extremely rounded corners, comparable to the ccm C shaft shape. Guess as more become available more people will post their findings.
  4. Cant imagine what you must have been doing for the better part of the last decade if 390g is the sweet spot. Sticks that light have only been around for the last 3-4 years, what were you using before?
  5. I have never had an issue getting my hands on team issue sticks, whether it be online or at the LHS. CCM’s LK build sticks are great value. Recently found a Nexus team stick from this season with simple P92 in the name bar and so far it feels miles better than any previous Bauer team stick
  6. Your friend should focus on balance rather than weight. I’ll take a balanced stick at 430 gr over a stick at 370 gr that has me nervous to carry the puck because it might snap. He might find a cheaper factory in China this way too.
  7. That grassroots targeted demographic must be in the plans for Q2
  8. I am extremely intrigued by the new top end Tackla girdle that has been mentioned on this board. Would love to hear more about it from someone who has used it
  9. Bauer reaching peak troll level with this. Classic.
  10. Not having seen the code on his stick but basing it off the team that I'm involved with this will be a true ADV. They arent going through the effort of redressing older batches with newer graphics to the extent Bauer used to.
  11. ah yes, the classic "we pay you to wear our helmets even if they dont fit your head properly" see also Matthews
  12. *Trilage had entered the chat*
  13. I still have durability concerns with the holder, same as when the Edge holder came out. I don't see them being a big hit right away at retail. Wouldn't expect many apart from people in this thread to change out the holders on their Bauer's or CCM's. How the equipment guys use them, at least here it hasn't been enough to sway many guys. I look forward to what their approach is once they go live.
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