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    Boris, you should get a proofreader for your Kickstarter. It's hard to take the project seriously when the copy is full of errors.
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    That's asking his potential customer for funding. ..a person doing this you would think would be hat in hand humble.....
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    Poor to mediocre players are certainly the largest market segment. As as more obsessed with equipment than most, MSH is sort of the ideal market. And DarkStar, I'm sure you are just that one new stick or new pair of gloves away from the NHL :)
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    Likely telling us how stupid we are.
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    To be fair though, on the consumer end you won’t find a group more educated and knowledgeable with regards to hockey equipment anywhere else. That said, that educated and knowledge group have given their collective thumbs down, so... now what?
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    Yes they do. There is a thread about them just outside here.
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    Did it ever occur to anyone that while MSH is made up of some of the greatest guys and gals that play hockey, we are also not exactly all the greatest hockey players. We may think we but I've seen my video and it's not bringing out the scouts. So if I had this really awesome revolutionary idea for any piece of hockey gear would this actually be the best place to float this idea to future investors. Perhaps I should take my idea to the ultimate end users that would get the greatest benefit, that would give me the best legitimate feedback and have the bank accounts to assist my production of this revolutionary piece of hockey gear. No offense fellas, but I'm going to the pros !! We're a great bunch but how many of you can pony up the scratch? I've collected for beer league teams before and I know about "I'll get you next week. Seriously, you came here to pitch your idea. I'm flattered but that's silly.
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    Not to mention, in your ramblings about companies engineers you failed to mention that Bauer works hand in hand with one of the finest engineering programs in North America at McGill university, so I mean id assume a couple of those guys know a thing or two.
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    we have an SPHL team here in Peoria. It's Class A. Far better than the FHL but not on par with the ECHL of now. I have been watching hockey all my life and I'd put it at a level that the ECHL level was 20 years ago. We, in Peoria, have six players on call-up to the ECHL. So Basically, we are a feed to the E which then feeds the A. and so on. It's not an official farm system in any stretch. Great play? Eh. But it's good spunk and spirit. I like their effort more than the AHL Rivermen from a few y ears ago. At lease these guys bring it every night. They don't have the talent that the E and the A have on a night in, night out basis though. But the above average beer leaguer couldn't crack our roster on most nights. Andy in Peoria.
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    I have picked on a couple of things, but truth to be told I was never interested in this project. I just think that there is no need in this. Yes this project addresses some issues that might bother few people, but for the most these issues are ignored and are not seeing as such. As I said before Graf has been trying to educate skaters of these long term problems and proper skating mechanics, but apparently no body cares. Graf is still there and they still can make you a pair with improved forward flex and proper heel lock if you have to have that and people that feel this way still go that route. Why would these people consider Rover? (Please don't answer, it is a rhetorical question)
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    One simply has to look at the Sparx as an example of something that was worth backing in the hockey world. They found a niche, they built a business case, they engineered a product, and they delivered. And they used Kickstarter to help fund it. And just like the iPod and the mouse, they took something we've seen before (automated sharpeners) and made them not suck. Absolutely. And it took the Macintosh going Intel before it truly kicked off into the mainstream. The Power PC Macintosh was solid but still pretty niche in the consumer marketplace. And while we're getting off topic, it still ties back to this Rover Skates project in a lot of ways as far as being able to develop something that has been lacking in the industry, and to improve on existing ideas. I'd love to see something disrupt the skate industry, even more than VH already has. That would be great. But so far there are SO many red flags with this project! Even if I thought the concept or idea was fantastic I still couldn't possibly invest because I just don't think the ability to execute is there. The defensiveness towards criticism or even just simple questions, the way it's been non-stop talking down to people like they're idiots, and the unwillingness and/or inability to demonstrate the benefits or the execution plan all make me turn and run away in the opposite direction.
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    You could just wear something like this.. I find it's really protective on bits that get hurt regularly ;-) https://www.amazon.com/Shock-Doctor-Shockskin-Sleeve-XX-Large/dp/B00C4OL5EK/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1514933339&sr=8-5&keywords=shock+doctor+shirt
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    FWIW, I've been very happy w/the blades & shafts that I ordered. They aren't perfect, but it's increasingly difficult to find 2-piece setups, and the quality was great for the price (and about on par w/other pro stock purchases I've made)
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    I love cruises. I always have something to do. Lots of choices. I meet cool people. Leaving on one on Saturday and can't wait.
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    Absolutely need to bake them. 170 degrees for 7 or 8 minutes. When putting them on be sure to pull laces out (not up) to tighten. If you reside in the South, avoid the urge to deep fry skates.
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    JR is dead on. Most of the time when people find out they hate cruising what it really means is they hate that particular cruise line. Different lines cater to different clienteles and the secret to enjoying one is to first know what you want/don't want in a cruise and select the line based on those likes/dislikes. Like any other vacation planning, a little research goes a long way and as much as online is killing the industry, working thru a travel agent can save some headaches in finding what fits your tastes.
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    A lot also depends on the cruise line and the time of year you go. I typically try to avoid base-fare 3 day cruises and cruises around Spring Break, for the aforementioned type of crowd.
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    You apparently picked the wrong cruise package. I've been on a couple, and they were nothing like you described.
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    I love it. I'm going on my 6th one next Spring. Best part is that you can just turn off your phone and not worry about distractions.
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