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    CCM had a long practice of still making skate models as long as they still had the components for it (looks like they're changing that with those McDavid skates); as opposed to Bauer offering skates like the Nexus Mosoca/V-Cut and the ClassicONE from several years back.
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    I like the creative options sublimation opens up, but I don't think the Lightning Jerseys utilize the possibilities. I do like the spray paint sleeves look, but the body of the jersey is too simplistic and makes it look more like a practice jersey. Personally, I'd go all the way with the sublimation and have a full blown thunderstorm on the main body of the jersey with subtle colour gradients for the sky and clouds and lightning strikes throughout. With that said, my tastes lean more toward crazy concept sublimation jerseys than traditional simple NHL jerseys.
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    It took me a few months to get used to the feel of them. Super comfy but it was definitely an adjustment period getting used to a new boot, let alone a boot that is no where near the same as CCM or Bauer. If you're trying on new skates or even a new company, you should always use the same profile as before so you can judge the new skates with the least possible variables. Invest in a heat gun as these skates respond extremely well with spot moulding.
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    Hi all, just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here for what its worth. 2 week turn around time from date of scan to skates in hand. Fitter at my local shop was quite thorough and asked a ton a questions before during and after along with the scan and pics of my feet that were submitted. I actually remember him pointing out that he wanted to re-calibrate the camera/app as when he first tried he wasnt quite happy with the results. When i got the skates I had them profiled and baked. During the bake, the skates felt great and didn't notice any hotspots, but the thought of the skates being too short did cross my mind as it felt like my toes were pressed against the end (not crammed in but also not the feather graze that Im a little more used to) First skate with them was a bit of an adventure. Mainly though because i was trying out a different profile that was more aggressive than previous. Boot itself was just ok, but certainly not the sneaker like feel that you hear about. I probably also tied them a little looser that more normal tension, just because the wrap of the boot is quite good, resulting in some very minor slip within the boot. After this i went back to talk to my fitter at the shop who had some suggestions around tweaks that could be made, but as i was supposed to be on the ice the following day suggested i first try them out again to get a better idea for where the issues were in terms of profile vs boot fit. Second skate was in improvement from the first as i tied a little tighter so there was no slip and i became more comfortable with the profile. However i noticed i was getting arch pain in one foot. Overall still wasnt thrilled with them at this point. Went back to the local shop where i rebaked and also had the profile adjusted. Following night skated again and can now start to say that Im starting to see the appeal for these skates. Fit feels far more dialed in, no arch pain and Im a lot more comfortable as well as noticing the improved edge control. Overall I would give them an 8/10 at this point and Im only 3 skates in so for (can't really hold the profile issues against the skate as it was something i wanted to try). Ive found that the second bake has done a lot more for the fit concerns I initially had and my thoughts around length have largely disappeared as Im assuming Im now starting to sit further into the pocket. Im going to think that as I continue to wear them they will only get better, but i can already say at this point that they're the most comfortable skates Ive had. (30+ years playing now). All this to say that while I understand that sometimes things go wrong, things also go right and I guess I was one for the orders that havent experienced the issues mentioned above.
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    I have seen so many Olympic gold medal figure skaters train and coach at my rink since 2001. The best skaters in the world can teach hockey players a lot about edge control, balance, power skating(figure skaters keep their skates on the ice through most of their program) and skating efficiency of motion. Elite figure skating coaches can recognize the tiniest flaw in their skater's technique. A friend of mine is a former NHL linesman that used to work with a figure skating coach every summer deep into his career just to maintain his edge control and remain at that top level. The best skaters in any rink are the figure skaters, not the hockey players.
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    M Reebok HP CCM 30/35/70 made overseas 520/7000 Made in Canada HP35 =520 HP45=RBZ HPUCLP=U+Crazy Light X models have waist zippers to add +1 C models use Ufoam P models use PE inserts
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    Perhaps, I think I will bring it to the local tailor and she what she might be able to do.

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