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  1. Kids will wear what we tell them. For us adults it is a lot like using a mouthguard, if it is not comfortable people just stop using them. The though of wearing a scarf while playing sounds kinda bad etc. Maybe it is not that bad. If they have one with holes for air flow I would probably start there first. Free product idea for you guys if you want.
  2. Fair enough. Not going to watch that video thou. So what neck brace has the best ventilation because if it is uncomfortable we will all stop wearing it after a few tries.
  3. One of the functions of a preface is to explain WHY you are writing. I can't ask about the why. Got it. Note: There is a search function. Type in 'Neck guards'. Just don't tell anyone why you are searching for neck guards because it is apparently not important.
  4. The only reason we are talking about neck guards is because of what happened. Very first line in the post: "Terrible tragedy concerning Adam Johnson." Another quote: "This tragedy appears to have been avoidable from what I saw, I've never seen anyone's leg naturally extend how his did but that's just my opinion."
  5. Didn't see it but I heard it was basicly deliberate, some meat head doing something stupid.. Can anyone comment
  6. What is the custom going for Canadian, I'm seeing $679, is that right? I hear the custom helmet is bigger than the retail version? Is that true?
  7. I'm examining the lesser-known companies producing hockey sticks priced under $300 Canadian. Their mid-flex sticks can genuinely compete with the top-tier mid-flex sticks from established brands. If you prefer mid-flex, you're in good hands. On the other hand, replicating low-kick and hybrid sticks is challenging due to the extensive technology and patents involved. If you favor those types of sticks, you're somewhat limited to the major brands. It's tough for me to rationalize paying $429 for a mid-flex stick when there are excellent, more affordable alternatives available.
  8. I've noticed some guys cutting out some bars on their face cages. I've noticed some guys will go after the vertical bars, some will go after the horizontal. I wanted to hear from guys that have tried it and other people's thoughts about it as well. Thought's on safety vs improved vision etc. Or is there a product that does it all the right way?
  9. You do know this is a site about hockey equipment right? I've never seen someone get triggered over $1600 Canadian but has no problem with $550.. Would you like me to post about how excited I am buying $550 skates? Would that make you happy? I did that and they hurt my feet, which I thought was normal, till I bought the custom SVH, which was the point of the thread. You have a great day..
  10. How do you know if you have never tried it? Because that is kinda how I thought then I tried it and just shook my head on the difference btw the two. It is only a matter of time as custom becomes more the norm. Be sure to post back in ten years after you try them:)
  11. Especially if the item in question is going to be around for years. $430 hockey sticks? No thanks. $1600 custom skates? Yup. (Prices in Canadian dollars)
  12. Check out Mr Sunshine over here. Not sure what thread you are reading but you have a great day either way..
  13. Do you buy skates every year? I swear my skates last for a few years easy. I have never needed to buy new skates, I just do.
  14. You only live once and the custom skates will last for a few years, offsetting the price tag somewhat.
  15. For off the self skates I find that they fit as long as I'm upright but the second I shift my weight forward, my foot gets wider, and that is when bad things happen. I think if they built a skate mold around a human foot that is actively being used, flatter/wider, like my SVH skates, that would be the best place to start. Instead they build a skate mold around a foot that is not actively used. If you look at my SVH skates it looks like a real human foot while off the shelf skates seem to have been built for mannequins.
  16. My whole life I thought it was normal for skates to hurt my feet. Then I bought True SVH full custom skates. Life is short, save up the extra money and go full custom. I think that skates are so stiff in general, that the only way they have any shot at being comfortable is if it is made around a mold of your foot. Now that it is 2023 and stuff like this is available be sure to take advantage of it.
  17. Watched the Toronto highlights yesterday and it seemed everyone scoring goals had True skates on. Kinda funny.
  18. The future is custom. In a few more years I'm guessing getting real custom skates will be easier and way more common. So that bodes well for True skates because right now they are the gold standard for custom. So for those who makes basic cookie cutter skates today, who cares cause the future is custom.
  19. When it comes to basic skates I kinda see your point but when it comes to custom I think they are the gold standard.
  20. LOL totally. I think I'm getting it. First time putting it on you start to panic. It is a feel thing. Like one of those puzzles, but pain is your guide. If it hurts a lot try something else. It should only hurt a little. Basicly try and protect the top of your foot from getting brused by spreading out the contact to less painful spots of your foot. Then when it is moving forward you just grin and keep it moving.. Waxed laces are probably a bad idea for these skates. Honestly they are not needed and it makes putting on and off way easier. Skates seem to have cured my lacebite... I'm really glad I got them. The side of the boot looks funny because it is way wider than my other skates. The way it makes contact with the whole foot. It feels like the boot is always 1mm away from your foot put never touching the foot. Never touching but always touching. A TRUE extension of your foot..(see what I did there?):)
  21. Skates fit great. Very hard to put on but, once on they are gold.
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