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  1. The stick is a Bauer Supreme 3030. Not sure whether it’s loading the image.
  2. Bring back these graphics in a skate graphics package... And these graphics in a stick graphics package... ... and take all my money. All of it.
  3. Just go with these and call it a day. They even satisfy Lou's anal pant branding nonsense, excepting the white logos on the left thigh. Dougie lookin' fresh...
  4. That's just a Jofa shin guard strap. They come with the shin pads, as far as I know... He's just using the straps. I have a few pairs of them from pads over the years. I have no idea how to upload photos... Here's a few links to a google image search photo with the strap on the pad of the shin guard... http://www.hockeyworld.com/Jofa-SG9040-Shin-Guards-Junior http://i57.tinypic.com/282nwc4.jpg Hope that helped.
  5. Junkyard, what size are those Flyweights? I see 272mm on the steel...
  6. 1) Bauer Supreme 2) Mission Flyweight 3) Bauer/Micron Mega
  7. I'm curious. What exactly did you learn from Bobby, and how did you learn it? Please, do go into detail. Humor me...
  8. Why do you think that, Mack? I ask because every individual is going to have their preference, so if the retail market covered all curve possibilities (i.e. heel, mid-heel, mid, mid-toe, toe) wouldn't the figures be somewhat evenly distributed? I know that the patterns which have larger sweet spots (i.e. Modano/Forsberg/PM9) are going to be popular no matter what. Unless i'm simply ignorant to the fact that toe curves don't do well at retail? P.S. It's been awhile, good to see MSH is still up and running and we still have all the original Corebeamers/EMB guys/gals here. (Well, for the most part.)
  9. Definitely not lighting. Pete MacArthur of BU wears a pair that are basically all black...
  10. If I were to order the MB33 in a 13" would it come out looking like Marian Hossa's cuff? I'm looking for something with virtually no cuff, but still fits like a 14" glove.
  11. Correction, the bottom link did not work for me. Acrobat opened and loaded, but no images/type appeared.
  12. What blade is that on the 1100 between the CCM and the shaft with the PM6 Kovalchuk blade? What curve?
  13. That, and the top eyelet is lowered. Not so much taking an eyelet out as lowering the top one. Taking the top eyelet out would have the same effect...
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