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  1. I've been wondering the same thing... The only thing holding me back from ordering a custom Dolomite is the durability issue with Warrior's blades.
  2. How flexible is the inside of the Kovalchuk cuff? I'm having a tough time deciding which cuff to get, but I think I'm leaning towards a shortened Savard cuff...
  3. 75 flex would be awesome. I'm fine dealing with a 70 flex stick, but 75 would be great. Any plans to release the Dolo Spyne or AK in 75 flex???
  4. Seems pretty flashy to me. I like the chrome though, overall it's a pretty cool graphic package.
  5. Helmet: Reebok 8K [black/Black] Gloves: Warrior Mac Daddy [stock Navy/Red] Sticks: Warrior AK27 Shaft/Warrior Dolomite HD Blade [sprayed] ; Easton Stealth S17 ; RBK 9KO ; Sherwood PMP 5030 Wood ; CCM U+ [2008] Skates: Graf Supra 735 Texalite --- Shoulders: CCM Vector V10 Ovechkin Elbow Pads: Bauer 2000 Pants: NBH XVI Knee Pads: Mission C4
  6. Still using the PMP 5030, like it way more that the AK27, 9K0 or ONE95. Classic wood stick.
  7. Good point. I think they may use one model for the S17, then another one for all the other sticks. They have more than just one model, for authenticity. Maybe an 8-sided taper model for the Octogun will make the game. Doubtful though. No pros use it. Then again, the CL has been found in the latest screens.
  8. The taper reminds me of an S17.
  9. Not the best quality pics. Need some matching socks, lol.
  10. In the white. Reebok 8K Warrior Mac Daddy Easton Stealth S17 [now new AK] Kor Shift1 [yellow laces]
  11. I've shortened my Mission C4 knee pads, no recent pics. I've customized by 8K though, plus spraying my 9K0: AK27, U+, XXX Lite missing. Back-up. Changed color setup since picture.
  12. I get chirped for spraying my sticks too. I think my AK is the only one left untouched! Sick Rimouski ONE95! Those would be Ranger E-Pros?
  13. Look great. I love the Pitch3 holders. Good job with the black.
  14. You left out Morse code. :P In other news, look at what I found in the garage today: Nice stick! Insane Oiler gloves. $200 isn't that bad. 14'' I'm assuming?
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