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  1. Most rinks offer beginner skating and hockey classes. Start with a skating class. Don't even worry about the hockey skills yet outside of games and stick and puck, better skating will make you a much better player. I'm just getting into ice (usually play roller) so I took a beginners skating class. It helped a lot. I feel more comfortable on ice now than I do on my inline skates. The class I took was 6 sessions and was $60 and they give you a 6 punch card for free public skates for more practice. Don't get discouraged, and don't give up!
  2. I know that feel. Ref in my league tacks on additional minors if anyone asks what the offending player was called for, even if it's the captain asking. It's ridiculous.
  3. If the helmet doesn't fit right when you make contact there's slippage. The helmet is touching the surface you're coming into contact with, your head is not. So the helmet begins to move in a direction related to the type of contact it's making while your head is still moving in the direction of your initial trajectory prior to contact. This obviously changes the transference of force. Which type of transference of force is better or worse is debatable. The problem is unless they're using the same helmets on two headforms for a head it fits and one it does not, the data essentially useless. All it tells you is "hey, if your head happens to be this shape, we think this one is better". They flat out ignored a pretty important variable. Whether or not the helmet moves when it's hit.
  4. Doctors don't make money on vaccines. They make more money treating for the illnesses the vaccines prevent. As far as the VT study goes, they measure the transfer of force to the headform the helmet is on. They use the same headform for every test regardless of the head shape the helmet was meant for. If you've ever had on a helmet that doesn't actually conform to your head you will immediately realize why this is a problem. The study tells absolutely nothing worthwhile about helmets that don't fit the headform they used. The helmets that fit it well score well, the helmets that do not score poorly.
  5. I use the mission pro compression shirt for roller. I like it a lot. Everything is adjustable and the bicep guards and shoulder caps are both removable. I've had mine for over a year now using once or twice a week and it's holding up great.
  6. FWIW, I've had good luck repairing fabric damage on hockey equipment with shoe goo. It's pretty sturdy.
  7. Yeah, all I can think of is you are opening up the blade too much and not closing it. Or the puck was messed up. Or maybe the tape on your blade is messed up. But I'm sure you would have noticed the latter. Haha.
  8. Yeah, I know there's people out there with way more. These were all acquired in the past 12 months since I came back from a 15 year hiatus. Lol.
  9. Yeah. I can't wait to actually play the QRL. The QRL3 was great but then the HD1 went on sale and I got spoiled by how light it is. Haha.
  10. Yeah, fml, when I picked up the QRL I checked out an STX Surgeon RX2 and now I can't stop thinking about it. I think I have a problem... haha.
  11. So... the stable is starting to get a little out of hand... haha. Just picked up the QRL on the far right. 75 flex, W03 (same as the HD1, the HD Pro and QRL3 are W88s)
  12. Unfortunately the facility does not allow spectators on the side of the rink without glass.
  13. I like option 1 better because it's subtler. But then I remembered you're in Texas. Not exactly known for its subtlety. So... flip a coin? Haha.
  14. Girlfriend brought the DSLR to the inline game this week. Note this is her first time photographing a hockey game. Haha.
  15. My main concern is football helmets always seemed to be more innately connected to the head by extending further down and around the head. They're deeper. (I've never played competitive football so I could be way off) I know if I put on a poor fitting hockey helmet I can drastically reduce the contact area with my skull by just shaking my head. It seems if they're using the same impacts and same headform for each helmet then certain impacts will always at least rate ok, while others would rate REALLY well or REALLY bad depending on the shape of the helmet in relation to the headform. Food for thought. I do love that people are trying to study it though! Anyway, back on topic. Haha.
  16. So, I may have missed it, but I read the procedures because I always thought the results of the study seemed odd. I didn't see anything about them accounting for different head shapes. It seemed like they only used one head mold for all of them. Did I miss that? Not trying to start an argument, legitimately curious.
  17. I've got a bad knee and a bad shoulder and I'm not the best skater. It's for the best, trust me. Lol. I'd rather deal with all the gear than fuck myself up and be unable to play. I only ever got to play roller as a kid, so I'm about 3 months into ice at this point.
  18. Right? The videos of people "defending" against him are hilarious. Looks like their controllersget disconnected as soon as he had the puck. Lol.
  19. Don't play on polished concrete. Problem solved. Haha. Jk. Sorry, I don't really have any tips or advice for getting better grip on a surface like that. I play on sport court. Have you thought about just going out and practicing holding your weight differently while you skate to get better grip?
  20. No experience with the pro version. I tried on some large QRLs in store and i couldn't get them tight enough to fit. Seemed like they run a little big compared to larges from other brands that I tried on.
  21. Some blurry pictures from stick and puck
  22. Haven't played in the QLTs but when I tried them on they were too shallow and narrow for my legs. The ultra tacks shins fit better and are more comfortable, ymmv etc.
  23. What the hell kind of surface is that? Also, holy $*!@. Those poor skates. Are they lower end in their line? Thats crazy after only 1 year.
  24. When we did ours, I think my girlfriend grabbed a free hockey jersey vector from a website and we just edited it to what we needed. YMMV depending on your Adobe illustrator skills.
  25. I've had good luck with ijteam.com The owner is a great guy to work with and really responsive and helpful if you've got any questions.
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