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  1. JimmyTheDriver

    ice skates for inline player

    Navicular, or accessory navicular? If the latter, you will have a tough time in it banging up against the inner wall of Tacks and Jetspeeds. Ribcore 80ks are more friendly to it, as are all of the Bauer models.
  2. JimmyTheDriver

    Top of foot pain - Bauer Supreme vs CCM Tacks

    Made the trek to Pure Hockey a few hours away and went through the process for almost 4 hours. I tried on all Bauer and CCM models, different quality tiers, and all the sizes around where I would fit. Few interesting things... - They pointed out the hard plastic "lace bite protection" strip on the Bauer Supreme tongue wasn't doing me any favors, and likely causing a lot of the issue. I also had a ton of dead space in that boot so I opted to just ditch the skate all together. The new Supreme was slightly shallower, and also had the hard plastic plate in the tongue. -They used a Bauer 3D scanner which had me in three different skates, depending on what measurement we were looking at. My most offensive measurement was the instep height, which immediately ruined all the Bauer skates except the Nexus. Problem with the Nexus was it was massive everywhere else for me. My high instep doesn't match my otherwise pretty slender foot. - Vapor fit pretty well everywhere else, but my high instep had me bursting way out of the top. - CCM Tacks and Jetspeed almost fit perfect - except the inner wall above arch support. I have an "accessory navicular", aka second inner ankle bone above my arch, and as it collapsed when I stood, it rubbed the inner wall of both Tacks and Jetspeed. Might have been able to punch it out, but light baking did not provide relief. Easton Makos gave me the same issues and I was never able to completely resolve it even with punching. - The 3D scanner, and the store manager recommended custom, but I wasn't prepared to spend that kind of money am holding off to try the skate I got, which has the 90 return policy. - Ended up in a skate I'd never considered - CCM Ribcore 80k. Years ago when I tried a Ribcore, it was heavy and felt more like a Nexus, but its been completely revamped the past couple years pretty damn general fit now. CCM pitches it as average everywhere but a medium-high instep, which is perfect for me. Its tight along my forefoot, appears to lock the heel well, and didn't bother that extra bone in my ankle. I was a bit reluctant since I have it stuck in my head that I need the stiffest skate in the world, which the Ribcore is designed to NOT be, but I'll give it a try. CCM Ribcore 80ks... who would have thunk it. After trying them on, reviewing features, and reading up on them, they are kind of an underdog in skates these days, and I be a lot of guys would benefit from the flex profile, as well as the fit. Time will tell - have a game tonight. -Jim
  3. JimmyTheDriver

    Top of foot pain - Bauer Supreme vs CCM Tacks

    Thats great info, thanks! I am headed to a Pure Hockey a couple of hours away this weekend to see 1) how my foot measures on a 3d fitting machine and 2) check out the Tacks 9090s. -Jim
  4. JimmyTheDriver

    Top of foot pain - Bauer Supreme vs CCM Tacks

    Interesting! My thought on the Tacks was purely from looking at photos online. Even though listed as a "medium volume" skate, the sides just seem to be taller than others. So you didn't experience the pain in the Tacks?... just a different issue of no heel lock? What are you currently in?
  5. JimmyTheDriver

    Top of foot pain - Bauer Supreme vs CCM Tacks

    Pencil test, over the region of the foot where I am getting the pain, is just barely a pass. The pencil grazes over that bone in the picture. Thanks for the advice - I'll check out some other skates to see what the depth is like, and look into the lace extenders.
  6. JimmyTheDriver

    Top of foot pain - Bauer Supreme vs CCM Tacks

    Any thoughts on it just being a depth issue? I used the word volume, but maybe in my case "depth" is a better word. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Hey fellas, need some skate help. I plan to make a trip to try things on, but its a few hours away, so I need some preliminary advice. I currently skate in Bauer Supreme S190s, and they kill the top of my foot. Right around where the 4-5th eyelets are - bones across the top of my foot. I have a feeling mine are a bit larger than other peoples. See included image. My solution has been to tie the skates loose through there, which helps, but then I lose some of the rigidity of the boot. Almost feels like the boot is bowing outward through the middle. but no visible creases or anything. If I tie the skates tighter through the middle eyelets, the support comes back, but so does the foot pain. While I don't otherwise have a high volume foot- do I need a higher volume boot? If yes - could that be the CCM Tacks? The Tacks 9090s are in my price range, and seem like they might fit the bill. I've done the volume calculations found on some hockey websites, and my score falls in the average category... but I've gotta stop this top of the foot pain. Thanks! Jim
  8. JimmyTheDriver

    Curve advice needed for a nice passing, deking blade

    Consider the CCM p29 / Bauer P92? Aka.. Sakic, Ovetchkin, Crosby, Nugent-Hopkins. A great all-rounder that lifts the puck nicely and much easier to shoot than the p28, in my opinion. Cut a bit shorter than you are used to, and I bet you could get the feel in no time. https://www.thestickguru.com/pattern-database/
  9. JimmyTheDriver

    p28 vs p92

    This is spot on. They feel similar, but the p28 was too unforgiving. Every shot either never left the ice - or took out the lights. When it was perfect though... wow did it rip. In the end, I'm more comfortable with the p92 and went back to it. I think the p92 loads great without the sensitivity of the p28.
  10. JimmyTheDriver

    Knee braces

    I tore my ACL about 2 years ago. First year I didnt even try hockey. I then wore my DonJoy A22 for a while. It was ok under the pads, but not great. I now wear a CTi Custom. My Dr wrote me a prescription that literally said "2x knee brace for motocross" and insurance paid for both legs. With perscription in hand I called Ossur, who put me in touch with a local rep, took measurements, processed insurance, and had the braces a few weeks later. The CTi are by far the best brace I've owned - fit, comfort, overall size, and support. I've played with and without the brace since surgery, but generally feel more comfortable with it on. Outside of hockey and riding, I never wear it as I don't want to rely on it for stability. Using my knee to the max (for me Crossfit) was what really brought back my stability and muscle mass. https://www.ossur.com/injury-solutions/products/knee/custom-ligament-braces/cti-custom -Jim
  11. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Lol... story of my life these days. Although mine is more rust, not a late start. Showing up to weekly pickup with s190 skates, True xc9, sick helmet, new $200 cadillac bag, and no skill.
  12. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Amen! We can all agree - its a slick bag, and a bit expensive. Hopefully it holds up as long as my old Mission bag did. As a dude with a baby, I find myself spending more on my hobbies than actually playing/participating in them. There is something therapeutic about it I suppose, acting like I'm still a super active hockey player. My gear is the best its ever been... and I'm playing the least I have in 10 years. Expensive bags is all I got lol - don't take this from me.
  13. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Nice man! My old bag lasted me 10+ years. And it was half as durable feeling as this. But just remember the wise words of our fellow contributors - you don't need a bag to play hockey. So when all else fails, just duct tape all your equipment together into a big ball, sling it over your shoulder, and hobble to the rink. -Jim
  14. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Not sure why it reads like that, people post about product satisfaction all the time. If this was a stick, and I said I loved the flex profile, would that be different? Just haven't read much in the way of bags around here. Ah well. -Jim
  15. I'd been eyeing one of these for years, but $200 was just too much. Finally asked for, and received one for Christmas. It wasn't as exciting as getting a new stick or skates, but it was pretty close. This is a really nice bag, even at $200. Nicely organizes everything, no dopey wheels, clean branding, durable feel, removable dirty gear bag. Overall, just a great bag. https://www.pacificrink.com/products/player-bag?variant=12279208646