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  1. JimmyTheDriver

    Knee braces

    I tore my ACL about 2 years ago. First year I didnt even try hockey. I then wore my DonJoy A22 for a while. It was ok under the pads, but not great. I now wear a CTi Custom. My Dr wrote me a prescription that literally said "2x knee brace for motocross" and insurance paid for both legs. With perscription in hand I called Ossur, who put me in touch with a local rep, took measurements, processed insurance, and had the braces a few weeks later. The CTi are by far the best brace I've owned - fit, comfort, overall size, and support. I've played with and without the brace since surgery, but generally feel more comfortable with it on. Outside of hockey and riding, I never wear it as I don't want to rely on it for stability. Using my knee to the max (for me Crossfit) was what really brought back my stability and muscle mass. https://www.ossur.com/injury-solutions/products/knee/custom-ligament-braces/cti-custom -Jim
  2. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Lol... story of my life these days. Although mine is more rust, not a late start. Showing up to weekly pickup with s190 skates, True xc9, sick helmet, new $200 cadillac bag, and no skill.
  3. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Amen! We can all agree - its a slick bag, and a bit expensive. Hopefully it holds up as long as my old Mission bag did. As a dude with a baby, I find myself spending more on my hobbies than actually playing/participating in them. There is something therapeutic about it I suppose, acting like I'm still a super active hockey player. My gear is the best its ever been... and I'm playing the least I have in 10 years. Expensive bags is all I got lol - don't take this from me.
  4. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Nice man! My old bag lasted me 10+ years. And it was half as durable feeling as this. But just remember the wise words of our fellow contributors - you don't need a bag to play hockey. So when all else fails, just duct tape all your equipment together into a big ball, sling it over your shoulder, and hobble to the rink. -Jim
  5. JimmyTheDriver

    Pacific Rink "Player" Bag - so nice.

    Not sure why it reads like that, people post about product satisfaction all the time. If this was a stick, and I said I loved the flex profile, would that be different? Just haven't read much in the way of bags around here. Ah well. -Jim
  6. I'd been eyeing one of these for years, but $200 was just too much. Finally asked for, and received one for Christmas. It wasn't as exciting as getting a new stick or skates, but it was pretty close. This is a really nice bag, even at $200. Nicely organizes everything, no dopey wheels, clean branding, durable feel, removable dirty gear bag. Overall, just a great bag. https://www.pacificrink.com/products/player-bag?variant=12279208646
  7. JimmyTheDriver

    How much would you spend on skates if ...

    I spent similar to my roller skates. You will pick it up quickly and won't want all the flex that comes along with bottom of the line skates. I went from the Bauer RX:60 to the ice equal, the Bauer x7.0. Initially I tried to go cheaper on the ice skates, but hated all the added flex of the boot. There is one method of stopping in roller that just chatters your teeth out of your head in ice. After you try that and get dentures, you will be good to go. -Jim
  8. JimmyTheDriver

    Do TRUE sticks play whippier than CCM sticks?

    I've been using an XC9 recently. Older stick was a CCM Tacks. Tacks at 75 feels just a smidge whippier than the True XC9 85. I don't know which is more accurate - but I do find the XC9 at 85 to be whippier than other 85s I've used. Its actually the perfect whip for me. If I didn't already know the flex rating of 85 - I would guess it at about 80 after cutting off an inch.
  9. JimmyTheDriver

    New Skates Needed, likely CCM

    Like krisdrum said, fit is king... at a minimum try all the CCM models, but I'd even drop the brand specificity and try all the different brands. I was in Vapors and swore that was it. Vapors for life. Then I read all about the greatness of Makos so I got those, and while most of the fit was beyond amazing, the arch was too steep for me and I got cramps about 10 mins into skating. I couldn't even skate on them, despite just about everyone on the planet raving about Mako fit. Back on the hunt I figured it would be Vapors again since old Vapors fit me with what was an acceptable level of foot pain. LHS had Supremes and they fit far better than both the Vapors and the Makos felt. Finally a skate with zero foot pain. Just try stuff on, get brand and model out of your head :) -Jim
  10. If you have a big head that fit snug in a Large Easton S19, no chance in hell it fits. Just today I went to the LHS with the same issue - old S19 cracked. They had an E700 in medium and large. The medium wouldn't even get on my head. Large fits exactly like my S19 did. -Jim
  11. JimmyTheDriver

    Easton Mako Skates

    Arch in the skate or the steel?
  12. JimmyTheDriver

    SMU Skates?

    They are in the states for sure. We have a local shop with a similar makeup s180/190 mashup, the "Supreme Matrix" priced at $600. I tried them on and they felt great, extremely similar to the skate I ended up with, the S190. If I wasn't able to catch a deal on slightly used S190, that would have been the skate I ended up with. Hell, if you blind tested me out on the ice, I'd imagine I couldn't tell the difference.
  13. JimmyTheDriver

    Has Anyone Switched from Bauer Vapor to...

    Long-time vapor used, dabbled in Mako 2, now settled in Supremes. The few issues I had in Vapors all went away. Better fit for me.
  14. JimmyTheDriver

    Helmet Advice

    Oval for sure, and yeah. I was looking around for that and wasn't able to find it. Thanks for the direction, Ill go poke around.
  15. JimmyTheDriver

    Helmet Advice

    Thanks fellas!! Awesome information. Point taken about trying them on first, I should know better. I'll get out there and try and find a few of the models listed to try on.