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  1. kmfdm86

    Guess who else plays hockey

    Right? The videos of people "defending" against him are hilarious. Looks like their controllersget disconnected as soon as he had the puck. Lol.
  2. Don't play on polished concrete. Problem solved. Haha. Jk. Sorry, I don't really have any tips or advice for getting better grip on a surface like that. I play on sport court. Have you thought about just going out and practicing holding your weight differently while you skate to get better grip?
  3. kmfdm86

    QRL Pro pant sizing

    No experience with the pro version. I tried on some large QRLs in store and i couldn't get them tight enough to fit. Seemed like they run a little big compared to larges from other brands that I tried on.
  4. kmfdm86

    Photos of yourself

    Some blurry pictures from stick and puck
  5. kmfdm86

    Shins - QLT v Tacks

    Haven't played in the QLTs but when I tried them on they were too shallow and narrow for my legs. The ultra tacks shins fit better and are more comfortable, ymmv etc.
  6. kmfdm86

    Inside Wear Pads Eroding and Damaging skate

    What the hell kind of surface is that? Also, holy $*!@. Those poor skates. Are they lower end in their line? Thats crazy after only 1 year.
  7. When we did ours, I think my girlfriend grabbed a free hockey jersey vector from a website and we just edited it to what we needed. YMMV depending on your Adobe illustrator skills.
  8. kmfdm86

    Best place to get jerseys made?

    I've had good luck with ijteam.com The owner is a great guy to work with and really responsive and helpful if you've got any questions.
  9. Just getting into ice, knew how to skate ok prior to this. Forwards crossovers are good both sides, as well as turning and transitions. But for the life of me I can't figure out stopping on my weak side. I wind up doing some sad awkward turn instead. Anyone have any drills or exercises they could recommend to help with this?
  10. kmfdm86

    Tips for stopping on weak side

    Thanks for the tips. I have no problems stopping on my right side. So I've got some understanding of how it works. I just don't want to find myself in a situation where I have to stop the other way and go flying into someone else or the boards. Haha. I just can't seem to get my body to cooperate going the other way. I'll try working on the above mentioned drills next time I'm out.
  11. kmfdm86

    Toe cap damage?

    I'm fairly new to ice, but I play roller and learned how to ice skate as a kid. Never got to play ice hockey though until I got an awesome bonus this year and could go out and buy everything I needed. So, I was at my second stick and puck ever today working on my skating and my shot (I think I'm better at ice than I am at roller. Haha), I finish up and as I'm getting all my gear off I notice I managed to put a giant gash in my toe cap with the other skate. Not sure if it happened while I was out there or if it happened as I was getting off. I know how banged up skates can get, but I'm not sure if I should do something about this? Sand down the part that's sticking out and fill it with epoxy or something? Or should I just leave it alone? All opinions welcome. Thanks for helping a newb. Haha.
  12. kmfdm86

    Toe cap damage?

    Yeah, I figured it was from the skate blade. I just wasn't sure what I was doing when it happened. My primary concern is structural integrity. I don't want it to blow up on me. Haha. Thanks for the tips.
  13. kmfdm86

    Super Tacks fit issue

    I think it really depends on if you feel like it's hindering your movement. Outside of that it's more a matter of if you really NEED the benefits of a stiffer boot at your level of play. I'm not very good, but I prefer a stiffer boot. There's a guy on my team who is an amazing skater and he likes soft boots, hates the stiff ones. YMMV.
  14. kmfdm86

    Show It Off

    The addiction continues... New shins to replace my RBZ 130s.
  15. kmfdm86

    ccm skate construction question

    I'm pretty sure it's the material between the shell and the liner. I would guess the differences are in durability and how thermoformable they are. I really don't know though. Just a guess. Haha.
  16. Are the wheels damaged? After 2 months unless they're damaged or you are having a very specific issue I don't really think wheels would be the best investment. If you're just looking to upgrade, I'd probably go with new bearings before wheels. Though I'm not sure what comes stock on those vapors.
  17. kmfdm86

    New Skates Needed, likely CCM

    Yeah, I wear an 11 in dress shoes so maybe 2 is more accurate. Lol.
  18. kmfdm86

    New Skates Needed, likely CCM

    Personally I go 2.5 sizes down in my jetspeeds. 11.5 shoe size and I fit a 9 in the skates perfectly.
  19. kmfdm86


    To reiterate, a lot of times most people are going to want most of the laces snug, but not tight. I only really tighten the last two eyelets for what it's worth.
  20. kmfdm86

    New Skates Needed, likely CCM

    I've been in the top end jetspeed for roller for a year now. It's been holding up great and I find them really comfortable. Just picked up the jetspeed 300 for ice. Only had about 4 hours in them so far but they feel almost identical to the top end boot. On icewarehouse.com they can be had for $510 with the save15 coupon code.
  21. kmfdm86

    Wheel Help

    Some of it depends on surface, some on weight, and some on skating ability. How strong of a skater are you?
  22. kmfdm86

    Gloves with anti-microbial

    Well, my warrior gloves are my least smelly piece of gear and I've never cleaned them for what it's worth. Lol
  23. kmfdm86

    $300~ Skate recommendations

    It's been rock solid for me. Same boot as the flagship ice version.
  24. kmfdm86

    Show It Off

    Dished out some money today. Jetspeed 300s, QLT 290 pants and Ultra Tacks shoulders.
  25. kmfdm86

    $300~ Skate recommendations

    The top end CCM jetspeed inline skates are on sale at inlinewarehouse.com for $594. I've been in them for a year and I still love them. Stiff, durable and the heel lock is superb. If they fit your feet, it's worth it. The magnesium chassis weighs almost nothing.