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  1. Thats me too, sometimes i have to wear sunglasses for night time driving because the incoming cars headlights are crazy bright, i've had this since grade 7 too and im turning 20, back in hk i had a huge stockpile of the meds, here in canada they wont do it too so i feel you man, i really do...btw the feeling after, at least for me is similar to being hungover, so i wolf down some gatorade and i do feel a bit better
  2. its like that for me everytime not much you can do about it, i just make sure i take a painkiller when i see the aura round my eyes and try to sleep asap, and yeah the migraine pain/pressure whatever you wanna call it, behind the eyes is probably the worst spot you can get
  3. lol yeah they were given to me, and it was a good back and forth game
  4. I feel you man, had one a couple days ago
  5. i would looovveee that option so that a glove will finally fit my tiny hands properly
  6. niiiiccceeee i swear you've shown that before but nonetheless very nice
  7. you coulda unstitched to UI and stitch a E in haha
  8. those eastons are super comfy, dupes bought them off me they just never fit me right nice 4roll pickup, been looking at one of those but never pulled the trigger
  9. soft grip? any different to the normal grip? nice choice's exactly the same as i would've done, down to the number
  10. damn those are nice prices
  11. +1 very nice how were the prices on those franchises/mia?
  12. late but good luck with the meds, i had some adhd meds (oh i remember adderall) too but gave up after i couldn't eat
  13. flex? thats close to my fav. curve and i love boxy shafts, nice pickup
  14. +1 been wanting one for ages but the sale's always on when i cant go
  15. they look like tacks, nice pick up though
  16. hnidy's he sold them to me edit: nvm different palm, you got another one machinehead?!?!
  17. haha true true, my parents never go in there
  18. new gloves, camera ran out of batteries so only got this one and a pic of the crappy man cave with my other stuff
  19. control freak parents sigh...
  20. yep one of the reason i've stopped playing/watching soccer since i was like 12
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