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  1. Techniflex elbows and shouldies. Smell puts them at around 20something years old. If I could find any damn blades I'd rock the A/Cs but I'm all out.
  2. mack

    Show It Off

    Man, I usually get my word jumble puzzles in the Sunday paper.
  3. mack

    composite sticks in cold weather

    The only problem I've had with mine is they sometimes get ice on them.
  4. mack

    2014-2015 Gear Sightings

    Apparently I clicked on the Spoken Word Poetry thread.
  5. mack

    Pro stock shaft

    Sounds like it's just a painted T-Flex. That's what Morrison used for ages at least.
  6. mack

    Amazon Warrior Stick Fire Sale

    I didn't expect the prices to last this long. I saw this go live Friday evening and cleaned up on AX1s and DT1STs. As great as the prices I was getting on mine (~$42) I went ahead and got my brother a couple Granlund DT1STs for $15.15 each. That's just ridiculous. They're all due to be delivered today and I can't imagine how many boxes they'll use as I've seen them do one stick-one box before.
  7. I'm the same height and a fellow One95 fan so I'm anxiously awaiting my DT1ST to arrive so I can try it out. Haven't really read too much on it here and seen less in person, but grabbed a Granlund from Amazon (of all places) for $160. I haven't used a Warrior stick in about 4 years so I'm curious to see how I'll like it. Would have loved a 110 option, but so it goes.
  8. mack

    custom orders through Bauer

    One code is 0489-13
  9. mack

    Happy 10th Anniversary, MSH!

    Some interesting and fun times in the 10+ years around here. The first few days before we went public were a blur and I'd be lying if I said I never thought it could get as big as it has with the work that the other founding members put into it.
  10. I'm curious why some of HM's offerings say "x-long" and some say "x-large." Poor nomenclature or is there an actual difference?
  11. I was hoping I'd find a deal but found that both my local options wanted >$65 for older blades.
  12. Decided to pick up some Eric Brewer Widow shafts on a blind buy, hoping they would be standard. They're tapered so I went to a couple LHS and the selection for blades has somehow worsened from the last time I trolled them for blades. Nothing resembling a P91A to be found so now I have to hope I can find some on eBay to avoid the horrible online stores' shipping prices. I think this will be the last batch of shafts I ever buy and will stick with OPS simply for the pattern options.
  13. mack

    Pro stock

    It's a banana. I thought I just saw one posted that looked like the old Easton Euro/Miller pattern.
  14. mack

    Top 5 sticks you ever had

    Some that, some superstition, but mostly it's weight and I preferred shafts. I'm a grown man so I've never become fully engorged when companies come out with a stick that's lighter by some infinitesimal amount.
  15. Probably want to go with a higher-end older model. I tried some woodies in a TO shaft and it felt blade-heavy, but the AKs from a few years ago always felt great to me.
  16. mack

    Top 5 sticks you ever had

    1)Easton A/C 7100 2)Bauer One95 3)Easton Griplite 4)Easton Hull MM Z-Bubble 5)Gold Synergy Grip
  17. mack

    2013-2014 Gear Sightings

    Oh man, those Fontaine shafts. Bittersweet because I loved the weight and balance but they had a tendency to break, or at least I just didn't know how to use them. Rough going for me when I tried those out and then later on the PF1000.
  18. I should get those tomorrow because for some reason they didn't ship them all together.
  19. Order came in and the Karlssons are/were definitely E38s.
  20. I have an E38 and even with that dual lie crap it feels like a 5.5.
  21. For some reason I want to say the 13 is a Darby or at least similar.
  22. I gambled on it. At worst, it's an RP but at best it's a Styles. The chart can be misleading but the fact they had it as an E97 makes me hopeful it's a Styles.
  23. V9Es in a 110 Styles? I'm sold.
  24. Let's not forget his role as the voice of Shredder in the TMNT cartoon. RIP, big guy.